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A Welcome from the Center Director
September 26, 2012

Patrick Scheuermann Patrick Scheuermann, Center Director, Marshall Space Flight Center. (NASA/MSFC)
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Welcome to the Marshall Space Flight Center Web site!

Marshall is one of NASA's biggest and most diverse field centers, with a vital role in our nation's space program.

Our crosscutting expertise in science and engineering provides the Agency with unique and critical capabilities to take the next giant leap in space exploration.

We are responsible for developing NASA's Space Launch System for carrying explorers and cargo on missions of exploration and discovery beyond Earth orbit. We continue to support life support systems and science operations aboard the International Space Station. We manage science missions such as the Discovery and New Frontiers robotic planetary probes, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and numerous studies of Earth's weather and human impact on the environment. We are developing specialized scientific spacecraft and instruments for future missions, such as the first ever instrument to actually "touch" the sun's atmosphere directly and one that measures the wind speed and velocity within hurricanes.

We are pursuing new partnerships with industry, academia and other government organizations to continue space exploration, strengthen the U.S. economy and maintain our technological position in the world. With our exceptional team of renowned experts and our many unique, specialized laboratories and other facilities, we will continue to lead the way in propulsion, science, and technology. We have a distinctive mission. Our work is complex, challenging, and exciting, and we have an incredible team of talented, dedicated people who help drive our success.

This is an exciting time for Marshall, and we have a great story to tell. I hope you enjoy your visit to our Web site as you learn more about America's space program and the ways it benefits our nation and life on Earth.

Patrick Scheuermann
Center Director

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