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Educational Outreach
Learning Launchpad
Explore games, videos and websites that will help kids of all ages discover more about the word we do at Marshall.
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Students share their projects with NASA engineers and rocket systems managers Students share their projects with NASA engineers and rocket systems managers.
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Over the past 50 years NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center have made significant, highly productive investments in the Nation's education program. NASA education projects support formal and informal educators at all levels while inspiring, encouraging, and nurturing the young people of today who will lead the Nation's laboratories and research centers of tomorrow. Marshall's education projects are proven to attract and retain students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and to build strategic partnerships that promote STEM literacy through formal and informal means.

NASA education customers include students and educators along the full length of the formal education pipeline (K-12, undergraduate and graduate), as well as lifelong learners in informal settings. Marshall provides K-12 and informal education services in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, and Tennessee, and supports higher education students, faculty and institutions throughout the Nation. Marshall Space Flight Center's Academic Affairs Office hosts a variety of local and on-site education events throughout the year. It also provides support to numerous agency-wide educational activities that offer NASA education opportunities across the country. A key goal of the Academic Affairs Office is to address the Center's need to fill the employment pipeline with students who have the knowledge, expertise, and unique background and life experiences -- including ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and cultural identity -- that will strengthen the Agency and help us achieve current and future mission success.