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Outreach: Information for the Public, for Teachers, and for Students
Tent at EarthFest.

A view from inside the Earth tent at EarthFest 2010, an educational event hosted by the Science Directorate at NASA Langley to promote green activities in the community. Image credit: NASA/Sean Smith.

Science Directorate employees participate in and lead a variety of educational outreach projects, including:
These programs work to educate the public and students around the world about atmospheric science research and teach fundamental science concepts.

The Surface Ozone Outreach and Contrail Education projects are in partnership with the GLOBE program, and S'COOL is associated with CERES. The MY NASA DATA project includes microsets of data from a variety of NASA Earth science measurements for use in the K-12 classroom. Scientists from NASA Langley also support the CALIPSO and SAGE III on ISS outreach efforts. Other outreach projects include programs with local schools and national groups such as the Girl Scouts and science museums.

The Science Directorate also provides links to downloadable/printable Bookmarks.