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NASA Langley Technical Reports
May 24, 2013

NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI)
STI is the collected set of facts, analyses, and conclusions resulting from scientific, technical, and related engineering research and development efforts. Locate NASA STI reports, products, and services pertinent to your research goals.
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Within the STI site, you can find these additional resources.

NASA Spinoffs
Spinoff is NASA's annual premiere publication featuring successfully commercialized NASA technology.
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Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR)
STAR is an online publication listing citations and abstracts of NASA and worldwide aerospace-related research.
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Selected Current Awareness Notices (SCAN)
SCAN is a weekly electronic current awareness journal that announces recently-issued literature from the NASA scientific and technical information knowledge base.
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The NASA Thesaurus
The NASA Thesaurus contains the authorized subject terms by which the documents in the NASA Aeronautics and Space Database are indexed and retrieved.
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NASA Technical Reports Server
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National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Reports
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