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Center Snapshot - Vince Whitfield
Vince Whitfield.
Image above: Vince Whitfield greets visitors at EarthFest with a smile and a few NASA promotional items. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith.

Vince Whitfield traveled all the way from London to Hampton to work at NASA Langley – for the second time.

“I love the atmosphere here [at NASA Langley]. It is unique and there are plenty of cool things to see … like lasers and satellites,” Whitfield said.

In 2005, he was a Langley Aeronautics Research Summer Scholars (LARSS) student. He worked in video production for the News Media Office.

“I enjoyed deciding what to shoot, adding soundtracks to the video, working with the photographers and just the general interaction with others,” Whitfield said.

His interaction with others is geared toward the public with his new part-time position as a public affairs specialist with Tessada and Associates, Inc.

Whitfield handles all of the public inquiries and helps with public outreach efforts. If you need a NASA “goodie bag,” as he calls them, Whitfield is the man to reach.

Anyone who has lent Whitfield an ear knows of his distinctive English accent: “People always ask me to say things ... ‘Say this’ and ‘say that.’ ”

Whitfield was born in Florida, but moved to London with his mother at age 2. The only times he has resided in the United States have been during his employment at NASA Langley.

“I love Langley,” he said. And he loves being near his family.

His father, Kevin Barnes, is a security guard at NASA Langley. Whitfield also has sisters and several cousins living in Hampton Roads.

He says that his internship helped prepare him for a position here and that his experience in the LARRS Program compelled him to return to NASA Langley.

His higher education helped prepare him as well. He graduated from the University of Greenwich in London with a degree in media culture and communication.

According to Whitfield, the biggest difference between London and the United States is the people. “People are a lot friendlier here,” he said.

He also enjoys the seafood that the United States has to offer -- and the barbeques. “The weather is not warm enough in London for barbeques,” he said. “We only have about one month of summer each year.”

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