Center Snapshot - Tom Janule
Tom Janule.
Image above: Tom Janule checks a pump in the basement of building 1213 for safety. Credit: Sean Smith

Called the office “rock star,” Tom Janule serves as a safety engineer for the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. Janule ensures the safety of NASA facilities by performing regular safety and health audits and by providing information and training events such as the recent “Safety and Health Awareness Week.”

Janule has been working for NASA Langley for three years. Before that, he worked as a safety coordinator for Ecolochem, Inc.

“I joined the American Society of Safety Engineers back in 2001 and that really helped to spark an interest in the safety profession,” said Janule. “It’s a very interesting field, and knowing that what I do is helping to make the work environment a safer place is an awesome feeling.”

If Janule could star in any film, he would like to be in Pulp Fiction.

“With a cast like John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, you can’t go wrong…not to mention killer surf guitar music provided by the master himself, Dick Dale!” remarks Janule.

Janule’s love of surf music not only affects his taste in movies but also inspires his love of surfing.

At the age of 11, before Janule even owned a surfboard, he became interested in surfing.

“My mom listened to the Beach Boys and I just fell in love with the idea,” said Janule.

Now Janule has traveled the world to surf at various beaches, including such waters in Costa Rica, California, Florida, Delaware and Virginia Beach.

Outside of work Janule also likes to drag race his 67 GTO and play guitar in his band.

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