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Center Snapshot - Tim Brinkley
Tim Brinkley.
Image above: Tim Brinkley is in the fabrication modeling shop, where he works with test equipment for Orion. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith.

Tim Brinkley was working on a platform in Building 1232 when he met his future boss, Leon Council.

After noticing Brinkley’s skills as an off-site contractor, Council wanted Brinkley on his on-site team. Shortly afterward, Council became Brinkley’s boss at NASA Langley with Science and Technology Corporation (STC).

Brinkley is a fabricator and welder working on blueprints, making fixtures and, of course, fabricating and welding. He is working on the forward bay cover assembly as part of the Pad Abort-1 (PA-1) for Orion.

“I enjoy being a part of the cutting edge research and technology,” Brinkley said.

Brinkley also loves the history at NASA Langley and likes the idea of becoming a part of that history. “It gives me a patriotic feeling. I’m doing something for the country that I can be proud of,” he said.

He is continuing his education while working full-time at NASA Langley. Brinkley is attending Tidewater Community College and working on his engineering degree. His goal is to receive his bachelor’s degree and to continue his work here at NASA Langley.

He was born in Norfolk, raised in Portsmouth and, by age 13, he was living in Chesapeake. Brinkley prefers to be close to the water. He used to work for a yacht company in Suffolk. Living in Southeastern Virginia had been great for enjoying one of his hobbies, fishing.

Although a visit to the water gives Brinkley peace of mind, nothing puts him more at ease than coming home to his two children.

“Kids are just so goofy,” he said. “I come home and they cheer me right up.”

Brinkley and his wife Lauren, have a daughter named Emily who is 4 years old, and a son named Aidan who is almost 6 months old. Brinkley comes from a family of all boys except one girl. His wife’s family was just the opposite, all girls but one boy.

“It’s nice watching them grow up and knowing that I am helping them grow,” Brinkley said.

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