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Center Snapshot - Sudha Natarajan
Sudha Natarajan.
Image above: Sudha Narajan takes pride in her work and has had a hand in several NASA missions. Credit: Sean Smith.

Even after 23 years at NASA Langley, Sudha Natarajan is passionate about learning new skills and applying them in her work.

She has worked on various successful NASA Langley missions such as HALOE, SAGE III and CALIPSO.

She considers her work on these missions her greatest accomplishment.

“Especially CALIPSO (The Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation),” she said. “It was an uplifting experience to work with a dedicated team of programmers, engineers and scientists in setting up the mission operations control center at Langley. I loved it.”

She is now working in the Mission Assurance Branch as a mission software assurance engineer on three different projects -- The Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research (AirStar), NTF-microprocessor upgrade and CERES-FM5.

She also serves as the NASA Langley lessons learned data manager.

Before that, Natarajan was a lead software engineer with G&A Technical Software, Inc. and was affiliated with the mission operations group in the Science Directorate.

“I just love being a part of NASA. I take great pride in being able to work here,” Natarajan said.

She feels very fortunate in her position because, “I work with very talented engineers and scientists who help me learn and lead me in the right direction.”

Natarajan was born and raised in India, where she received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. She came to Virginia in 1976 and completed her studies in computer science at Thomas Nelson Community College and Christopher Newport University.

Her husband, Murali Natarajan, works here as an atmospheric research scientist in the Science Directorate. They have two daughters, Vani and Jyothi.

Their youngest daughter, Jyothi, received a NASA Scholarship in 2001 for excelling in math and science.

Both daughters graduated from Swarthmore College in Philadelphia and have chosen careers in Library Information Science and Publishing.

“We are very proud of their accomplishments,” Natarajan said.

She is happy to be in Virginia, “I enjoy the greenery and the moderate weather." She takes active interest in practicing yoga, meditation and aerobics. She also enjoys reading, listening to music and trying out new recipes.

Natarajan is determined to make a positive contribution to NASA missions and her community.

“The community has been very kind and supportive to me,” she said.

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