Center Snapshot - Stan Husch
Stan Husch.
Image above: Stan Husch, Media Services Branch, holds up one of his creations. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith.

Stan Husch was a kid in a Peninsula vocational-technical school when the NASA recruiter came to call.

"They were looking for people to do graphic design at Langley," Husch remembers. "I liked what I was doing in school, and I liked the idea of continuing to do it in a job."

Twenty-seven years later, he's still doing it at Langley as part of the Media Services Branch.

There he works with four others – plus six satellite designers -- in a job that is as evolutionary as some of the engineering that goes on at NASA Langley. Computer design advances mean that Husch and the people with whom he works are constantly having to learn.

"It's becoming more technical all of the time," Husch said.

The latest device carves 3D-dimensional models from polyurethane blanks using a fast-spinning lathe and a drill bit.

Husch's first decision each day is whether to ride the Suzuki C50 motorcycle or the Jeep Wrangler to NASA Langley.

When he gets there, Husch gets to exercise his creative side in overseeing the design and preparation of items as far-ranging as posters, calendars, exhibits, even puzzles that are used to promote Langley's work. Seldom does a big event include Langley when the graphics department isn't involved: last year's Open House, this year's Smithsonian Folklife Festival and dozens of events in between.

"It's never the same project," he said. "Half of the job is production work, half of it is design. And there isn't much down time."

The process involves people coming to the graphics department with ideas, then getting input from Husch and the rest of the staff. "We're open to the entire center," Husch says.

For all of his creativity, Husch admits that he's a designer, not an artist. He leaves that to Jeane, his wife and a teacher at Deer Park Elementary. "Teacher of the year," he says with pride. "That's not easy for an art teacher."

Away from the job, Husch is an enthusiastic volleyball player, sometimes in two or three leagues.

His job still captivates Husch, now 27 years from a drawing board and a T-square in a Peninsula vo-tech school.

Part of it is designing. Part of it is learning new ways to do it. Both are why Husch often says, "When I wake up in the morning, I can't wait to get to work."

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