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Center Snapshot: Molly Thomas
Molly Thomas. Image above: Molly Thomas is the site manager for the LaRC Mart Self Service Supply Store located in building 1206. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

By: Denise Lineberry

Molly Thomas doesn't plan to put on any theatrical performances as manager of the LaRC Mart, but she does have the background and expertise to do so.

Prior to her coming to NASA Langley four months ago, Thomas' family owned and operated The Grey Goose tearoom in downtown Hampton. About once a quarter, they put on a dinner show, which consisted of six or seven people, Thomas included. She even wrote and produced the shows from time to time.

Her 20 years of experience at the restaurant combined her strengths in customer service and creativity, a combination she has brought with her to the LaRC Mart, the on-center store for office supplies and tools, located in Building 1206.

As the LaRC Mart manager, Thomas is responsible for maintaining the store, dealing with the customers and filling orders, maintaining inventory and building and handling new customer accounts.

Thomas may not be singing and dancing, but she is still in her element.

She can find similarities in her previous and present work. "I often see the same people each day, like I did at the restaurant. That allows me to get to know them and their needs when they visit the LaRC Mart," Thomas said.

She enjoys fixing problems and seeing the positive results. Thomas intends to concentrate some of her creativity on marketing to help build accounts for the store.

"Being creative keeps me alive," she said.

As a theater major at Christopher Newport University, Thomas was following a path that was natural for her. She came from a family of musicians and entertainers. She and her brother and two sisters sang together for many occasions.

Thomas has been in several commercials, including those for Water Country and Safeguard National. She has done some industrial films and other side work in front of a camera.

Her two children have inherited her talent for the arts. Her daughter is a singer and her son sings, plays the drums and enjoys sound engineering.

Thomas' husband plays the guitar. Together, they have gone on mission trips to Sweden, Canada and England, where they have been able to share their music. Early in their marriage, they contemplated going on mission trips to third world countries to help where they could, but after careful deliberation, they decided to save that experience for later in life.

Thomas still hopes to be able to fulfill those missions and experiences, along with her husband.

She is looking forward to taking on the task-at-hand, at NASA Langley's LaRC Mart.

"It's been a challenge, but a great learning experience and I look forward to learning more and helping the LaRC Mart grow," Thomas said.

You can join Thomas and the rest of the LaRC Mart staff for their grand re-opening event in Building 1206 on April 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a chance to meet the LaRC Mart staff and enjoy some free BBQ and refreshments. You can also shop and make purchases online at: