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Center Snapshot - Leslie Beimler
Leslie Beimler.
Image above: Leslie Beimler loves working at NASA and enjoys being a part of the Advanced Partnership and Planning Office (APPO). Credit: Sean Smith.

Leslie Beimler, a co-op student in the Advanced Planning and Partnership Office (APPO), is close to her friends and family -- literally.

Her fiancé, Ian Batchelder, works in Building 1219 as an ODIN Enhanced System Administrator. “It’s nice that he is just a few buildings over,” she says.

Beimler’s sister, Sherry Araiza, is in Building 1195, where she works for the Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO).

One of Beimler’s best friends, Laura Charnock, also works for NASA Langley; the two of them became friends through their work as co-ops.

Beimler is in the business co-op program. She has transitioned through several offices since starting her work here four years ago.

Beimler loves the group she is working with. “They are a lot of fun to work with and to be around. “I am very happy where I am now and I hope I get to stay,” she said, “I have found a home in APPO.”

Primarily, she supports the external agreement administrator, Laura Eure, with preparing Space Act Agreements.

Lately she is spending much of her time supporting Steve Craft in developing and managing a new type of Student Pipeline database. “This will help the Center strategically place students in areas with a high rate of attrition or where new technologies may develop,” she said.

She admits that her work can be challenging, but Beimler enjoys a good challenge.

One of her most memorable accomplishments was when she participated in Team in Training, a group that provides running coaches and training in return for fundraising efforts. Beimler raised almost $4,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“I sent out letters to everyone I could think of, friends, relatives, doctors and even my mom’s doctors, asking for contributions,” she said. “I sold 250 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in one day. Another day I held a ‘donation party’ and the guests donated $460!”

She took part in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco and ran 13.1 miles after her fundraising efforts were complete.

“That is actually what started my interest in running,” she said.

Beimler will accompany her fiancé to the launch of STS-123 in March. The opportunity arose when Batchelder won the Space Flight Awareness Honoree Award, which includes a flight to the shuttle launch and a chance to meet the astronauts.

She is honored to have this opportunity and is looking forward to it.

She is also looking forward to a trip to Alaska in May with her fiancé.

Beimler enjoys traveling, but attending college full-time, while working at NASA Langley, leaves her with little time to spare.

When she can’t travel around the country, she settles for local travel by wheels. She likes to rollerblade with her 70-pound dog, Jester, and enjoys fitness in general. She finds the time to workout at least three days a week.

“It allows me to eat some of the junk food that I love,” Beimler said.

Beimler is focused on “graduating within a year, a kitchen remodel, getting married, and then starting a family.”

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