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Center Snapshot - Jennifer Collings
jennifer collings snapshot
Image above: Jennifer Collings in the technical library, where she often spends time researching articles she writes for the Science Directorate. Credit: Sean Smith.

For Jennifer Collings, the tables were turned when casted as an extra for “The Box.”

Collings works as a writer in the Science Directorate, but considered it ironic when she played a scientist – one of the people she normally writes about.

“As a science writer, I primarily focus on writing features, press releases, fact sheets and helping out with outreach activities for the community,” Collings said.

“It is important to let people know about the amazing research that our scientists are doing. The interaction between Earth and its atmosphere affects all of us.”

She enjoys being able to learn through her work. While working on receiving her communications degree at Christopher Newport University (CNU), she uses her position on center to learn more about science.

“I don’t have a science background, so researching and interviewing are essential,” she said. “I love it because I get to talk to great people and learn interesting things.”

Collings enjoys science, but writing is where her heart lies.

Collings began working at NASA Langley in 2003 as an intern and was brought on board as a full-time contractor by Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI).

Working full-time was a lot to take on while still attending CNU full-time, but she did not pass up the opportunity.

Collings explained, “I enjoy working at NASA Langley because I am surrounded by the best of the best. I feel lucky to be part of such a talented team and to be able to work with the most dedicated scientists and engineers.“

And her work has not had a negative impact on her courses at CNU. She is determined to graduate with all “A’s” and is on the way to being able to do so.

“Going to school full-time and working full-time is an experience that keeps me on a tight schedule. But all that work makes me value the free time I have even more,” she said.

Since her house is close to the center, she is able to take her chihuahua, Ella, on walks every day, which she enjoys.

She also likes to sew and is learning to knit.

“I’ve made a couple dresses, patchwork quilts and some pants for my boyfriend,” she said.

She hopes to learn to ballroom dance one day.

And when she isn’t working at Langley, she enjoys doing charity work, “especially with the March of Dimes. I’ve been on the Peninsula Walk Committee for the last few years and I really enjoy planning the events.”

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