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Center Snapshot: Edith Robinson
Edith Robinson. Image above: Edith Robinson has been working as an administrative assistant in Building 1216 for two years. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

By: Denise Lineberry

Edith Robinson prefers to see the glass as half full. Her mother taught her to live life that way.

Growing up as an only child, Robinson eventually adjusted to the reality that things were not always going to go her way. Her mother taught her about fairness and guided her through life with a loving hand. Even in her final days of a battle with breast cancer, her mother continued to spread optimism.

"She lived her last days in joyfulness with all of her friends, family and loved ones around loving her as she spoke words of wisdom to each of us. It let us see so much love for all of us she was leaving behind," Robinson said.

And as difficult as that loss was for her, Robinson chose to focus all of the positive lessons learned into her work and personal life.

"I would like to accomplish more happy, smiling customers being blessed by the service I give, whether it be in my family, on my job or in my community. This was how my mother lived and I want to be just like her … loving and being loved," she said.

As an administrative assistant in the Strategic Relationships Office, she spends most of her days assisting others and doing so with a smile. Even in her previous position at a dialysis center, she was known as "Sunshine."

"If someone is in the office or on the phone, I try to give the best of my service," Robinson said. "It is a 'well done' feeling for me. Something that comes from within."

She passes on the "well done" feeling to others with her "goodies," which range from brownies to muffins to cake – always offering the tasty delights to her entire organization.

It could be said that she plays a motherly role to her own office. "I get to help solve problems and help make differences in so many people’s lives," Robinson said. “I am a resource of information just waiting to hand out, say out or do out. And I enjoy it all."

She is a primary school Sunday School teacher at her church. And she loves spending time with her family. "Believe it or not, after a hard day at work, I long for them," she said.

She also loves making science and art projects, crabbing, walking barefoot in the sand and riding in her husband’s 1999 black-on-black convertible Mustang "with the top down on a sunny day!"

Robinson also enjoys the beaches "just to relax and meditate." She was raised in Newport News and made the jump to Hampton after marriage. Robinson loves the strong sense of community.

She also enjoys air travel. "It's such a beautiful and heavenly sight and feeling," she said.

Whether in the air, at NASA Langley, church or home, her mother's loving nature lives on through her.

"I am the person I am by the things that have happened in my life -- the bad, hard and sad things," she said. "Now, I can do anything, even with pain in my heart since I have Christ in my life. That is the reason why I smile so much."