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Center Snapshot: Stacy Arndt
Snapshot: Stacey Arndt Image above: Stacy Arndt learned mechanical work from her father. She continues developing her mechanical skills as a NASA Langley Co-op. NASA/Sean Smith

Denise Lineberry

As a mechanical co-op at NASA Langley, Stacy Arndt is continuing an education that began when she was a young girl.

Her father was a car mechanic for many years and then started his own heating and air conditioning business. At the age of 13, Arndt began to help her father. “He taught me the business,” she said. “I still help him now when he needs it.”

Now she also helps several organizations at NASA Langley. As a co-op, she rotates through different buildings every few months to gain a wide range of experience. Arndt enjoys gaining the hands-on experience that she plans to use for the rest of her career.

“I do not have a problem getting my hands dirty and getting work done as needed,” Arndt said. “Doing mechanical work is something that I have always liked and been good at and enjoy.”

She likes seeing her work put to the test. And she likes that it has a purpose. She especially likes that its purpose is a part of NASA’s mission.

“NASA is a great and fun place to work. I learn something new every day and meet a lot of different people. There is always something new going on at NASA and in all of the different buildings that we get to work in,” she said.

She is already inspiring that same interest within her family.

Her 4-year-old niece, Jade, was able to visit NASA Langley for “Bring your Child to Work Day.” She likes to ask Arndt questions about what it is like to work at NASA and has expressed an interest in working for NASA. “She is really funny, too,” Arndt said.

In the co-op program, Arndt spends part of her day at NASA Langley and part of her day taking courses at Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC). She will graduate from TNCC in the fall of 2010 and become a NASA apprentice for two years.

When Arndt isn’t working or studying, she likes to spend time with her family, playing sports and watching sports. “Especially if it is Pittsburgh,” Arndt said. “I am a huge Steelers fan.”

Arndt’s family lives in Delaware. There is a racetrack in the middle of the town. It is smaller and much more rural than Virginia, but she enjoys the calmness of it.

She was born and raised in Newport News. Just a few months before graduating from Heritage High School, she was told that was accepted into the co-op program.

Arndt concentrates on her future and looks forward to celebrating the New Year.

Her new year’s resolution is “to just stay as focused as possible to get through the tough classes at school. And, not to get stressed out and take everything day by day."

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