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Center Snapshot: Angela Dyke
Angela Dyke. Image above: Angela Dyke is one of the first faces visitor see when they come to NASA's Langley Research Center. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

By: Sasha Congiu, NASA Intern

Angela Dyke, NASA Langley Badge and Pass visitor control clerk, doesn’t take her job lightly. For her, it sets the tone for the whole center.

"I am the first interface for anyone coming to the center, and we want to make a great first impression to all," Dyke said.

"All" includes celebrities.

"Some of my memorable moments are when I met actor Jackie Chan and actress Cameron Diaz when they were making a movie at NASA," Dyke said. "I also have met many astronauts that have come through my office."

So whether it's a celebrity, visitor or NASA employee, Dyke emits kindness through her personality.

"I enjoy meeting and relating to new customers and treating them with respect, as well as assuring that they are authorized to enter the center," Dyke said. "I also enjoy learning and meeting new people of different nationalities and cultures."

Dyke, who has worked at Langley for 23 years, prepared for her job by working in retail for 15 years. And some of the coolest places she has worked in are Japan and California, where she worked as a fashion merchandise coordinator for various specialty stores.

Living in Japan not only continued to develop her interpersonal skills, but it also gave her a perk of knowing a second language. Dyke's knowledge of Japanese has been put to use while working at NASA. Through the years, she had made general greetings to visitors from Japan.

Prior to her work experience, Dyke graduated from Bethel High School in Hampton and attended Thomas Nelson Community College, where she studied business administration. She has two stepchildren and three grandchildren who all call Hampton their home, along with her mother, father, sister and brother.

"I enjoy family outings and spending time with my grandchildren," she said

Dyke also leads a singles ministry at her church with her husband, Vernon, who has worked at Langley for 21 years as an environmentalist, safety and health engineer.

"[We] have fun taking the singles to various places of interest and teaching them about life," Dyke said.

Dyke’s brother-in-law, Joseph Dantzler, also works at Langley in the security office.

So apart from working, spending time with her family and at church, Dyke is an avid Redskins football fan and has been since she was 13 years old.

"I love Redskins football," she said. "I've been to a lot of games."

So next time you step in the badge and pass office and you seeing a smiling, friendly face, you've found Angela Dyke. And if you still can't find her, try looking for the desk covered in Redskins football gear.

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