Teams With a Wide Range of Missions Are Cited
By: Jim Hodges and Denise Lineberry

Continuing a summer series of award presentations Wednesday, Lesa Roe, NASA Langley's center director, lauded eight teams in a morning ceremony and eight more in the afternoon for accomplishments during the past year.

They ranged in mission from science data gathering, to tests on Constellation program and other flight hardware, to landing on Mars and to putting new badges on center personnel.

"This is recognition for going the distance, for making the difference," Roe said to gatherings in the Reid Conference Center. "Thank you guys for working together as a team, for coming together to do something great."

Awards went to:


On May 25, 2008, Mars Phoenix Lander successfully landed on Mars, climaxing a five-year period in which NASA Langley's Scout Phoenix team was involved in the design and development of the entry, descent and landing system in support of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Lockheed-Martin Corp.

The team leader was Prasun Desai.

Awards also went to members John Aguirre (Vigyan), Juan Cruz, Charles Davis (Raytheon), Jody Davis, Robert Dillman, Karney Dominquez (Vigyan), Artem Dyakonov, Karl Edquist, Carole Garrison (ATK), Christopher Glass, Beda Greene (Vigyan), Brian Hollis, Ray Mineck (Vigyan), Sotos Patistas (Vigyan), Richard Powell (Analytical Mechanics), Jill Prince, Eric Queen, Joan Roberts, Wade Saltzgiver (Vigyan), Mark Schoenenberger , William Sellars (NCI), Jeremy Shidner (Analytical Mechanics), John Van Norman (Analytical Mechanics), Richard White (Vigyan), Ronnie White (Vigyan), Loreyna Yeung (ATK).


Since January 2007, the team has delivered 26 Exploration models (and counting) of widely varying complexity, contributing significant contributions to the advancement of the Exploration Program.

The team lead is Christopher Cagle.

Awards also went to members Robert Andrews, Ronnie Barnes, Mike Barney (STC), Thomas Burns, Carlos Castillo, William Castle, Leon Council, Janet Dail, Kent Davis (STC) , Kenneth Deyerle, Archie Dimery, Steve Docherty (STC), Tyrone Ellis, David Fahringer, Michael Fleck, David Giltinan, Marion Hales, Robert Hall, E. Thomas Hall Jr., Robert Harris, Samuel Harris Jr., Matthew Hayes, Lana Hicks-Olson, William Hollingsworth, Nancy Holloway, Purnell Hopson, Mark Hutchinson, Peter Jacobs, Lashonda Jacobs-Terry, Cathy Kern, Jeremy Kuykendoll, William Langford, Vincenzo Le Boffe, Ronald Lewis, Erice May (STC), Christopher McLain, Michael Oliver, Glenn Ormsby, Darlene Pokora, Sam Polard, John Rice (NCI), David Roberts, Christopher Savage, Louis Simmons, Donald Smith, Michael Smock, Joseph Sparrow, Matthew Stearman (STC), Bryon Terwilliger (STC), William Tomek, Ronald Tucker (STC), Carl Voglewede, Gary Wainwright, Sandy Webb, Bill Weigel (STC), George West, Carroll Whitley, Randy Woolard.


The Atmospheric Science Data Center holds more than two petabytes of crucial Earth science data. Starting in February 2008, a new team laid out a systems approach to bring the Archive Next Generation (ANGe) project to a successful conclusion. Two major achievements by the team were the migration of the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation (CALIPSO) data archive processes and to bring 1.5 million existing records into the new system in June 2008 and the deployment of the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) data system in September 2008.

The project lead was Pamela Rinsland.

Awards also went to members Azar Allen (SSAI), Anthony Arviola, Aron Bartle (VRCO), Walter Baskin (SSAI), Tammy Blaser, Brian Bresina (SSAI), Christian Caruthers (SSAI), David Castle (NCI), Sheffan Chen (SSAI), Churngwei Chu (NCI), Sean Coogan (VRCO), David Cordner, Tonya Davenport (SSAI), James Davis (SSAI), Steven Devan (SSAI), Patricia Earl (SSAI), John Evans, Ronnie Gillian, Christopher Harris (SSAI), Vertley Hopson (SSAI), David Johnson (SSAI), Christopher Jones (SSAI), Tammy Jones (SSAI), Sharon King (SSAI), John Kusterer, Lucy Lee (SSAI), Michael Little, Kathleen Mason (SSAI), Daniel Morris (NCI), Christopher Nosil (SSAI), Jessica Orozco (SSAI), Juliet Pao, Lindsay Parker (SSAI), Jennifer Perez (SSAI), Peter Piatko (SSAI), Patricia Quigley (SSAI), Caroline Rasmussen (SSAI), Donald Reiger (SSAI), Tracee Rice (Raytheon), Nancy Ritchey (SSAI), James Rowe (SSAI), Kay Rowe (SSAI), Karen Sage (SSAI), Bruno Santos (VRCO), Dale Schulz (NCI), Alan Settell (SSAI), Nancy Shevlin, Patrick Shomo (Shomo Consulting), David Simmons (SSAI), Sue Sorlie (SSAI), Anthony Tillie (SSAI), Robert Valli (NCI), Robert Walter (SSAI), Fenny Wang (SSAI), Thomas Weber (GSFC), Charlene Welch (SSAI), Maria Wilson (SSAI), Shi Yantao (SSAI), Wei Zhang (SSAI).

Director Lesa Roe presents a Center Award.

Center Director Lesa Roe presents one of many awards at the Center Team Awards in the Reid Conference Center. Credit: NASA/George Homich

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The Airborne Instrument Demonstrator (AID) for Active Sensing of CO2 Emissions over Nights, Days and Seasons (ASCENDS) team has developed the first high accuracy airborne active remote sensing system for the measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), a key greenhouse gas.

The project lead was F. Wallace Harrison.

Awards also went to members John Barrick (SSAI), Claudia Bell (ITT), Al Bowman (Welch), Michael Braun (ITT), Edward Browell, Ashton Brown, Yonghoon Choi (NIA), Dale Clark, Craig Cleckner, Mark Conner (AER), Lucille Crittenden, Jeremy Dboler (ITT), Sue Dial (ITT), Micheal Dobbs (ITT), Dwight Elliott, Wayne Erxleben (ITT), Bryan Fabbri (SSAI), Marta Fenn (SSAI), Bruce Fisher, Andrew Haynes (CSC), John Hefner, Charles Howell, Leslie Kagey, Susan Kooi (SSAI), Elbert Lee, Howard Louis, Douglas McGregor (ITT), Cecil Mellanson (CSC), Mark Neal (ITT), Jay Overbeck (ITT), Tim Paden (ITT), James Plant, Narasimha Prasad, Greg Price (ITT), Edward Radwanski (CSC), Scott Sims, Carey Smith, Christopher Thornton (SSAI), Barbara Trippe, Stephanie Vay, Wayne Welch (Welch Mechanical Designs, LLC), Noel West, Michael Wusk, Richard Yasky, Scott Zaccheo (AER).


The Thermal Protection System (TPS) Advanced Development Project (ADP) was established in October 2005 to develop and mature ablative TPS materials as well as a heat shield design, within the time restrictions of the Constellation critical path. The TPS ADP team has successfully delivered 25 Data Requirements Description (DRD) documents to Lockheed Martin for the transition meeting.

The team lead was Melissa Ashe.

Awards also went to members Parul Agrawal (TSM), Eloret Elvin Ahl (SAIC), James Arnold (UC Santa Cruz), Bala Balakrishnan (Eloret), Richard Bird, Max Blosser, Deepak Bose (TSA), Stan Bouslog (ES3), Ronald Chinnapongse (Res), Emmett Claborn (SAIC), Michael Coleman (AMA), John Dec, Jeffrey Demange (RXNO/University of Akron), Patrick Dunlap (RXNO), Donald Ellerby (TSM), Kenneth Emmett (AMA), Daniel Empey (TSF/Jacobs), Jay Feldman (TSM/Eloret), Joshua Finkbeiner (RXNO), Michael Fowler (ES4), Peter Gage (Valador), Matthew Gasch (TSM), Steven Gayle, Kenneth Hamm (REM), Veronica Hawke (Valador), Nicotte Healey (Swales Aerospace), Craig Jones, Jeffrey Jones, Dave Jordan (REM), Dean Kontinos (ARC-D), Kevin Langan (SAIC), Donna Lewis (ATK), Alberto Makino (REM), John Mayer (RXNO/Analex), David Moore, Michael Olson (TSM), Scott Peer (JPL-3131), Keith Peterson (TS/Eloret), Carl Poteet , Ravi Prakash (JPL-313H), James Reuther (TSA), Sverrir Rosario (AMA), Jose Santos (Jacobs), Brandon Shaw (Jacobs), Louise Shivers (JSC-ES2), Kristina Skokova (TSM/Eloret), Douglas Smith (QS), Margaret M.Stackpool (ASM/Eloret), Bruce Steinetz (RX00), Susan Suffel (QS), Jeremy Vander Kam (AUS), Ethiraj Venkatapathy (TS), Paul Wercinski (TS), Susan White (TSM), Michael Wright (TSA), Liu Yang (TSM/Eloret), Peter Zell (PX).


The Crew Exploration Vehicle Vertical Integration Guidance, Navigation and Control team led the development and final integration of the GN&C Data Book (CEV-T-078), used for the GN&C SubSystem Design Review (SSDR) and the Orion Preliminary Design Review (PDR). Four of the LaRC authored sections on LAS Aborts were singled out by the customer as “best in class” examples for the whole team to follow.

The team leads were John Davidson and Sungwan Kim.

Awards also went to members Vanessa Aubuchon, Ronald Busan, Linda Campbell (ATK), Paula Chambers, Brian Hutchinson, E. Bruce Jackson, Donna Lewis (ATK), Daniel Litton, John McMinn, Barbara Mobley, Marina Moen, Stephen O’Keefe (AMA), Donald Owens, Eric Queen, David Raney, Dean Sparks, Richard Winski (NIA).


Through the successful execution of several major wind tunnel tests and computational studies, the Langley CEV Aeroscience Project (CAP) team provided invaluable data contributions to the Orion aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic databases used to support structures and loads, GN&C, TPS and thermal analysis PDR activities. The Langley CAP Team successfully accomplished its role in creating the Orion aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic databases, by supplying the CAP project thousands of database points, data to enable informed decisions and knowledge gained through experience.

The team lead was Frank Greene.

Awards also went to members Stephen Alter, Joshua Ballard (Jacobs), Scott Berry, Karen Bibb, Gregory Brauckmann, Gregory Buck, Christopher Cagle, William Castle, Paula Chambers, David Chan, Jared Cross (Lockheed Martin), Maureen Delgado (ARC AOO), Henry Fitzgerald, Robert Foley (Lockheed Martin), Charles Fremaux, Neal Frink, Christopher Glass, Grace Gleason, Sue Grafton (ATK), Kevin Hollingsworth (Raytheon), Brian Hollis, Thomas Horvath, Thomas Jentink (ATK), Victor Lessard, Derek Liechty, David Mayfield (Lockheed Martin), Ali Mazaheri (AMA), Susan McMillin, Kelly Murphy, Donald Owens, Ramadas Prabhu (Lockheed Martin), Frank Quinto, James Ross (AOX), Richard Thompson, Deborah Tomek, Paul Tucker, Noel Villegas (Jacobs), Eric Walker, Kenneth Weilmuenster (North Carolina State University), Thomas Wilson (Jacobs), Kathryn Wurster, Ernest Zoby.


Over the past three years, the Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) Alliance team has established new applications for M&S that serve the NASA mission needs and also build the business base and skilled workforce necessary to sustain and grow it. The team also helped to establish a new international conference on modeling and simulation that gave voice to the alliance, the MODSIM World conference. Today, the MODSIM alliance, centered in Hampton Roads, includes a growing network of national and international partners.

The team lead was Sharon Welch.

Awards also went to members Stephen Alter, Miguel Alvarez, Mark Ballin, James Batterson, Sharon Bowers (NIA), John Bunnell (SAIC), Catherine Buttrill (Unisys), Deborah Carroll, S. Raj Chadhury (CNU), Lin Chambers, Gamaliel Cherry, Victoria Chung, Jody Davis, Prasun Desai, Kathy Dezern, Scott Doucett (FAA), Artem Dyakonov, Walter Engelund, Daniel Finkelsztein (Raytheon), Keven Fisher, Patricia Glaab (Unisys), James Henion (Raytheon), Brian Hutchinson, Melissa Jackson (ASRC), Kemper Kibler (PSI), William Kimmel, Joseph King (Sensis), Daniel Laughlin (University of Maryland), Benjamin Lewis (Unisys), Elliot Todd Lewis, Patti Liguori (Mitre), Caryn Long (Oklahoma State University), Michael Madden, Douglas Meilke (SAIC), Leann Obringer, Thomas Pinelli, Matt Pollack (MITRE), Sandra Pretlow (Tessada), Jill Prince, Eric Queen, Lisa Rippy, Edith Robinson (Crewestone), Mark Schoenenberger, Jeremy Snider (AMA), Jack Spaiin (Fuentek), Robert Starr, Susan Stewart, Scott Striepe, Shannon Sullivan (VCU), Timothy Swantek (FAA), Elizabeth Ward (CNU), David Chris Wyatt (Raytheon).


Despite challenging obstacles and delays beyond their control, the Smartcard Badging team exceeded the agency’s goal of 95% compliance by October 27, 2008. As a result, Langley’s team contributed significantly to the success of the agency’s overall project and enabled NASA to achieve its OMB-established credential issuance milestone, outpacing all other agencies of comparable size as well as numerous departments in the federal government. In January 2009, Langley was further recognized by headquarters as the first center to fully complete badging of its entire workforce.

The team lead was Kim Sheffler.

Awards also went to members Suzanne Barnes, Paula Belvin (ATD), Maurice Boyd (ATD), Percy Cormier, Eustacio Diones (ATD), Annabelle Durand, Angela Dyke (ATD), Laura Evans (ATD), Monica Green, Mary Hughes, Jennifer Jones (ATD), John Leo (ATD), Virginia Marks, Ruth Mason (ATD), Susan Mercer (ATD), Thomas O’Bryan (ATD), Theresa Sellers (ATD), Tracy Siegel, Michelle Sowden, Michael Walther, Joan Whitley.


NASA Langley began the process of transitioning portions of its work activities to a new quality standard, the SAE Aerospace Standard 9100 (AS9100, Revision B). The center’s compliance to this new standard of quality was mandated by NASA headquarters for work that is both critical to the NASA mission and complex in nature, such as in-house design and fabrication activities.

The team lead was John Malone.

Awards also went to members Nannette Atkins, Thomas Burns, Monique Bynum (ATK), Linda Campbell (ATK), Richard Cooper, Karen Freidt, David Gilman, Wesley Goodman, Sherry Johnson Dennis Jones (ASM), Peter Kjeldsen, Paul Krasa, Cynthia Lee, Ronald Long, Barbara Lumanog, Albert Motley, James Osborn, James Pike, Tracy Siegel, Kathryn Suddreth, William Syrett, Clayton Turner, Richard Walker, Grant Watson, Carl Weih, Randy Woolard.


Using integrated expertise from Langley, Ames and Glenn, the Large Field of View Particle Image Velocimetry Development team designed, developed, and demonstrated a system to measure 3D velocity vectors for areas approximately 3 by 6 feet. The system was successfully demonstrated in the 14- by 22- Foot Subsonic Tunnel to measure the wake system of a powered rotorcraft model. These data are the first set obtained simultaneously over such a large span of rotor wake in an unsteady test environment and will be used to validate prediction methods for helicopters in high-speed flight conditions.

The team lead was Luther Jenkins.

Awards also went to members Brian Allan, Joshua Ballard (Sverdrup), Scott Bartram, Gary Fleming, Curtis Fossum (US Army), James Hallisay, Jerome Harris, Andrew Harrison (Tessada), Ronald Hunter Jr. (Sverdrup), Odilyn Luck, William Mace Jr (Sverdrup), Bryan Mann (Sverdrup), Steven Mason, Kevin Noonan (US Army), Steven Scearce (Jacobs), Noel Villegas (Jacobs), Alan Wadcock (AUA), Mark Wenert (RHIO), Oliver Wong (US Army), Gloria Yamauchi (AUA), Chung-Sheng Yao, Chieh-Lin Yeh (Sverdrup).


The test served as the flight clearance test for the X51A program. The facility hit the desired test points with high accuracy and excellent repeatability and drew praise from customer Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne: "Once again the 8 foot team provided a marvelous testing environment for those of us at Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne. I really enjoy the 'figure it out' and 'get it done' attitude the 8’HTT team displayed."

The team lead was Stephen Harvin.

Others receiving awards were David Aliff, Salvatore Buccellato, Larry Call (Jacobs Sverdrup), Mark Carpenter (ATK), Michael Carr, Michael Celentano (ATK), Buddy Chapman (Jacobs), James Curro, Richard Gaffney, Scott Gallimore (ATK), William Healy, Ripley Ingram (Jacobs Sverdrup), Robert Kyle, Gregory Mekkes (Jacobs Sverdrup), Ty Moen, Stephen Morales (ATK), Sreedhara Murthy (ASM), Bonifacio Perez (Jacobs Sverdrup), Jeffrey Petty (ASM), Eddie Rhyne, Arthur Ritter, Kenneth Rock, Dave Rubin (ATK), Mark Spiers, Lawrence Starner (Tessada), s Angela Stewart (ASM), Peter Toth, Jeremie Villar (ATK), Michael Walker, Erika Westerlind (ATK), Donald Wineman (Jacobs Sverdrup), Ralph Woelfel (ATK).


The team delivered a fully tested and calibrated CERES instrument, on budget and on a demanding schedule, thus minimizing the risk of a gap in the critical Earth Radiation Budget climate data record.

The team leads were James Miller and Michael Cisewski.

Others receiving awards were: James Adams, Gene Andrews, (SSAI), Laurie Avery, Melody Avery, James Bailey (SSAI), Lindsley Bodden (SSAI), John Butler (SSAI), Monique Bynum (SSAI), John Chapman, Jim Closs (SSAI), Lisa Coleman (SSAI), Janet Daniels (SSAI), James Donaldson (Raytheon), William Edmonds (SSAI), Robert Estes, Gary Fleming, Rosemary Froehlich, Erika Geier, Karen Gibson, Kerry Gough, Ron Hallet, Teresa Hass, Arthur Hayhurst, Phillip Hess (SSAI), Elijah Kent, Barbara Kimbell (ATK), Michele King (Futron), Kimberly Laracuente (Tessada), Norman Loeb, Carl Maag (Mainthia Tech), Suzanne Maddock (SSAI), Walt Miller (SSAI), Sudha Natarajan, John Pandolf, John Parker (SSAI), Delores Poupard, Kory Priestley, Richard Rawls (SSAI), Bob Reaney (SSAI), E Riley (Mainthia Tech), John Robbins (SSAI), Joan Roberts, David Rosenbaum, Salvatore Scola, Terrie Seitz, Nancy Sessoms, Gene Sutton (SSAI), Mike Tafazoli (SSAI), Susan Thomas (SSAI), William Vogler (SSAI), Bruce Wielicki, Roy Zalameda (SSAI).


The team included members from the Ares I-X and Ares I Aero, Testing, Database and Uncertainty disciplines. The team successfully built wind tunnel hardware, conducted critical wind tunnel testing in the Arnold Engineering and Development Center’s Von Karman Facility tunnel A and generated both the stage separation database and the wake aero database.

The team lead is R. Marshall Smith.

Others receiving awards were Maxine Batina, Steven Bauer, Bryan Campbell, William Castle, Dan Cole (Jacobs), Peter Covell, Gary Erickson, Laura Eure, Noah Favaregh (AMA), Lawrence Green, Jeremy Hanke, Michael Hemsch, Scott Holland, Wiliam Hollingsworth, Paul Jalbert (Arnold Engineering), Patrick McCaffery, Andrew McCrea (ATK), Charles Niskey (ATK), Bandu Pamadi, Jing Pei (AMA), Win Phipps (Arnold Engineering) , Jeremy Pinier, Elizabeth Plentovich, H Kevin Rivers, Richard Schwartz (ATK), Richard Siebels, J.T. Thompson (Arnold Engineering), William Tomek, Stanley Ward, Douglas L Weber.


The MEDLI team is recognized for their contributions and leadership in the planning and execution of the MEDLI flight hardware development. The MEDLI dataset will provide the first non-Earth entry aeroheating and aerodynamic data since the Mars Pathfinder mission, and will provide more than an order of magnitude more data than all previous Mars entry missions combined.

The team leads are Alan Little and Jeffrey Herath.

Also receiving awards were Brenda Adams (STC), Ruth Amundsen, Obadiah Andrews, Charles Antill, My Au (Jacobs), Ronnie Barnes, Gregory Bass (Boeing), James Baughman (ATK), Lloyd Binger, James Brantley (LMSSC), Walter Bruce, Richard Bryant, Ralph Buehrle, Cecil Burkett, Robert Burney (ARC QS), Timothy Cannella, Richard Chattin, F. McNeil Cheatwood, Harold Claytor (ATK), Keith Comeaux (JPL), Toby Comeaux, Larry Cowen, Michael Dashiell, Anthony Decaro (Eloret) , Joseph Del Corso, Genevieve Dixon, Gregory Draughon, Artem Dyakonov, Richard Dyke, Karl Edquist, Walter Engelund, Glenn Farnsworth, Kathryn Ferrare, Michael Flood, Mark Frye, Johnny Fu (Jacobs Sverdrup), Joseph Gasbarre, Michael Gazarik, Wayne Geouge, Ali Ghaneh (JPL), David Giltinan, Sergey Gorbunov (Eloret), C H Greenhaigh, Arthur Grepiotis, E Thomas Hall, Thomas Hannah, Michelle Harrell, Cameron Hartman (Tessada), Louis Hartzheim, Joseph Havens, Arthur Hayhurst, Raymond Heineman (JSC), Scott Hill, George Hilton, Jane Hogge, John Hopkins, Lewis Horsely (Mainthia), Mark Hutchinson, Helen Hwang (ARC TSA), Venkat Iyer (AS&M), Viola Jackson (STC), Kevin Johnson, Richard Jones, Arbi Karapetian (JPL), Matthew Kardell (Boeing), Christopher Karlgaard, Roberta Keeter, David Kessler, Hiep Khuc (Jacobs Sverdrup), Steven Kihara (Sierra Lobo), Jeffrey Knutson, Christopher Kuhl, Kathryn Kuykendoll, Kimberly Laracuente (Tessada), Thomas Levin, Kaitlin Liles, Michael Lindell, William Lupton, Carl Maag (T&M Engineering), Joseph Mach (Jacobs), Edward Martinez (ARC TSF), Johnny Mau, Wade May, Michael Mitchell, David Moore, William Munden (SSAI), Michelle Munk, John Newman, Tak-Kwong Ng, Myvan Nguyen (Jacobs), Frank Novak, Tomomi Oishi (Eloret), Michael Oliver, Michele Olsen (LMSSC), Nicholas Onufer (JPL), John Pandolf, Peter Parker, Duane Pettit, Richard Powell (AMA), John Quinn (SSAI), Robert Reaney, Chad Rice, Timothy Risch (DFRC PA), Joan Roberts, Howard Robinson, David Rosenbaum, Jose Santos (Jacobs), Mark Schoenenberger, Timothy Schott, Salvatore Scola, Bradley Sealey, Lynn Seals, Terrie Seitz, Paul Siemers (AMA), Louis Simmons, John Simms (Boeing), Thomas Skalski, Eric Slimko (JPL), Robin Smith (Futron), Stephen Smith, Dimitri Solga (ATK), Hector Soto, Joseph Sparrow, Christine Szalai (JPL), Chester Szymecki (ATK), Nina Tappan, John Teter, Loriann Thomas (Boeing), Roger Thorn (LMSSC), Mark Thornblom, Carolus Verhappen (SSAI), Kristan Waldorff (LMSSC), Richard Walker, Michael Watkins (JPL), Mary Watterton (STC), Brady White (AMA), Todd White (Eloret), William Willcockson (LMSSC), James Wilson (Sverdrup), Richard Winning, Annie Wright, Henry Wright, Michael Wright (ARC TSA).


Since 2006, the team has been responsible for multiple major accomplishments under a compressed schedule in support of three LAS configurations supporting Orion objectives for Pad Abort-1, Ascent Abort-1 (AA-1), and PA-2. The team has proactively addressed several technical, cost and schedule challenges, thoroughly evaluating all requirements changes, eliminating duplications and challenging itself to be efficient and high-performing.

The team lead is Kevin Rivers.

Also receiving awards were Rebecca Bales, Paul Banicevic, Brian Boland, Ellen Carpenter, John Davidson, Keith Davis, Joseph Del Corso, Kim Ess, Joseph Gasbarre, Guillermo Gonzalez, Michael Grant, Charles Gray, C H Greenhalgh, Stella Harrison, H Keith Henry, Leslie Johnson, Jeffrey Jones, Elijah Kent, Michael Lindell, Daniel Litton, David McGowan, Donald Owens, John Pandolf, Paresh Parikh, Duane Petit, Michael Rodrigues, John Stadler, Gregory Stover, Wayne Walters, James Wells. Chip Biddle (AASC), Phil Calvin (AASC), Patrick Hart (AASC), David Hewitt (Aerojet), Rich Husband (Aerojet), Dwight Whitney (Aerojet), Christopher Fannin (AMA), Barry Meredith (AMA), Michael Seal (AMA), Cameron Hartman (ATK), Mike Kramer (ATK), Brad Luff (ATK), David McGrath (ATK), Jonathan Bell (ATK), Brad Johnson (ATK), Steve Sara (ATK), Heidemarie Borchardt (ATK), Sharon Huff (ATK), Dimitri Solga (ATK), Alicia Moncrief (Digital Fusion), Angela Russo (Goddard), Ed Amoroso (Lockheed), Rich Freeman (Lockheed), Douglas Gruba (Lockheed), John Hodge (Lockheed), Gary Keyser (Lockheed), Roger McNamara (Lockheed), Donald Palmer (Lockheed), Chip Sagaser (Lockheed), Jaclyn Valerio (Lockheed), Keith Albyn (Marshall), Brenda Anderson (Marshall), Byron Bartlow (Marshall), Carl Benson (Marshall), Dana Billings (Marshall), David Brown (Marshall), Alvin Cantrell (Marshall), Mark Cooper (Marshall), Mark Davis (Marshall), Charles Delano (Marshall), Robert Ding (Marshall), Robert Engberg (Marshall), William Fletcher (Marshall), Sandra Forrester (Marshall), Stephen Gaddis (Marshall), Sridhar Gorti (Marshall), William Hamilton (Marshall), Michael Haynes (Marshall), Mary Hovater (Marshall), La Quieta Huey (Marshall), Paul Johnson (Marshall), Theodore Kublin (Marshall), Frank Ledbetter (Marshall), Rumaasha Maasha (Marshall), Rachel McCauley (Marshall), Bennett Neighbors (Marshall), Andrew Prince (Marshall), Jeremy Rousseau (Marshall), Jeffrey Sheehy (Marshall), Keary Smith (Marshall), Hee Jong Song (Marshall), Mark Stucker (Marshall), Dennis Tucker (Marshall), Kenneth Vadasy (Marshall), Terry Wall (Marshall), Norma Whitehead (Marshall), Angie Williams (Marshall), William Thomas (Alpha Tech), Tiffany Davis (Bastion), Robert Jackson (BTI), Natalie Daluz (DC), David Mobley (Echota Res.), Philip Stefanski (ESTS Group), Tonia Beavers (Gray), Pamela Rigsby (Gray), James Thomas (ISSI), Lee Allen (JTI), Andrei Caratus (JTI), Richard Dill (JTI), Robert Kwas (JTI), William Sadowski (JTI), Leslie Wood (JTI), Lucy Young (JTI), Martin Dahm (Miltec), Milton Ezell (MTS), Barry Densmore (Qualis), Richard Kramer (Qualis), Nancy Bennett (SAIC), Gordon Ross (STS), Timothy Allen(TBE), Robert Jayroe (TBE), Noah Rhys (Yetispace), Henri Fuhrman (Orbital Sciences), John Hildebran (Orbital Sciences), Bryan Sullivan (Orbital Sciences), John Rogers (SAIC), Marquetta Allen (Tessada), Nita Langford (Tessada).

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