Awards Recognize a Spectrum of Team Accomplishments
Recognition of teams that provided the impetus to an aviation program that could change the world's transportation system, that rebuilt a key component to a key testing facility, that is promoting NASA in a new and "edgy" way.

Center Team Awards Ceremony.

Steve Jurczyk, NASA Langley's deputy director, prepares to hand out awards to 10 teams in the first Center Team Awards Ceremony of 2010. Credit: NASA/Denise Lineberry

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Teams that worked to develop the way next-generation space travelers could land back on Earth, that completely replaced NASA Langley's telephone system, that flew instruments that provided data to enhance the study of our environment.

Teams that developed critical technology to measure global winds, that measured the troposphere from a Chilean desert more than three miles high, that worked in the growing effort to measure the effects of aerosols and clouds in our atmosphere, that celebrated our Earth by inviting the community to understand the efforts being taken to save it.

All were accomplishments by NASA Langley employees in the past year, and Steve Jurczyk, the deputy center director, led a celebration of their efforts in the 2010 Center Team Awards ceremony Tuesday in the Reid Conference Center.

"Teamwork is a core value in NASA," Jurczyk said. "It should be everywhere in industry.

"Just about everything we do includes a team, whether it be a smaller one or, well, one from Ares I-X (Systems Engineering and Integration) with 400."

Nineteen teams involving NASA Langley and other centers were being honored: 10 Tuesday, eight more on Wednesday and one on Thursday.

Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Team:
For outstanding teamwork, technical excellence, and cross-agency coordination required to successfully plan/formulate the ERA Project in order to begin implementation in FY10.

The team lead is Fay Collier.

Others receiving awards were Gaudy Bezos-O’Connor, Albion Bowers, Robert Bush, Ruben Del Rosario, Jay Dryer, Amanda Eberwine, E. Fite, Beverly Floyd, Julie Fowler, Joseph Grady, James Heidmann, Dennis Huff, Thomas Irvine, Frank Jones, Laurence Leavitt, Mark Mangelsdorf, Ajay Misra, Samuel Morello, Kimlan Pham, Irma Rodriguez, Wallace Sawyer, Cecelia Smith, Stephen Smith, Patrick Stoliker, Anthony Strazisar, Richard Wahls, Anthony Washburn, Jean Wolfe and Sherri Yokum.

TDT Compressor Motor Repair Team:
For exceptional teamwork to repair a failed compressor motor at the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT).

The team lead is Floyd Quintana.

Others receiving awards were Steve Alperin, Paul Aronsohn, E. Bare, Richard Cannella, Allen Derby, Carl Horne, John Inge, Richard Lucas, Roslyn Mccreery, Jim Parr, David Pierpont, Jose Rivera, Ken Rubert, Jennifer Schuetz, Gary Stergin and Chuck West.

For exceptional public service in the creation and production of the NASA EDGE team vodcast products.

The team lead is Chris Giersch.

Others receiving awards were Blair Allen, Robert Allen, Ron Beard, Jaqueline Cortez, Franklin Fitzgerald, Don Morrison, Phil Peters, Derek Wang and James Wilson.

LaDDERS Project:
For technical excellence in support of the Landing and Descent Deceleration Earth Recovery System (LaDDERS) Advancedf Development Project (ADP) used in testing and analysis of the ORION space vehicle at the Landing Impact and Research Facility.

The team lead is Todd Denkins.

Also receiving awards were Ralph Angel, Martin Annett, Carlito Barnes, Danny Barrows, Felecia Berry, Richard Boitnott, Stephen Borg, Frank Boyer, Celeste Brown, Richard Bryant, Ralph Buehrle, Linda Campbell, Ellen Carpenter, Kenneth Cate, Terry Clark, James Corliss, Garfield Creary, Harriett Dismond, Edwin Fasanella, Fred Fitzpatrick, Daniel Giesy, Peyton Gregory, Tonya Grigsby, Lorrie Hardin, Robin Hardy, Virginia Hinkley, Lucas Horta, Karen Jackson, R. Johnson, Lisa Jones, Patrick Kenney, Donald Kepley, Donna Lewis, Karen Lyle, Robert Maddock, Stephen Mark, Brian Mason, Paul Mcclung, Barbara Mobley, Stephen Nevins, George Palko, Darlene Pokora, Douglas Prochnow, Patrice Quander-Hass, Mercedes Reaves, Shaun Reno, Scott Runnells, Rodney Russell, Yamira Santiago-Espada, Nelson Seabolt, Steven Seider, Anh Trinh, Robin Tutterow, Gregory Vassilakos, Jose Vega, Mark Wampler, John Wang, David White and William White.

Langley Telephone System Replacement Project:
For outstanding contributions to Langley's centerwide Telephone System Replacement Project.

The team lead is Frances DeMarco.

Also receiving awards were Jessica Allen, George Allison, Lois Alliss, Donita Almony, Anthony Arviola, Nannette Atkins, Marchele Bachini, Cheri Bailey, Philip Baker, Wanda Barner, Constance Basnett, Ian Batchelder, Michael Beddis, Rodney Belcher, David Belew, Nancy Belew, Margaret Bevelacqua, Kerrin Blackmore, Jeff Bloodworth, Roger Bohnke, Stephen Bollman, John Bond, Wayne Branch, Michael Bray, Sean Britton, Jeffrey Bullock, Paul Burgus, Dawn Campbell, Jose Caraballo, David Castle, James Cato, Michael Chambers, Richard Chambers, Jennings Cherry, Patricia Christian, Ivan Clark, Emmit Clore, Anne-Marie Collins, Donna Comer, Randy Cone, Tony Cook, Whitney Cooper, Charles Cramer, Richard Creasy, Donald Creech, Douglas Dalager, Jesse Davis, Donald Day, Lolia Deal, James Delauder, Paul Demerly, Nicole Demond, Sherri Deshong, Cynthia Dicesare, Christopher Dreyfous, Quinton Duncan, Charles Dunton, Kiel Durst, Amanda Eberwine, Michael Edberg, Christopher Edwards, Lynne Eklund, Maria Elliott, Theresa Elliott, Johnny Ellis, Lisa Etheridge, John Evans, Eric Everton, Lois Forbes, Carlton Foster, Debbie Freeman, Kendall Freeman, Emitt Fuller, Christopher Gaines, James Geiger, Charles Gibson, Cory Gilbert, Jonathan Gleason, Melinda Goddin, James Godsey, Thomas Grepiotis, Tonya Grigsby, Ricky Hall, Sharon Hare, Michael Harrell, Charlie Harris, Thomas Harris, Carol Harrison, Murray Harvey, Lindsay Heath, John Hefner, Judith Heinrich, Michael Houseknecht, Debra Hurst, Charles Jackson, Larry Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Sharon Jackson, David Jones, Dwight Jones, Jerald Jones, Michael Kaszyca, Christal Kellam, Jim Kimball, John Kimball, Donald Kuhlman, Kenneth Kulling, Frederick Lallman, Berkley Langford, Barry Lawhorne, Melanie Lawhorne, Dale Leblanc, Steve Lee, Susan Lemon, William Lipford, Catherine Little, Patricia Lloyd, Hoa Luong, Andrea Magruder, Sharon Malave, Donald Mann, Lloyd Marks, Virginia Marks, Marion Martin, Stephen Mason, Joe Mastrangelo, Brian Mccormick, William Mckinney, Clyde Medley, Kim Merritt, Troy Merryfield, Daniel Morris, Karen Myers, John Nash, Stephen Nelson, Dale Noble, Robert Patterson, Ken Payne, Pamala Payne, Thomas Perry, Autumn Picotte, David Pierpont, Hugh Pinkston, Kenneth Proctor, Micheal Rammel, John Richardson, Anthony Robbins, Scott Runnells, Rodney Russell, Steven Sanders, Maxine Saunders, Steven Seider, Terrie Seitz, Todd Shannon, Nancy Shevlin, Milton Skolaut, Douglas Smith, Janice Smith, Noreen Smith, Ricky Smith, Gabrielle Snyder, Mark Spiers, Staten Spruill, Philip Stallings, Ronald Staples, David Steigerwald, Dawn Stewart, Stephanie Stockum, Harry Stotler, Michael Strong, Jerry Swank, Marilyn Swedlund, Thomas Sweeney, Elizabeth Tanner, Kelly Tarkenton, Nora Thompson, Charles Todd, Donna Turner, Mark Tyler, Kenneth Voss, Woodrow Wagner, Thomas Walker, John Warren, Lucy Watkins, Mark Whitaker, Christine Williams, Robert Wills, Linda Woodman, Arbria Wright, Richard Young and Charles Zeitman.

Cessna/EPA Joint Sensors Missions Implementation Team:
For leadership and technical excellence in installing, integrating and deploying unique atmospheric sciences instruments for the EPA in the NASA Cessna 206 aircraft.

The team lead is Michael Alexander.

Also receiving awards were Ashton Brown, Christopher Drueke, Bruce Fisher, Evan Horowitz, Charles Howell, Leslie Kagey, Darryl Keith, Cecil Mellanson, Scott Sims, Carey Smith, James Szykman, Ronald Topping, Noel West, David Williams and Michael Wusk.

2-micron Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Development Team:
For outstanding contributions of the 2-micron Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Development Team for enabling technology needed for space-based global measurement of winds.

The team lead is Upendra Singh.

Also receiving awards were Farzin Amzajerdian, Yingxin Bai, Clayton Bair, Nathaniel Baker, Bruce Barnes, James Barnes, Norman Barnes, Jeffrey Beyon, Alain Braud, Songsheng Chen, Marc Cimilino, John Deyst, Elizabeth Filer, Robert Hess, Addison Inge, Mahendra Jani, Michael Kavaya, Grady Koch, Hyung Lee, George Lockard, Byron Meadows, Clint Meneely, Edward Modlin, Keith Murray, Mulugeta Petros, Larry Petway, Paul Petzar, Donald Reichle, Karl Reithmaier, Waldo Rodriguez, Newton Sims, Mark Storm, Bo Trieu, Brian Walsh, Julie Williams-Byrd and Jirong Yu.

Far-infrared Observations of the Radiative Greenhouse Effect (FORGE) Team:
For outstanding contributions to the successful deployment and operation of the Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere (FIRST) instrument in Chile.

The team lead is Martin Mlynczak.

Also receiving awards were John Alford, Richard Cageao, Tilson Chappell, Glenn Farnsworth, Addison Inge, David Johnson, David Kratz, Harri Latvakoski, Joseph Lee, William Luck, Hal Maring, Delores Poupard, Charles Rutledge, Jason Swasey, Erik Syrstad, Michael Watson, Stanley Wellard and Michael Wojcik.

RACORO Campaign Airborne Measurements Team:
For outstanding achievements in support of NASA and Department of Energy aerosol and cloud measurement objectives during the RACORO field campaign.

The team lead is Richard Ferrare.

Also receiving awards were Mikhail Alexandrov, Dale Bowser, Brian Cairns, Anthony Cook, Johnathan Hair, David Harper, Chris Hostetler, Leslie Kagey, Edward Kirby, Andrew Korb, Michael Obland, Matteo Ottaviani, Raymond Rogers, Scott Sims, Amy Swanson, Michael Wusk and Richard Yasky.

EarthFest 2009 Team:
For outstanding quality and timeliness in the developing and hosting the EarthFest event.

The team lead is Katrina Young.

Also receiving awards were Carolyn Butler, Stephen Casey, Lin Chambers, Thomas Charlock, Lauren Childs, Cheryl Cleghorn, Lisa Coleman, Jennifer Collings, Rory Collins, Laura Eure, Amber Favaregh, Noah Favaregh, Laraunce Fleming, Jonathan Gleason, Kenneth Goetzke, Patricia Gottschall, Meghan Guethe, Dustin Hitt, Janis Hunt, Stephen Jurczyk, Kim Keith, Christopher Kilzer, Gail Langevin, Donna Lawson, Denise Lineberry, Katherine Lorentz, Brian Luoto, Patrick Lynch, Stephanie Mabry, James Madigan, Mahyar Malekpour, Michael Mark, Timothy Marvel, Susan Moore, Jose Padilla, David Peterson, Charles Polen, Delores Poupard, Amber Richards, Christopher Rink, Lindsay Rogers, Vanessa Rolf, Kristina Ruhlman, Yamira Santiago-Espada, Paula Sirk, Mary Skora, Sean Smith, Lelia Vann, Douglas Wells and Steven Whitlow.

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