Space Flight Adventure Camp
If you know a student that is interested in how rockets and spaceships fly, aerodynamics, micro gravity, flight simulation, extraterrestrial travel, the role of radar, weather and robotics then Space Flight Adventure Camp on the Eastern Shore is the place for them to be.

The Virginia Space Flight Academy has begun accepting registrations for 11 to 15 year-old students to experience the fun and excitement of week-long residential programs. Academy camps are conducted at NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore near Chincoteague Island, VA. The Academy is supported by the Eastern Shore Regional Partnership, the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, NASA, NOAA and the U.S. Navy.

At the Space Flight Academy camps, young space enthusiasts are involved in a host of exciting, hands-on and minds-on experiences. In addition to building and launching their own model rockets, young space explorers engineer and conduct a simulated rocket launch from an actual NASA mission control room while seated behind computer consoles with individual headsets. Returning to the program this year, are activities which make use of robotics kits and flight simulators.

Virginia Space Flight Academy offers students a wonderful and truly unique opportunity to enjoy a week-long, fun filled summer camp experience, combined with educational field trips to operational NASA, NOAA and US Navy facilities. Typical trips are visits to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, Range Control Center, Radar Sites, Launch Pads, Aircraft Control Tower, Fire & Rescue Station, Aircraft Hangers, the NOAA Command and Data Acquisition Station and the U. S. Navy Aegis Training Center. During these outings, government personnel explain the functions of the facilities and educational background required to be employed there, thus giving students insight into career development opportunities.

Robert Marshall, Executive Director stated, “I know of no other camp in the United States that has the capability to visit as many actual operational facilities!” Since Wallops is an operational NASA Facility students can expect to see any number of aircraft, from the Marines “Hells Angles” F18’s, NASA C-130, P-3 Orion, research aircraft such as the ER-2 as well as Navy & Coast Guard aircraft. Some may even witness an actual sounding rocket launch! Another unique aspect of the program is it’s small size. This past summer 8 one week camps were conducted with enrollment limited to the first 34 paid students. The actual enrollment for the summer of 2006 was 181. Geared primarily for students from the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US, this past summer’s camps included students from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and Washington State.

Evenings are filled with fun filled activities such as trips to a Chincoteague amusement park, Assateague National Wildlife Refuge and launching model rockets. Eight camps, for 11-15 year old coed students, will be held beginning June 17 thru August 17, 2007. Each camp begins on Sunday afternoon and ends on Friday at 1 p.m. Tuition for each camp is $645, which includes barracks style housing, meals, transportation while at camp, a workbook, T-shirt, and all instructional materials.

More information on Space Academy 2007 offerings can be had by telephoning the Academy toll free at 866-757-7223, e-mail at spaceacademy@intercom.net or visit the web site at www.VaSpaceFlightAcademy.org for additional information and online registration.

Space Flight Field Trip.
Image Above: Space Flight students on a field trip to Wallups Island Launch Towers. Credit: VA Space Flight Academy

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