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Wear Your Comfy Shoes: Earth Day Is “Park and Walk” Day at NASA Langley
By: Denise Adams

It all started with a suggestion. That suggestion became the theme for Earth Day at NASA Langley.

Rosemary Baize’s idea for a “park and walk” day came to her when her parents from Florida were in town and used one of the family’s two cars. “My husband, Daniel Baize, has several off-site meetings, so it made more sense for him to have the car and I just started to walk to other buildings,” she said.

Baize realized it was something easy to do and that anyone who is physically capable could do the same thing. She mentioned her idea to other employees at lunch. Jim Batterson, who is now retired from NASA Langley, submitted her idea through the “green suggestions” link on NASA Langley’s “Going Green” Web site and he credited Baize.

“I think that more people will see that it is not difficult to do. It is so easy to just park and walk from building to building,” Baize said.

And Arlene Levine of the Advanced Planning and Partnership Office agreed.

“If we were going to try this idea, what better day to do it than Earth Day?” Levine said.

Emily Outen.Image right: Emily Outen, public affairs specialist, visits NASA Langley's "Going Green" Web site from the @LaRC navigational menu. Credit: Denise Adams.

“We not only conserve energy and avoid some pollution, but it’s also good for our health,” Levine said. “The goals are three-pronged.”

Levine explained that “park and walk” day is strictly voluntary, and employees can use their own judgment.

Levine and Baize hope that the day will inspire employees to “park and walk” more often than just Earth Day. “The weather is pleasant. It’s perfect timing,” Levine said.

All employees have the opportunity to submit their “green suggestions” to the Web site, by visiting:

“We love when people use that opportunity to make suggestions,” Levine said.

And just like Baize, you too, may see your suggestion become a day of conservation, or possibly more.

Langley’s “Going Green” Web site has green lectures, events and points of contact. As the Web site explains, Earth Day is surrounded by other green events such as the AMES Research Center Green Series on LaRC TV, the Green Building Seminar at the Pearl Young Theatre on April 24 and EarthFest at Christopher Newport University on April 26.

To learn more about these green events and other upcoming events, please visit:

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