What's New for the Researcher News?
By: Jim Hodges

Beginning next week, there will be a new Researcher News, and the changes will be more than just cosmetic.

We're taking this opportunity to introduce some new features with the employees of NASA Langley Research Center -- both present and former – in mind.

Most of the new items will come under the broad umbrella of "People." In addition to the center snapshots and "in memoriam" listings, "People" will include a welcome to new employees at the center and a bon voyage to those who are retiring.

And when you retire, there are still plenty of reasons to read the Researcher News, because we're adding a section specifically designed for retirees, featuring news and opportunities for you to stay engaged with Langley.

With all of those new features, we're still trying to keep everyone on top of the news with features telling you what ‘s happening now as well as chronicling Langley's focus on the events of tomorrow.

To do all of that, though, we're going to need some help.

Contractors can let us know of new hires by emailing researchernews@nasa.gov. Retiring or have a friend who is retiring? Let us know in advance at the same email address. Just had a baby? Congratulations. All these events are “news” at Langley. If you like, you may send in a personal photo with the particulars.

Have some other ideas of things we can do in the Researcher News? Let us know, will you?

That's beginning next week, when there will be even more reasons to read the Researcher News every day.

NASA Langley Research Center
Managing Editor: Jim Hodges
Executive Editor and Responsible NASA Official: H. Keith Henry
Editor and Curator: Denise Adams