'NASA 360' Highlights Space Age Spinoffs
By: Kathy Barnstorff

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. In five decades the aerospace agency has made a big difference in people's lives, but many of us don't know how.

A new half-hour television program called "NASA 360," produced by NASA's Langley Research Center, in cooperation with the National Institute of Aerospace, helps answer that question. "Our goal is to show how NASA has changed and continues to change all of our lives in a positive way," said Michael Finneran, "NASA 360" executive producer. "We do this by examining how technologies developed by or for NASA are being used in everything from space exploration to everyday consumer products."

NASA 360 Producers. Image right: Kevin Krigsvold and Michael Bibbo filming in Times Square for NASA 360's program two, highlighting Dr. James Hansen's Climate Change Research. Credit: Johnny Alonso.
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"NASA 360" has a fast-paced feel. It is hosted by Johnny Alonso and Jennifer Pulley. Alonso has performed in movies and on television, including in "Dawson's Creek" and "One Tree Hill." Pulley has appeared in "NASA Connect" and many commercials.

"We're trying to reach younger audiences to excite them about NASA and its contributions by putting 'NASA 360' on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and other web sites," said co-producer Mike Bibbo. "We also want to make sure people who don’t spend as much time on the web can see the show too, so it's being offered to public TV stations across the country and Voice of America all over the world," added co-producer Kevin Krigsvold. For information about TV airings, please check your local public television station listings.

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The most recent episode of "NASA 360" highlights global warming research, solar technologies and how lithium ion batteries are being used in a revolutionary electric car. The first episode looked at new spacesuit research and NASA contributions to cordless power tool development and snow ski designs.

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