2009 Langley Honor Awards
H.J.E. Reid Award
The H.J.E. Reid Award recognizes an outstanding publication, refereed journal article or other formal NASA archival media first-authored by a Langley Research Center employee, an Army civilian or an on/near site contractor or group of employees.

The 2009 H.J.E. Reid Award was presented to the following eight individuals for an outstanding paper entitled “Dynamic Impact Tolerance of Space Shuttle Orbiter Wing Leading Edge Panels” :
Edwin L. Fasanella, LaRCPhotobucket
Karen E. Jackson, LaRCPhotobucket
Karen H. Lyle, LaRCPhotobucket
Lisa E. Jones, LaRCPhotobucket
Robin C. Hardy, LaRCNot Pictured
Sotirios Kellas, LaRCNot Pictured
Kelly S. Carney, LaRCNot Pictured
Matthew E. Melis, LaRCNot Pictured

Technology Transfer Awards
The Paul F. Holloway Non-Aerospace Technology Transfer Award and the Richard T. Whitcomb Aerospace Technology Transfer Award recognize technical contributions of the development/new technology, participation in technology transfer processes and the significance of the technical contributions and/or participation in technology transfer processes. In 2008, these two technology transfer awards were combined into one award, now named the Whitcomb and Holloway Technology Transfer Award.

The Richard T. Whitcomb and Paul F. Holloway Non-Aerospace Technology Transfer Awards were presented to the Electrically Conductive Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite Development Team:
Kristopher E. Wise, RTDPhotobucket
Joycelyn S. Harrison, RTDPhotobucket
Terry St. Clair, Ret. RTDPhotobucket
Emilie J. Siochi, RTDPhotobucket
Peter T. Lillehei, RTDPhotobucket
John W. Connell, RTDPhotobucket
Joseph G. Smith Jr., RTDPhotobucket
Sharon E. Lowther, RTDPhotobucket
Rheal P. Turcotte, APPOPhotobucket
Kathy A. Dezern, APPOPhotobucket
Robin W. Edwards, OCCPhotobucket
Cheol Park, NIA
Jin Ho Kang, NIAPhotobucket
Kent A. Watson, NIAPhotobucket
Zoubeida Ounaies, formerly NIANot Pictured
Chung-Seock Kang, Kolon IndustriesPhotobucket
Seogjeong Song, Kolon IndustriesDr. Song.

The Technician of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contributions performed within or related to fabrication, manufacturing or research testing and engineering development in support of NASA and Langley programs:
Jeffrey G. Gragg for exceptional contributions in enhancing the operating envelope of the HyMETS facility to meet advancing NASA requirements for Mars atmosphere.Photobucket

The Administrative Professional of the Year Award recognizes outstanding administrative contributions performed in support of the mission of the center:
Charles E. Brooks for exceptional achievement in developing and implementing a new, improved, integrated internal control process and framework for NASA.Photobucket

Special External Recognition
The 2008 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year Award was presented to the following three individuals for the:Composition of and method for making high performance resins for infusion and transfer molding processess:
John W. Connell
Paul M. Hergenrother
Joseph G. Smith, Jr.

The 2008 Robert J. Collier Trophy Award was presented to the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) for achieving an unprecedented safety level in U.S. commercial airline operations by reducing risk of a fatal airline accident by 83 percent, resulting in two consecutive years of no commercial scheduled airline fatalities.

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