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More Than 600 Answer Call for Innovation Ideas, Input on Site
By: Jim Hodges

The quest was for participation, and that quest was answered when more than 13,000 hits involving more than 600 participants greeted the Langley Innovation Opportunities website during its pilot period.

Those hits and those participants submitted more than 180 ideas for considering in four innovation topics, according to Marty Waszak, who heads the project.

Ideas have been reviewed, and selection of those to receive center-wide and Creativity and Innovation funding has been made.

"Due to funding constraints, 11 of the 87 C&I ideas received funding and 15 others will be awarded if additional funding becomes available," Waszak said. "Thirteen of the more than 50 ideas submitted for Center Innovation Funding also have been funded, and other submitters were encouraged to develop their ideas for further consideration."

Innovation Man.

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Center Innovation Fund flyer. Credit: NASA

The C&I ideas that received funding:

1. John W. Norbury (Durability, Damage Tolerance, and Reliability Branch, RD), "Holographic Turbulence"

2. James R. Burley (Aeronautics Research Directorate), "A Robotic Pilot for Aircraft Operations"

3. William L. "Bill" Kleb (Aero-Thermodynamics Branch, RD), "Robust, Swarm-Based Domain Discretization via Lambda Calculus"

4. Narasimha S. Prasad (Laser Remote Sensing Branch, Sys. Engineering Directorate), "Uncooled Mid-Wave IR Detectors"

5. Pacita I. Tiemsin (Advanced Sensing & Optical Measurement Branch, RD), "Novel Seed Materials for Next-Generation Airflow Detection"

' 6. Robert W. Moses (Atmospheric Flight & Entry Systems Branch, Sys. Engineering Directorate), "How Fast to Mars is Fast Enough?"

7. John J. Chapman (Electronic Systems Branch, Sys. Engineering Directorate), "A-LIFT Aneutronic Laser Ignited Fusion Thruster"

8. Catharine C. Fay (Research & Technology Directorate), "BxCyNz Nanotube Formation via the Pressurized Vapor/Condenser Method"

9. Sharon E. Lowther (Advanced Materials & Processing Branch, RD), "Sequential/Simultaneous Multi-Metalized Nanocomposites"

10. Anne I. MacKenzie (Electromagnetics & Sensors Branch, RD), "AMC-Backed Conformal Antennas for Space Exploration"

11. Brian M. Walsh (Laser Remote Sensing Branch, Sys. Engineering Directorate), "Tailor-made: Quantum Dots for Remote Sensing"

The Center-Wide Innovation ideas being funded:

1. "Biochar", Doris Hamill

2. "Participatory Exploration Pilot in support of Last Shuttle Flight", Melvin Ferebee

3. "A New Game Changing Concept For Wireless Sensor Network", Chuantong Wang

4. "Convert the ii wiki pages over to the OCIO Twiki", Jennifer Keyes

5. "Using Crowd-Sourcing to provide Metadata for Improved Search of Langley's Scanned Documents and Images", Kay Costulis

6. "Balance Flexure Study", Michael Acheson

7. "On-board Storage for Wind Tunnel Data", Roman Paryz

8. "Wireless Communication for Wind Tunnel Data Transmission", Roman Paryz

9. "Cell Phone Video Conferencing", Robert Starr

10. "3D In vitro Biomimetic Platform Development for Synergistic Studies", Lisa Scott Carnell

11. "Noninvasive Measurement of Free-Electron Density in a Weakly Ionized Gas", Greg Herring

12. "Virtual Worlds for Science and Engineering", Paul F Brewster

13. "Radiation Hardened Microelectronic Chip Packaging Technology", Jin Ho Kang.

Other innovations submitted involved Space Technology, and those remain under review.

"The more complex nature of the ideas on this topic and the more detailed review process will take additional time," Waszak said. "But the review process is well underway and recommendations should be completed in the next couple of weeks."

Those recommendations will go to a selection committee comprised of senior staff members who will allocate the available funding shortly thereafter.

Lessons learned are being compiled from the pilot, with another planned call for Creativity and Innovation and Center Innovation ideas in the spring, along with further development of the vehicle for future use in other areas seeking innovation input.

"We want this available to be used as a vehicle for any sort of innovation call," Waszak said.


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