Langley Employees Among First NASA Technical Fellows
NASA Langley employees have been selected as four of the first 12 NASA Technical Fellows. The employees, members of the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC), were named in a ceremony at the Virginia Air and Space Center (VASC).

Technical Fellows. Image Right: Four NASA Langley employees have been named NASA Technical Fellows. They are, left to right, David Schuster, Ivatury Raju, Robert Piascik and William Prosser. Credit: Sean Smith/NASA

They are Robert Piascik, materials; William Prosser, nondestructive evaluation; Ivatury Raju, structures; and David Schuster, aerosciences.

The NASA Technical Fellows Program was established to recognize technical excellence and provide agency-wide leadership of their respective disciplines as members of the NESC in support of the Office of the Chief Engineer.

NASA Chief Engineer Chris Scolese said that the new designation was motivated by the success of NESC. Scolese presented each technical fellow with a plaque and his congratulations.

Technical Fellowship. Image Left: After the induction ceremony, NASA Chief Engineer Chris Scolese visited with those present, including Langley leaders, from left, Director Lesa Roe, Science Director Leila Vann (back to camera), Research and Technology Director Charlie Harris, and Deputy Director Steve Jurczyk. Credit: Sean Smith/NASA

Consistent with NESC practice, the technical fellows will remain resident and actively engaged at their centers.

Other technical fellows named April 11 are Ames' Cynthia Null, human factors; Goddard's Michael Aguilar, software, Cornelius Dennehy, guidance, navigation and control, and Mitchell Davis, avionics; Johnson's Curtis Larsen, loads and dynamics, John McManamen, mechanical systems, and Henry Rotter, life support/active thermal; and Marshall's George Hopson, propulsion.

NESC Director Ralph Roe said that the idea of NASA technical fellows arose as part of the NESC practice of benchmarking against industry. Elevating distinguished technical employees is a well-established practice at some major corporations.

Technical Fellowship. Image Right: The first 12 NASA Technical Fellows were named in a ceremony at the VASC, Flanking the fellows, at left, is NESC Director Ralph Roe and, at far right, rear, NASA Chief Engineer Chris Scolese and far right, front, NESC Deputy Director Tim Wilson. The fellows, left to right, are George Hopson, Mitchell Davis, Cornelius Dennehy, John McManamen, David Schuster, Henry Rotter, Curtis Larsen, William Prosser, Ivatury Raju, Robert Piascik, Cynthia Null and Michael Aguilar. Credit: Sean Smith/NASA

"NASA technical fellows will be role models for all of our engineers," said Roe.

Scolese added that NASA technical fellows would provide stewardship of their respective disciplines for the agency.

One example of that stewardship will be to foster consistency of agency-level standards and specifications, including those considered core standards. They will also promote discipline stewardship through workshops, conferences and discipline advancing activities.

Four additional technical fellows are expected to be named this fiscal year, two more in fiscal year 2008 and one more in fiscal year 2009. Fellows are competitively selected. The need for additional technical fellows will be evaluated semi-annually.

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