Snapshot: Rob and Megan Quinn
Rob and Megan Bowles snapshot.

Rob and Megan Quinn are just back from their honeymoon and have returned to their jobs at NASA Langley. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

By: Denise Lineberry

After a year and a half of planning locations, floral arrangements, attire, favors and other logistics, Megan Quinn, formerly Megan Bowles, and Rob Quinn entered holy matrimony on May 30, not long after they entered the gates of NASA Langley.

Rob began working at Langley in September as a buyer for Tessada and Associates in the procurement office. Megan began in April as a financial analyst in the Systems Engineering Directorate, also with Tessada.

The two realized several years ago that they had a lot more in common than a knack for numbers when they met as students at Christopher Newport University (CNU).

"CNU is where I met my husband and bought a house. It’s led to gaining professional experience and now a career and to building a family of my own," Megan said. "Almost everything in my life would be completely different today if I had never gone to CNU. It was without a doubt the most influential thing I’ve ever done in my life."

She also managed to graduate with an accounting degree within 3 ½ years. "My parents have never been so thrilled," she said.

Rob was a business major and played baseball for CNU. In 2003, the CNU baseball team, with Rob as their second baseman, finished second in the Division III World Series.

"While at CNU, I learned how to become independent and take care of myself. I learned it takes a lot of hard work to be successful in life from playing sports and graduating from college," Rob said.

When Megan met Rob, she stepped into a relationship that was already blossoming -- that of Rob and his dog, Baxter. Megan knew better than to try to come between man and his best friend, but Baxter quickly stole Megan's heart as well.

At one point, Baxter made an escape, but then returned home "exactly one month later to the day," Rob explained. He jumped into someone's backyard to play with their dog and when the owner noticed Baxter and his tag, he was returned home.

Megan, Rob and Baxter reside in Hampton on the same street that Rob's grandparents grew up on. His family spent many summers there crabbing and fishing on the mouth of the James River. Rob's sister and cousin also live on the same street.

Rob was born and raised in Hampton. He graduated from Phoebus High School. His parents are Hampton High School graduates and live just a neighborhood away with his youngest sister.

Megan was born in raised in Sterling, just outside of D.C. Her parents and older brother still reside there.

"Within the first week of moving to the Hampton Roads area for college, I informed my parents that I would not be moving back home after I got my degree and surprisingly enough, they obliged," Megan said. "I just fell in love with the beach and then with a local boy, and that’s how I landed here in Hampton."

They recently returned to work after their weeklong honeymoon in Jamaica. As tough as returning to reality was, both appreciate having their careers to come back to.

"To me, the most interesting thing about my job is seeing what the group that I support has accomplished. It amazes me to hear that the Lunar Rover that appeared in President Obama’s inaugural parade in January was built here in our shops by our group," Megan said. "It’s incredible to think that I support the technicians and business people here at NASA that do such important work, which benefits not only the agency, but mankind in general. It’s very humbling and it’s very rewarding."

Rob can agree. "Working at NASA allows me the opportunity to work with such great people every day, and I enjoy all the challenges that my job offers," he said. " I enjoy working with the purchasing end of business. It’s fast paced, and no two days are the same. It’s very rewarding to be able to support all the researchers and business people here at NASA."

When their paths crossed back in college, the couple could never have known how much their future lives would share: a home on a street filled with childhood memories and family, careers at NASA Langley, memories of a Jamaican paradise, a love of sports, a kayak and a newly purchased jet ski, a dog named Baxter and a last name.

"I am really looking forward to the next step in life and can’t wait to build a happy marriage," Megan said.

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