Lead Jamestown Archaeologist Will Speak on Center
On Wedneday, April 18 at 2 p.m., Dr. William Kelso, lead Jamestown archaeologist, will be at the Reid Center to discuss the findings at Jamestown Island that have shed new light on the history of our nation's first permanent English settlement.

Bill Kelso. Image Right: Dr. William Kelso, lead Jamestown archaeologist who unearthed the secrets of America's birthplace. Credit: Historic Jamestowne

Kelso's recently released book, "Jamestown: The Buried Truth," examines the new questions that have arisen in light of new archeological discoveries and answers that have followed from them.

Kelso is the director of archaeology for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (AVPA). Kelso is responsible for excavating the artifacts and and directing the ongoing excavations at Jamestown Island. In 2005, the Virginia Press Association named Kelso the "Virginian of the Year."

Exploration's diverse heritage is the focus of a unique partnership between NASA and the Jamestown 2007 National Commemoration Commission, marking the May 1607 establishment of the first permanent English settlement in North America. This partnership highlights the connections between the adventurous men and women who settled in Virginia almost 400 years ago and NASA's plans to explore space and establish a presence on other worlds.

Kelso is quoted in the commemorative edition of "America's 400th Anniversary" (a supplement to Hampton Roads Magazine) saying, "We're a diverse people, and now, after a long struggle, everyone has a chance. That all began on the shores on the James River."

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