Hurricanes and Global Warming: The Science, Technologies, and Politics
Dr. Judith Curry will be presenting the April Sigma Series Colloquium. Who: Judith Curry
What: Sigma Series Colloquium
When: April 6 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Virginia Air & Space Center; No cost and no reservation

Colloquium:The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active and costly season on record. Recent publications linking an increase in hurricane intensity to increasing tropical sea surface temperatures have fueled the debate on whether or not global warming is causing an increase in hurricane intensity. Because of the substantial implications of hurricane-global warming issue for society and the immediate policy relevance associated with decision making related to Hurricane Katrina, there is a clear need for balanced and thoughtful discourse on this subject.

The objectives of this talk are to clarify the debate surrounding the subject as to whether or not global warming is causing an increase in global hurricane intensity, including the outstanding sources of uncertainties; observing technologies needed to support research on hurricanes and global warming; and mixing politics, climate science, and the media.

Speaker: Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Curry received a doctoral degree in atmospheric science from the University of Chicago in 1982. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgia Tech, she has held faculty positions at the University of Colorado, Penn State University and Purdue University. Dr. Curry's research interests span a variety of topics in climate; current interests include air/sea interactions, climate feedback processes associated with clouds and sea ice, and applications of satellite data to interpreting recent variations in the climate data record. Dr. Curry currently serves on the National Academies Climate Research Committee and the Space Studies Board, and the NOAA Climate Working Group. Dr. Curry is author of the book Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans and is editor for the Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences. She has published over 130 refereed journal articles. Dr. Curry is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Union. In 1992, she received the Henry Houghton Award from the American Meteorological Society.

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