All-hands Meeting with Lisa Porter
"You win the award for best center because of attendance alone," joked Lisa Porter, associate administrator for Aeronautics, to a standing room only group in the H.J.E. Reid Conference Center. The crowd gathered for an all-hands meeting where Porter presented "NASA's New Aeronautics Research Program" on May 30.

Image Right: Lisa Porter, associate administrator for Aeronautics, speaks in the H.J.E. Reid Conference Center during an all-hands meeting on May 30. PHOTO BY JEFF CAPLAN.

"We're moving past the planning stage and into implementing our plan for Aeronautics," said Porter.

This implementation includes the continued promise to uphold principles, which were set during the planning stage. These principles include: a dedication to mastery in all aspects of Aeronautics research; a focusing of research in all appropriate areas; and directly addressing the fundamental research needs with the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) in partnerships with member agencies of the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO).

After reestablishing these principles, Porter described the four new Aeronautics programs. The new programs being implemented into Aeronautics are: the Fundamental Aeronautics Program, the Aviation Safety Program, the Airspace Systems Program, and the Aerospace Test Program. The programs are designed to not only keep NASA's Aeronautics program moving forward, but making sure that all partnerships associated with the Aeronautics program are continuously nurtured.

Porter reiterated the fact that implementation rules must continued to be followed with these new programs. Having milestones to go along with all long-term research will keep researchers and projects on task. Also, all research will be integrated, which eliminates "sandboxing," a term used to describe confined and inaccessible programs. The final rule for implementation is that research will be leveraged across all projects and programs, which will prevent "stove piping," or disproportional funding and attention.

Porter closed the all-hands meeting by taking questions from the employees and contractors in the audience.

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