The Cause and Effects of NASA's NCAD Migration
By: Denise Lineberry

With spring break approaching, many of us probably have some form of migration on our minds. NASA Langley employees will be experiencing a migration of their own, beginning March 23.

It is the NASA Consolidated Active Directory (NCAD) migration, and if you work for NASA, as a contractor or civil servant, you will be affected by it.

Brian McCormick.

Brian McCormick led two informative sessions followed by a question and answer segment for employees at the Reid Conference Center.
Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

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NCAD is a single, agency-wide directory service that you automatically access when logging in to your computer. NCAD allows you to access servers, applications like e-mail and network resources, such as printers.

It's a process that aims at reaching a NASA-wide goal of computer consistency. After migration is complete, every NASA worker's login process will be identical.

For NASA as a whole, this consistency will help create a simplified desktop experience and improve security management. Also, NCAD, unlike the current Active Directory environments across NASA, is built on an infrastructure to help NASA move toward Smartcards and a single sign-on environment.

"The NCAD migration creates the infrastructure for Smartcards to work," explained Brian McCormick at an NCAD migration session in the Reid Conference Center.

The migration is also required for future access to applications such as WebTads.

Clint Theobald, advocate and outreach, and Linda Woodman, migration testing, are helping McCormick lead the migration.

Migration will be done remotely over night. Workstations should be left powered up. Otherwise, migration will be prolonged. The day after migration, users will log in to a new domain. This means that your current login screen displays "Log on to the 'LARC' domain." After migration, it will display “Log on to 'NDC. ' ” Everything else will be the same. You will still use your Agency User ID (AUID) account to log on.

The migration will be completed in two phases. Phase One, which will begin March 23, will transition all contractors. On April 6 window users will begin migration.

In Phase Two, which begins June 8, all others will be migrated.

All employees should have contractor support so that you have an administrator in place to help you with the migration.

In order to use the ODIN Help Desk for 24/7 password resets, all users should register at the agency’s IDMax site: https://idmax.nasa.gov/idm/instructions.jsp

Instructions, including screen shots, for this registration process are available at: http://nxout.larc.nasa.gov/?c=8785&f=61843

For an overview of NCAD, please visit: http://insidenasa.nasa.gov/ocio/infrastructure/ncad.html

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