NASA Honor Awards: Celebrating NASA Langley's Celebrities
On Tuesday afternoon at NASA's Langley Research Center, honor award recipients and their families walked across two red carpets with cameras flashing and filming as they entered the Reid Conference Center for the 2012 Honor Awards Ceremony.

NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., hosted the Hollywood-themed Annual Honor Awards Ceremony on August 28 in the Reid Conference Center to recognize employees for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the Center and the Agency.
Credit: NASA/Sean Smith and Sasha Congiu

Stars on the floors representing individuals and teams led them into the filled auditorium as Jeffrey Seaton, Director of Langley's Chief Information Office, welcomed guests and took some time out to honor Neil Armstrong.

"His family stated it well. They said he was a 'reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job.' And that is probably true for many of the folks here today," Seaton said.

As the Armstrong family said in their statement on Armstrong's passing, he would want us "to be willing to explore and push the limits" of our abilities.

That is the mission, and this was the moment to recognize hundreds who work for, and with NASA Langley.

"When you think about Langley, it's not uncommon to hear about aeronautics research, wind tunnels, Orion splash tests, and all of the aerodynamic research you do for launch vehicles. Most recently, the huge successes with IRVE-3 (Inflatable Re-entry Vehicle Experiment), MSL EDL (Mars Science Laboratory Entry Descent and Landing) and MEDLI, (MSL EDL Instrumentation) the instrumentation suite you guys had on the bottom of MSL. And those are all really cool things, right?" said Robert Lightfoot, NASA's Associate Administrator, and keynote speaker for the event. "But today, we are here to talk about our most important thing, and that's our people. And that's what today is about. You are the source of our famous achievements. No hardware flies itself. No hardware designs itself. No hardware test itself without our folks.

"I really want you to listen to the citations closely, and think about the breadth of work that went in. It is amazing. Listen closely. Multiply what you hear today by 10 centers, and you'll get a good feel of what this agency accomplishes on a daily basis, and on an annual basis."

Langley Honor Awards

The H. J. E. Reid Award was presented to the following individuals for an outstanding paper entitled "Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar profiling aerosol optical properties" :
Johnathan W. Hair – NASA Langley Research Center
Chris A. Hostetler – NASA Langley Research Center
Anthony L. Cook – NASA Langley Research Center
David B. Harper – NASA Langley Research Center
Richard A. Ferrare - NASA Langley Research Center
Terry L. Mack – Lockheed-Martin
Wayne Welch – Welch Mechanical Designs, LLC
Luis Ramos Izquierdo – Goddard Space Flight Center
Floyd E. Hovis – Fibertek, Inc.

The Technician of the Year Award was presented to Joseph W. Lee for successful development and implementation of the first Boron Nitride Nanotube Production Laboratory at NASA Langley Research Center.

The Administrative Professional of the Year Award was presented to Judy W. Ward for exceptional contributions as LaRC Transportation Officer and commitment to green, fleet and reduce emissions supporting the NASA mission.

NASA Honor Awards

Group Achievement Awards

Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment Team
For outstanding achievement in establishing the impact of hydro-treated renewable jet fuels on commercial aircraft engine performance and pollutant emissions.
Accepted by Bruce E. Anderson
NASA Langley Research Center
Andreas Beyersdorf
Robert Martin
Susan Wilz
Luke Ziemba
NASA Dryden Research Center
Kirk Caldwell
Frank Cutler
Patrick Lloyd
Stephanie Rudy
Rosalio Salazar
Scott Silver
Kevin Walsh
Ronald Wilcox
NASA Glenn Research Center
Dan Bulzan
Ruben Del Rosario
Gregory Follen
Christopher Heath
James Walker
Changju Wey
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Edward Fortner
Jonathan Franklin
Scott Herndon
Richard Miake-Lye
Robert Prescott
Michael Timko
Zhenhong Yu
Air Force Research Laboratory
Edwin Corporan
Arnold Engineering Development Center
Brad Besheres
Roy Carroll
Danny Catalano
Becky Combs
Jennifer Harvey
Robert Howard
Steven Lepley
Katie Stephens
Gary Storey
Brad Winkleman
William Bachaio
Manfred Linke
P.J. Pankratz
Sigfried Roeck
William Silvas
Computer Science Corporation
Donny Bailes
Sarah Buehler
Wendy Given
Bradly Grantham
Larry Phillips
EMCOR Government Services
Ted Powers
Federal Aviation Administration
Carl Ma
General Electric Aircraft Engines
Russ Arey
Will Dodds
David Christie
Internal Combustion Research
Joseph Niquette
Kay & Associates Inc.
Donald Crawford
Steven Diefenderfer
Jerry Dobbins
John Valdez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eben Cross
Media Fusion Inc.
Cecilia Anne Odenthal
Missouri University for Science & Technology
Steven Acterberg
Brian Catron
Donald Hagen
Perm Lobo
William Satterfield
Jonathon Sidewell
Max Trueblood
Philip Whitefield
Emitt Witt
Montana State University
Berk Knighton
National Research Council-Canada
Wendy Bailey
Gregory Smallwood
Navy Aviation Environmental Support Office
Arnel Fanzuela
Xu Li-Jones
Triet Nguyen
Tuong Nguyen
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Suzanne Crumeyrolle
Richard Moore
Penn State
Chung-Hsuan Huang
Randy Vander Wal
Pratt and Whitney
Anuj Bhargava
Richard Strange
Rolls Royce
Mark Johnson
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
John Barrick
Charles Hudgins
K. Lee Thornhill
Edward Winstead
The Boeing Company
Steve Baughcum
TSI Inc.
Jeffrey Baker
Timothy Johnson
Tybrin Corporation
Karen Richards
United Technologies Research Center
David Liscinsky
University of Dayton Research Institute
David Anneken
Joe Mantz
Matthew Dewitt
Robert Giannelli
Solveig Irvine
John Kinsey

AMI Re-Architecture Team
For critical improvements in the processing performance of the Atmospheric Science Data Center Modernization through Integration (AMI) System.

Accepted by Christopher J. Harris
NASA Langley Research Center
Anthony Arviola
John Kusterer
Charles Niles
Judy Ward
Christopher Dawn
Computer Science Corporation
Eugene Gooden
Frederick Reitz
Scott Sinnov
Direct System Support
Patrick Bigelback
Kevin Rozynek
Ray Paden
NCSA/University of Illinois
Michelle Butler
Chad Kerner
Andrew Lofus
Alex Parga
NERSC/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rei Lee
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Brian Bresina
Tonya Davenport
James Davis
Steven Devan
Steven Mercier
Anthony Tillie
Andrey Vakhnin
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
Durwood Bradshaw
Robert Quinn

Ares I Aerodynamic/Aeroelastic Database Development Team
For excellence and professionalism in documenting the historical archive of the development of the Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Databook of the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle.

Accepted by Dr. Paul Pao
NASA Langley Research Center
Khaled Abdol-Hamid
Robert Bartels
Steven Bauer
Pawel Chwalowski
Peter Covell
Karen Deere
Alaa Elmiligui
Gary Erickson
Neal Frink
Farhad Ghaffari
Clyde Gumbert
Jeremy Hanke
Jennifer Heeg
Scott Holland
Thomas Ivanco
Donald Keller
Steven Massey
Bandu Pamadi
Mohagna Pandya
Jing Pei
David Piatak
Jeremy Pinier
Russ Rausch
Jamshid Samareh
Martin Sekula
James Taft
William Tomek
NASA Ames Research Center
Lawrence Hand
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
John Blevins
William Downs
Melody Mayle
Stuart Nelson
Victor Pritchett
Darren Reed
Analytical Mechanics Associates Inc.
Noah Favaregh
Robert Hall
S. Pao
John Paulson
E. Zoby
ATK Space Systems, Inc.
Francis Capone
Raymond Mineck
CRM Solutions Inc.
Michael Applebaum
William Eppard
Les Hall
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Donald Nance
Gray Research Inc.
David Purinton
Robert Kirchner
Science & Technology Corporation
Marshall Gusman
Jeffrey Housman
James Kless
Henry Lee
Tessada & Associates
Kay Forrest
William Chan
Cetin Kiris
Goetz Klopfer
Jeffrey Onufer
United Space Alliance LLC
Mike Carpenter
Edward Parlette

A-Train Cloudsat Ascent Team
For exceptional contributions in enabling and getting approval for the safe return of the CloudSat satellite mission to the A-Train Constellation.
Accepted by Charles R. Trepte
NASA Langley Research Center
Alan Little
David MacDonnell
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Richard Burns
William Guit
Angelita Kelly
Lauri Newman
Phillip Sabelhaus
David Tracewell
Wynn Watson
NASA Headquarters
David Considine
Michael Freilich
Stephen Volz
Cheryl Yuhas
Analytical Services and Materials, Inc.
Don Avery
Columbus Technologies & Services
Warren Case
Jacobs Technology, Inc.
James Wilson
Kirtland Air Force Base
Keith Wilson
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Christopher Brown
Carolus Verhappen
The Aerospace Corporation
Barbara Braun
Donald Keenan
U.S. Geological Survey
Steven Covington

Creativity and Innovation Design Team
For exceptional creativity, commitment, and dedication in executing a new Creativity course.

Accepted by Karen L. Freidt
NASA Langley Research Center
Stephen Alter
Monica Barnes
Gamaliel Cherry
Susan Cooper
Charles Dunton
Gregory Hajos
Laurie Johansen
Brian Luoto
Patricia Pahlavani
Donna Phillips
Karen Taminger
Myisha Tucker
Martin Waszak
Gayle Burton
William Lamarsh
Donna Mizell
Pamela Payne
William Rogers
Susanne Waltz
NCI Information and Technology, Inc.
Stanley Husch
Wade Mickley
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Kim Keith
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
John Bailey
John Kahler
Jeffrey Pickering
Eileen Spillane Nelson
Vincent Whitfield
Donna Speller Turner

CAAT Experiment Team
For outstanding research to develop conflict detection and resolution technology to enable a safe Next Generation Air Transportation System.
Accepted by Denise R. Jones
NASA Langley Research Center
Jarvis Arthur
Randall Bailey
Donald Buhl
Victoria Chung
Sonia Herndon
Brian Hutchinson
Denise Jones
Leslie Kagey
Lynda Kramer
Lawrence Prinzel
Darrell Sacra
Kevin Shelton
Phillip Smith
Steven Williams
Richard Yasky
Boeing Company
Robert Norman
Genex Systems
Charles Cole
Lockheed Martin
Glover Barker
Regina Johns
Sharon Otero
Robert Myer
Wei Anderson
Dale Ashcom
Wallace Burge
Karen Cruz
Alan Douglas
Charles Feigh
Dennis Frasca
Christopher Harrison
Jerry Karwac
Kemper Kibler
Nevin Oswald
Casey Ruddiman
Paul Sugden
Julie Timmons
John Tulppo
Britney Williams

CLARREO Mission Concept Team
For exceptional and innovative approaches to the mission design of CLARREO leading to a fully successful Mission Concept Review.
Accepted by David F. Young
NASA Langley Research Center
M. Nurul Abedin
Robert Akamine
John Alford
Ruth Amundsen
Brooke Anderson
Charles Antill
Rosemary Baize
David Beals
Keith Boadway
Charles Boyer
Kevin Brown
Richard Cageao
Lin Chambers
James Corliss
Jon Currey
Mary DiJoseph
David Doelling
Barry Dunn
Glenn Farnsworth
Mark Frye
Donald Garber
Robert Gardner
Michelle Garn
Michael Gazarik
Erika Geier
Stephen Hall
Barbara Hilton
Stephen Horan
Peter Huynh
David Johnson
Craig Jones
Seiji Kato
Kevin Kempton
David Kratz
Kam-Pui Lee
Alan Little
Xu Liu
William Luck
Constantine Lukashin
David MacDonnell
Paul Manhart
Joel Marcia
Johnny Mau
Patrick McCaffery
Thomas McGlone
Martin Mlynczak
David Moore
Linda Moore
Keith Murray
Terrence Nienaber
Joseph O’Connell
Jose Ortiz
James Osmundsen
Nipa Phojanamongkolkij
James Price
Kory Priestley
Robert Reisse
Carlos Roithmayr
David Rosenbaum
Stephen Sandford
Salvatore Scola
Lynn Seals
Donald Shick
Paul Speth
Patrick Taylor
David Thames
Hernani Tosoc
Cynthia Weathers
Bruce Wielicki
Mary Wusk
Zhiqiang Zhou
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Andrew Lacis
Brian Cairns
Michael Mischenko
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
James Butler
Jason Hair
Donald Jennings
Mark Matsumura
Steven Platnick
Douglas Rabin
Otilia Rodriguez-Alvarez
Kurtis Thome
Xiaoxiong Xiong
NASA Headquarters
Kenneth Jucks
Richard Slonaker
Kenneth Hurst
Anthony Manucci
Thomas Meehan
Thomas Pagano
Lawrence Young
John Rogers
Nadine Syrett
Defense Contract Audit Agency
Chi Ao
Harvard University
James Anderson
John Dykema
Stephen Leroy
Imperial College London
Richard Bantges
Helen Brindley
John Harries
Lab for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Gregg Kopp
Peter Pilewskie
Yolanda Roberts
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
William Collins
Daniel Feldman
McGill University
Yi Huang
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Leonard Hanssen
Sergey Mekmontsev
Joseph Rice
Eric Shirley
National Physical Laboratory
Nigel Fox
Don Anderson
Reed Integration
Kelly Moses
Robin Smith
Safety and Quality Assurrance Alliance
Carl Maag Jr.
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Richard Bender
Debra Dajon
Shaun Deacon
Kevin DeMarco
Ronald Huppi
Samantha Infeld
Zhonghai Jin
Susan Johnston
Dennis Keyes
Jay Madigan
Timothy Marvel
Jeffrey Mast
Martin McKenney
William Munden
Irene Pang
Dennis Pelaccio
Steven Pennington
Amber Richards
Fred Rose
Timothy Shekoski
Elijahu Siman-Tov
Wenbo Sun
Joe Walker
Space Dynamic Lab, Utah State University
Mark Esplin
Harri Latvakoski
Jennifer Allen
Debora Briggs
Nicole Hintermeister
James Parkinson
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
Kimberly Laracuente
University of Maryland
Daniel Kirk-Davidoff
University of Wisconsin
Fred Best
Robert Holz
Robert Knuteson
Hank Revercomb
Joe Taylor
David Tobin
Robert Fairbairn
Virginia Space Grant Consortium/LARSS
Amanda Cichoracki

DEVOTE Project Team
For outstanding achievements in planning and executing the DEVOTE Hands-On Project Experience aircraft flight project and training initiative.
Accepted by Johnathan W. Hair
NASA Langley Research Center
Michael Alexander
Bruce Anderson
Alene Arnott
Melissa Ashe
Andreas Beyersdorf
Dale Bowser
Ashton Brown
Gao Chen
Erika Cherry
Terry Clark
Craig Cleckner
Stuart Cooke
Lucille Crittenden
Glenn Diskin
Kathryn Ferrare
Richard Ferrare
Bruce Fisher
Rosemary Froehlich
Mark Frye
David Gilman
Stella Harrison
Evan Horowitz
Chris Hostetler
Leslie Kagey
Roberta Keeter
Jennifer Keyes
Richard Law
Troy Mann
Robert Martin
Susan McClain
Michael Obland
Autumn Picotte (former NASA employee)
Donald Porter
Delores Poupard
Carrie Rhoades
Pamela Rinsland
Lindsay Rogers
Raymond Rogers
Gregory Schuster
Scott Sims
Carey Smith
John Stadler
Charles Trepte
Kevin Vipavetz
Shannon Walker
Noel West
Robert White
Theodore Wilz
David Winker
Michael Wusk
Mei Yang
Richard Yasky
Luke Ziemba
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Lorraine Remer
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Brian Cairns
Ottaviani Matteo
ATK Space Systems, Inc.
Debora Briggs
Joseph Cronauer
Karen Hadley
Claude Joyce
Rana Mauro
Thomas Slate
Dimitri Solga
Darrell Wood
CSC Applied Technologies, LLC
Michael Basnett
Andrew Haynes
Joseph Riddick
Joint Center for Earth Systems and Technology
Dominik Cieslak
Lea Garden Club
Dwight Elliott
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
John Barrick
Bryan Fabbri
Theresa Firth
Lillian Fischer
Charles Hudgins
Jennifer Lapan
Cassie Lehnhardt
Kristina Ruhlman
Kenneth Thornhill
Edward Winstead
Robert Stilson
J. Vanderlei Martins
University of Maryland Baltimore
Dolgos Gergely

FAST-MAC Development Team
For exceptional engineering excellence in developing the Fundamental Aerodynamics Subsonic/Transonic-Modular Active Control test capability in the National Transonic Facility.
Accepted by William E. Milholen
NASA Langley Research Center
Michael Acheson
Robert Andrews
Kevin Bonilla
Christopher Cagle
David Chan
Catherine Clark
David Coleman
Dana Forrest
Savior Giuliana
E. Thomas Hall
Jack Hester
Gregory Jones
Shirley Jones
Bradley Leighty
Ronald Lewis
William Lipford
Charles Lunsford
Keith Lynn
Paul McClung
James McWright
D. Phillip Milburn
Rolando Padilla
Roman Paryz
Carlos Perez-Ramos
Michael Powers
Ray Rhew
David Roberts
Alan Scheidegger
Mark Simonton
Michael Smock
Anthony Watkins
Douglas Weber
Johnnie West
Analytical Services and Materials, Inc.
Ralph Edlow
Michael Treece
Venki Venkat
ATK Space Systems, Inc.
Kyle Goodman
Jacobs Technology, Inc.
Roy Armstrong
Anthony Barry
Owen Bissett
Lonnie Brown
Alpheus Burner
Michael Czarnecki
Jesse Davis
William Dressler
Linda Goad
William Goad
Scott Goodliff
Albert Graham
Edward Massey
Matthew Medrana
James O’Shaughnessy
Bruce Raiford
Ronald Raushenbach
Joshua Revenaugh
Michael Scott
Richard Smith
John Swain
James Wenzel
Leora Witt-Hill
Arbria Wright
Les Yeh
Modern Machine and Tool Company, Inc.
Jerald Jones
Sierro Lobo, Inc.
Jeremiah Barry
Gary Beacham
Francis Beltinck
Joshua Branch
Benjamin Galke
Andrew Goldstein
Paul Morris
Roy Neff
Stanley Slusarczyk
John Stobierski
John Zalarick
John Lowe
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
Lynn Bobbitt
James Montgomery
Gerald Pollard
Triumph Aerospace Systems
Eddie Bryant
Tony Rosso

Kiowa Warrior Helicopter Project Team
For exceptional achievement in defining, developing, and executing requirements for the Kiowa Warrior Helicopter Project.
Accepted by Christopher T. Laws
NASA Langley Research Center
Billy Allen
Obediah Andrews
Robert Andrews
Doyle Arboneaux
Kevin Bonilla
Kelvin Boston
Thomas Burns
Christopher Cagle
Carlos Castillo
William Castle
Catherine Clark
Lonnie Combs
Tammy Cottee
S. Janet Dail
Kenneth Deyerle
Branden Deyerle (USRP/VCU/EVMS)
Archie Dimery
Gregory Draughon
David Fahringer
Michael Fleck
Wayne Geouge
Marion Hales
E. Thomas Hall
Robert Harris
Samuel Harris
Joseph Havens
Matthew Hayes
Ronald Hermansderfer
Jack Hester
Lana Hicks-Olson
George Hilton
Jane Hogge
Nancy Holloway
Allen Jackson
Samuel James
Gary Johnson
Valinita Johnson
Marian Jones
Kevin Krohto
Jeremy Kuykendoll
Mark Lindsey
Weston Lowe (LARSS/VCU)
William Lupton
Joseph Mahler
Christopher McLain
Kevin McLain
Jimmy McRae
James McWright
D. Phillip Milburn
Christopher Moss
Michael Oliver
Rolando Padilla
Sam Pollard
Michael Powers
Gary Robbins
David Roberts
Christopher Savage
Alan Scheidegger
Ellis Sherry
Mark Simonton
Donald Smith
Michael Smock
Joseph Sparrow
Carl Voglewede
Gary Wainwright
Sandy Webb
Douglas Weber
George West
Johnnie West
Carroll Whitley
Timothy Wood
Randy Woolard
ATK Space Systems, Inc.
Reggie Kidd
Christopher Croke
John Rice
Science and Technology Corporation
Jonny Callahan
Jeri Carter
Bruce Clements
Alton Coffey
Jack Council
Seth Creekmore
Stephen Geissinger
Louis Hartzheim
Cathy Kern
Danny Lovaglio
Eric May
Mathew Stearman
Byron Terwilliger
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
Paul Barton
Megan Quinn

Langley CEV Guidance & Control Team
For sustained excellence and innovation in developing Guidance & Control systems on the Agency Crew Exploration Vehicle, and specifically the Launch Abort System.
Accepted by John B. Davidson
NASA Langley Research Center
Vanessa Aubuchon
Ronald Busan
Stephen Derry
Brian Hutchinson
John McMinn
Marina Moen
Eric Queen
David Raney
Dean Sparks
Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.
Richard Winski

For exceptional achievements in developing and implementing the MY NASA DATA educational outreach project.
Accepted by Susan W. Moore
NASA Langley Research Center
Lin Chambers
Jessica Taylor
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Sharon Ray
Naval Oceanographic Office
Bruce McKenzie
Keith Willis
R S Information Systems, Inc.
Steven Graham
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
William Chandler
Sarah Crecelius
Brian Getzewich
Kurt Hitke
George Huffman
Linda Hunt
Preston Lewis
Colleen Mikovitz
Daniel Oostra
Penny Oots
David Rutan
Sigma Space Corporation
Ginger Butcher
Holli Riebeek
Texas Space Grant Consortium
Margaret Baguio
Brooke Hsu
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Rebecca Schnekser

For outstanding achievement in developing the first-ever real-time global model for predicting biologically harmful radiation exposure to commercial aircrew and passengers.
Accepted by Christopher J. Mertens
NASA Langley Research Center
Steve Blattnig
Steve Brown (LARSS)
Miles Engle (LARSS)
Tony Slaba
Centers for Disease Control (NIOSH)
Barbara Grajewski
Dartmouth College
Brian Kress
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Stan Solomon
NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center
Joseph Kunches
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Xiaojing Xu
Space Environment Technologies
David Bouwer
W. Kent Tobiska
Universal Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Michael Wiltberger

Nebula Test Team
For outstanding achievements through the evaluation of NASA Cloud Computing Capabilities.
Accepted by Michael M. Little
NASA Langley Research Center
Dana Hammond
Kuan-Man Xu
Joe Bredekamp (Ret)
Phil Milstead (Ret)
NASA Ames Research Center
Bryan Biegel
Rupak Biswas
Grace De Leon
Michelle Eshow
Steve Glendenning
Haoqiang Jin
Matthew Linton
Piyush Mehrotra
Ramakrishna Nemani
Raymond Obrien
Subhash Saini
Keith Shackelford
Eugene Tu
James Williams
Jerry Yan
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Myra Bambacus
Daniel Duffy
William Fink
Adrian Gardner
Lon Gowen
Edward Masuoka
Stephan Naus
Long Pham
John Schnase
NASA Headquarters
Linda Cureton
Deborah Diaz
Mark Hill
Tsengdar Lee
Karl Loutinsky
Karen Petraska
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Manson Yew
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Ashutosh Limaye
Andrew Molthan
William Webster v ADNET Systems, Inc.
Paul Lang
Jeff Martz
Aruna Muppalla
Mike Stefanelli
ASRC Aerospace Corporation
Ray Hixon
ASRC Primus
Robert Aiken
Song Yom
Booz, Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Yonathan Goitom
Cal Tech
George Chang
Ryan Goetz
Thomas Huang
David Knight
Jeffrey Norris
Khawaja Shams
Tomas Soderstrom
Computer Sciences Corporation
Celeste Banaag
Chris Buchanan
Johnny Chang
Samson Cheung
Jared Djomehri
Dave Hartzell
Steve Heistand
Robert Hood
Doris Pan
Allan Settell
John Thompson
Lorien Wheeler
John Antoun
David Burkhalter
Bobby Cates
Milton Checchi
Matthew Chewspence
Kenneth Cobb
David Cordell
Bill Endter
David Engelbrecht
William Eshagh
Vishvananda Ishaya
Matthew Joyce
Mahendran Kadannapalli
Jyothi Krishnan
James Marshall
Laura McAndrew-Sleasman
Rose Mucci
Frank Pietrucha
Bert Seltzer
Jason Venner
George Mason University
Lynn Parnell
Chaowei Yang
Jesse Andrews
Todd Willey
Kent Gladstone
Tom Shipley
Science Systems and Applications Inc.
Anning Cheng
Brian Getzewich
Stephen Maher
Tetratech AMT
Amidu Oloso
Chris Henze
University Space Research Associates
Kwo-Sen Kuo

NTF Flow Quality Team
For exceptional engineering excellence in measuring and documenting the free stream disturbance levels in the National Transonic Facility.
Accepted by Rudolph A. King
NASA Langley Research Center
Michael Acheson
Marlyn Andino
Harry Belvin
Ricky Clark
David Coleman
Vincent Cowling
Charlie Debro
Jenna Eppink
Dana Forrest
Wayne Geouge
Peter Jacobs
Michael Kegerise
William Kilgore
Keith Lynn
Paul McClung
Catherine McGinley
Latunia Melton
Roman Paryz
Hubert Senter
George Sydnor
Roger Wagner
Richard Wahls
Eric Walker
Anthony Washburn
NASA Ames Research Center
Max Amaya
Analytical Services and Materials, Inc.
Ralph Edlow
Anthony Guthrie
Michael Treece
Venki Venkat
Jacobs Technology, Inc.
Roy Armstrong
Matthew Asay
Jeremiah Barry
Bill Bissett
Lonnie Brown
Dewitt Carter
Michael Czarnecki
William Dressler
William Goad
Scott Goodliff
Bruce Graham
Matthew Medrana
James O’Shaughnessy
Bruce Raiford
Ronald Rauschenbach
Joshua Revenaugh
Michael Scott
Richard Smith
John Swain
James Wenzel
Lee Witt-Hill
Modern Machine and Tool Company, Inc.
Jeffrey Cox
Ronald Dupont
Mark Roth
National Institute of Aerospace
Andrew Tsoi
Sierra Lobo, Inc.
Gary Beacham
Frank Beltinck
Joshua Branch
Andrew Goldstein
Roy Neff
Stanley Slusarczyk
John Stobierski
Arbria Wright
John Zalarick
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
Lynn Bobbitt
David Butler
Monty Montgomery
Vigyan Inc.
Sundareswara Balakrishna

Self-Repairing Composite Development Team
For exceptional contributions to the advancement of self-repairing structural materials technology.
Accepted by Keith L. Gordon
NASA Langley Research Center
Tracey Bridges
Sean Britton
Roberto Cano
Richard Chattin
Michael Czabaj
Brian Grimsley
Hoa Luong
Richard Ross
Louis Simmons
Emilie Siochi
Christopher Wright
Science and Technology Corporation
Steve Whitt

SEVS Simulation Experiment and Flight Test Team
For the Synthetic/Enhanced Vision Systems (SEVS) Simulation Experiment and Flight Test.
Accepted by Kevin J. Shelton
NASA Langley Research Center
Miguel Alvarez
Jarvis Arthur
Randall Bailey
Bryan Barmore
Victoria Chung
Kyle Ellis
Sonia Herndon
Brian Hutchinson
Denise Jones
Patrick Kenney
Lindsey Lowe
Lawrence Prinzel
Sherri Rehfeld
Darrell Sacra
Kevin Shelton
Phillip Smith
Steven Williams
Steven Young
Dave Long
Boeing Company
Robert Norman
Discover Technology International
Glenn Connor
Federal Aviation Administration
Dan Herschler
Terry King
Tom McCloy
Dennis Mills
Stephen Plishka
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Bud Ball
Dave Chalk
Brian Dickerson
Chip King
Bill Osborne
Curt Perry
Steven Richman
Rob Robertson
Carl Schomburg
Jim Ward
Jary Engels
Thea Feyereisen
Aaron Gannon
Santosh Mathan
Olu Olofinboba
Kenyon Riddle
Trish Ververs
Terrence Abbott
Lockheed Martin Corporation
William Capron
Regina Johns
PSI International, Inc.
Roy Albang
Dale Ashcom
Wayne Burge
Alan Douglas
Joe Fleck
Dennis Frasca
Chris Harrison
Kemper Kibler
Nevin Oswald
Robert Schwartz
Science and Technology Corporation
Karen Cruz
Tom Feigh
Wei Anderson
James Barnes
Jerry Karwac
Benjamin Lewis
Wendy Pifer
Casey Ruddiman
Ming-Yun Shih
Paul Sugden
Regina Tober
John Tulppo
Joseph Whiting
Brittany Williams

Sounding Rocket Program Assessment Team
For outstanding technical expertise and dedicated support in the development of a new sounding rocket sustainer motor.
Accepted by Charles L. Brodell (Wallops)
NASA Langley Research Center
Roberto Garcia
Loutricia Johnson
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Chad Carl
Christopher Rawlins
Lanetra Tate
Bryan Tucker
Kevin Vega
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Leonardo Barreda
Deborah Bond
Cynthia Chapman
Coleman Cobb
Matthew Cross
Benjamin Davis
Jared Dervan
Philip Franklin
Dwight Goodman
William Hamilton
Steven Harvison
Timothy Huff
Dale Jackson
Tawnya Laughinghouse
Andrew Prince
Mark Talton
James Wilson
NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Scott Heatwole
Raymond Lanzi
Philip Ward (Ret)
Thomas Widmyer
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Linda Burgess
Melinda Meredith
Christina Williams
Hawk Institute for Space Sciences
Joshua Owens
Joseph Polidan
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Nicholas Cranor
Brent Edwards
Dustin Herold
Robert Hylbert

For exemplary performance in the test hardware integration, water impact testing and analysis of the Orion Boilerplate Test Article at the Langley Landing Impact and Research Hydro Impact Basin Facility.
Accepted by Lynn M. Bowman
NASA Langley Research Center
Paul Bagby
Carlito Barnes
Darlene Baxter
Gerald Boggs
Richard Boitnott
Charles Burtnette
Benjamin Copeland
Vincent Cowling
Steven Gayle
Wayne Geouge
Sandra Gibbs
Guillermo Gonzalez
Michael Greenwood
Peyton Gregory
Tonya Grigsby
Thomas Hall
Robin Hardy
Leon Harris
Lisa Hawks
Michael Holloman
Kemberly Johnson
R. Keith Johnson
Lisa Jones
Donald Kepley
Melvin Lucy
Jeffrey Massie
Troy Merryfield
George Miles
Vernet Mull
Stephen Nevins
Richard Noble
George Palko
Paresh Parikh
Darlene Pokora
Chad Rice
Kevin Roscoe
Scott Runnells
Willis Scott
Steven Seider
Justin Templeton
Anh Trinh
Richard Wheeler
David White
William Wilkerson
Charles Zeitman
Analytical Services and Materials, Inc.
David Stegall
Gregory Vassilakos
Analytical Mechanics Association
Kenneth Emmett
ATK Space System
Douglas Anderson
Linda Campbell
David Covington
Lorrie Hardin
Justin Littell
Stephen Mark
Nelson Seabolt
Jamie Shiflett
Robert Wagner
Crewestone Technologies, Inc.
Kathryn Guild
Robert Lorkiewicz
Donald Morrison
Harold Weaver
Jacobs Technology, Inc.
Harry Edelstein
Keith McCarthy
Douglas Prochnow
Herman Ward
Robert Myers
Reed Integration
Justin Hornback
Science and Technology Corporation
Jack Council
Sierra Lobo, Inc.
Charles Cooke
Daniel Goodson
William White
Donnie Williams Herbert Wright
James Creech
David Shuster
Michael Smith
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
Gary Banziger
Amy Johnson
Patrice Quander-Haas
Thomas Smith
Denise Waldon

Supersonics Systems Integration & Assessment Team
For outstanding team achievements in significantly advancing the state-of-the-art in supersonic low boom-low drag aircraft design and analysis.
Accepted by Lori P. Ozoroski
NASA Langley Research Center
Karl Geiselhart
Wu Li
Irian Ordaz
Sharon Padula
Jay Robinson
NASA Glenn Research Center
Justin Gray
Eric Hendricks
Clayton Meyers
Jonathan Seidel
ATK, Inc.
James Fenbert
Elwood Shields
National Institute of Aerospace
Sriram Rallabhandi

The Distinguished Service Medal was presented to:

- Martin G. Mlynczak for distinguished service to NASA in atmospheric science research to understand the Earth’s climate system.
- Raymond M. Hoff for distinguished and leadership in Earth observations and their application for societal benefit.

The Outstanding Leadership Medal was presented to:

- Thomas J. Burns for outstanding technical leadership of the NASA Langley Fabrication Technology Development Branch (FTDB).
- Jose A. Caraballo for exceptional leadership in the management of Safety, Facility Assurance, and Emergency Management for Langley Research Center.
- F. McNeil Cheatwood for outstanding leadership, analyses, and program development advancing NASA’s Entry, Descent, and Landing capabilities for Exploration and Science.
- Stanley R. Cole for outstanding leadership contributions to the Aeroelasticity Branch and the NASA Langley Research Center.
- Kathryn C. Ferrare for outstanding leadership and contribution in supporting the Agency and Center’s Exploration and Space Operation Mission and the Office of the Chief Technologist.
- George B. Finelli for exceptional leadership of Langley Research Center’s Center Operations Directorate and contributions as a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team.
- David H. Jones for exemplary leadership in strategy formulation and execution of Langley Research Center Source Evaluation Boards.
- Ajay Kumar for exceptional leadership of Langley Research Center’s Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate and contributions as a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team.
- Joseph W. Pellicciotti for exceptional engineering achievement in assessing potential Orion Project crew risks and developing alternate flight vehicle occupant protection methods.
- Kelly S. Tarkenton for dedicated leadership to the Materials Experiments Technical Workforce and Facilities.
- Charles R. Trepte for outstanding leadership on the international CALIPSO mission.
- Charlotte E. Whitfield for commitment to technical excellence and the pursuit of organizational cooperation.

The Exceptional Service Medal was presented to:

- Arthur T. Bradley for exceptional service and outstanding contributions to reducing electronic system noise, including the completion of NASA LaRC’s Low Noise Design Handbook.
- Cheryl C. Cannon for sustained exceptional administrative leadership and professionalism in support of a wide range of NASA missions.
- Cheryl W. Cleghorn for unparalleled customer service to Langley and NASA stakeholders while expertly communicating NASA’s message.
- Nancy J. Currie for exceptional service to NASA and the NASA Engineering and Safety Center.
- Michael S. Dashiell for outstanding leadership and significant contributions toward advanced fabrication technology at Langley Research Center.
- John B. Davidson for exceptional contributions in the field of dynamics and control of aerospace vehicles.
- Prasun N. Desai for exceptional service, leadership and dedication to planetary exploration; entry, descent, and landing; and space technology development.
- David A. Dress for exceptional leadership and contributions to Aeronautics and Human Exploration.
- Theresa Elliott for outstanding contributions to the Langley and NASA Headquarters Logistics Management Programs.
- Ronald G. Hermansderfer for exceptional service and innovation in management of the Langley Fabrication Service Activity.
- Mark A. Hutchinson for exceptional service and vision in advancing the mission capabilities of the Center and Agency.
- Craig D. Jones for exceptional service in support of LaRC missions in the area of Aeronautics, Exploration, and Earth Science Programs.
- Frank P. Jones for exceptional support and leadership to the NASA Mission and NASA Programs. Roberta I. Keeter for exceptional contributions to NASA Langley Research Center procurement activities.
- William A. Kilgore for exceptional service and dedication in establishing efficient Langley ground test facility operations.
- Mujeeb R. Malik for distinguished supervisory and technical leadership for the advancement of aerodynamic technologies and their impact on Agency missions.
- Michael I. Mark for exceptional service to Langley Research Center and the Agency.
- Susan K. Miller for outstanding service to NASA’s technical and scientific community by collecting, managing and providing digital and physical access to Langley’s unique aerospace documents.
- Alan T. Pope for pioneering research and advancements in human systems engineering and biocybernetics.
- Jeffrey S. Robinson for exceptional service to NASA and the Nation in advancing the area of airbreathing hypersonic vehicle design.
- Jamshid A. Samareh for exceptional service to NASA and the Nation through the creation of innovative multidisciplinary tools and methods.
- Donald E. Shick for sustained, exceptional business management contributions to the Agency’s Programs and Projects.
- Richard J. Siebels for outstanding and sustained contributions to procurement activities throughout NASA.
- John H. Stadler for 29 years of exceptional technical leadership and professionalism in support of a wide range of NASA missions.
- George H. Sydnor for exceptional performance as a project manager resulting in unique, world class aeronautics research capabilities and substantial testing improvements.
- Justin K. Walters for exceptional service as a technical leader in the fabrication of Space Flight Test Hardware.
- Joseph M. Zawodny for outstanding, sustained service in satellite remote sensing and in advancing scientific knowledge of stratospheric ozone.
- Charles B. Zeitman for continued exceptional service as a Safety Engineer to NASA Langley Research Center and to the Agency.

The Exceptional Public Service Medal was presented to:

- David A. Rutan for outstanding accomplishments in the development, analysis, and dissemination of global radiometric data sets to facilitate radiation budget studies.
- Edward L. Winstead for exceptional service in support of Langley’s airborne atmospheric research field missions.

The Exceptional Achievement Medal was presented to:

- Lynn M. Bowman for significant leadership and contributions in planning and executing water impact tests for the Orion Crew Module Boilerplate Test Article in the Langley Hydro Impact Basin.
- Walter E. Bruce for exceptional achievement in the architecture of the Agency’s Strategic Direction for Arc Jet Test Facilities.
- Anthony M. Calomino for exceptional achievement in leadership and program development, advancing NASA’s Entry System thermal protection and inflatable materials for Exploration and Science.
- Craig S. Cleckner for exceptional achievement in the development and integration of aerospace systems in support of the Science Mission Directorate.
- Charles C. Cramer for exceptional achievements in enhanced efficiencies and cost effectiveness in the procurement and implementation of LaRC’s new Security Services Contract.
- Robert B. Gardner for outstanding contributions to procurement strategies for Langley Research Center’s new business activities.
- Kandyce E. Goodliff for exceptional achievement in significantly advancing the state of the art in strategic analysis for exploration campaign for the Agency.
- Thomas J. Horvath for conceiving and providing technical oversight to the HYTHIRM Airborne and Ground-Based Flight Test Infrared Imaging Project.
- Michael C. Lindell for exceptional development of the Structures and Mechanisms for the Orion MPCV LAS, as demonstrated through the successful Orion PDR, PA-1 Flight Test, and GTA Tests.
- Norman G. Loeb for outstanding achievements in satellite remote sensing to understand global climate change and the radiative exchange between the atmosphere and ocean.
- Christopher K. McLain for exceptional achievement in leading the technical team in the fabrication of the 37.7% Kiowa Warrior Model.
- Frank J. Novak for exceptional technical and programmatic achievements as Project Manager for the STORRM DTO Program which was successfully executed during STS-134 in May 2011.
- Kevin P. Roscoe for exceptional achievement in the leadership and analysis on the Structural Passive Landing Attenuation for Survivability of Human-crew (SPLASH) Project.
- Bruce A. Wielicki for exceptional achievement in developing an innovative new framework for assessing the science value of alternate mission concepts.

The Exceptional Public Achievement Medal was presented to:

- Bernard H. Eichold, II for outstanding achievements in engaging students and young professionals to extend the use of NASA Earth Science data for community education and societal benefit.

The Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal was presented to:

- Sasan C. Armand for exceptional engineering achievement in technical leadership and technical analyses and integration for the Orion Pad Abort 1 (PA-1) Flight Test Project.
- Ponnampalam Balakumar for excellence in advancing the field of Boundary Layer Transition.
- Steven X. Bauer for engineering excellence in developing the aerodynamic databases of the Ares I-X Flight Test Vehicle, critical to its successful launch, control in flight, and recovery.
- Donald B. Owens for developing aerodynamic data for the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle and its Launch Abort System through the Orion Preliminary Design Review and Pad Abort-1 Flight Test.
- Peter A. Parker for exceptional engineering achievement in leading the integration of statistical engineering into critical NASA projects and missions.
- Sriram K. Rallabhandi for exceptional engineering achievement in innovative low-sonic boom research and development for NASA’s Supersonics Project.
- David H. Williams for exceptional engineering achievements in advancing flight safety and efficiency through the development of advanced flight management procedures and systems.

The Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal was presented to:

- Christopher J. Mertens for exceptional scientific achievement in improving our understanding of E-region chemistry and enabling an enhanced predictive capability for geomagnetic storms.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Medal was presented to:

- Janet E. Sellars for outstanding leadership, achievements, and contributions to the principles and goals of NASA’s Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion Programs.

The Early Career Achievement Medal was presented to:

- Gao Chen for exceptional achievement in the application of airborne observations to understand Earth’s changing atmospheric composition.
- Patrick H. McCaffery for outstanding performance reflecting superb innovation, dedication, and commitment significantly advancing NASA’s mission and goals in the first ten years of a legal career.
- Lindsay M. Rogers for exceptional achievement in support of NASA’s programs and projects.

The Silver Achievement Medal was presented to:

- Rhonda A. Kendle for exceptional achievement in the support of Center and Agency Human Capital Programs.
- Laurie W. Johansen for exceptional service to the Agencywide STI Program for creation and implementation of the Agencywide E-DAA system, and focus on moving to Agency processes.

By: Denise Lineberry
The Researcher News
NASA Langley Research Center
Editor & Curator: Denise Lineberry
Executive Editor & Responsible NASA Official: Rob Wyman

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