NASA People

NASA Benefits from Diversity
"Langley strives for a work environment where all employees can achieve their full potential," says Center Director Lesa Roe.

NASA values diversity of views, ideas and perspectives. This requires we take into account all the possible sets of training and experience embodied in persons of different backgrounds and life experiences.

"I take great pride in our Center’s ability to enhance and promote the free exchange of ideas in an environment that promotes the dignity, worth and contributions of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds," says Roe, who firmly supports the Administrator’s position on harassment in the workplace.

"Harassment," NASA Administrator Mike Griffin states, "either verbal or physical, based on any characteristic prohibited by law, will not be condoned or tolerated. It is the widest diversity of viewpoints and considerations that go into making good technical solutions for NASA."

As an annual reminder to all Langley employees, Roe will distribute policy letters to ensure all are aware of their rights and responsibilities with respect to discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Copies of the policy letters will also be posted on @LaRC under "Workplace Notices." For additional information regarding NASA’s anti-harrassment policy, visit the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs website at

NASA Administrator Mike Griffin and Center Director Lesa Roe. Image Above: NASA Administrator Mike Griffin and Center Director Lesa Roe head for the Reid Conference Center.