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Girl Scouts Go for the Gold at Langley's Lunar Camp
Teaching children at NASA Langley’s Lunar Camp was the culmination of a fulfilling journey for Rachel Stadler and Rose Mulherin. Mulherin joined the Brownie Scouts in elementary school and worked her way up the ranks. By middle school age, Stadler joined as a Girl Scout.

Rachel Stadler and Rose Mulherin.

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Girl Scouts Rachel Stadler and Rose Mulherin spent several weeks teaching summer students at NASA Langley's Lunar Camp.

This summer, at 16, both took advantage of an opportunity that will earn them their Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouts. The award focuses on a 14- to 18-year-old scout’s interests and personal journey through leadership skills, career explorations, self-improvement and service.

To a classroom of elementary-aged students at Langley, Stadler demonstrated how volcanoes erupt. Mulherin used movie themes to teach math by asking students to calculate how many frames per second. They returned twice each week throughout the summer with new lessons for camp-goers.

"This was a great opportunity that I am very thankful for," said Mulherin. "I love math." Stadler focused her lessons on science. Their combined lessons fit perfectly into the space-themed camp.

As a former student ambassador at Langley, Stadler was familiar with NASA and met people on center who told her about the Lunar Camp. Her father, John works in Langley’s Systems Engineering Directorate.

Carol Castle of Langley's Management and Technical Support Office has been a leader to their troop since 1999. "Rose and Rachel and two very motivated young ladies who are high achievers in everything they do," Castle said. "This comes out with their school, grades, other activities they are involved in and the high goals they have set for themselves."

They went into this summer with a plan that was approved by the Girl Scout council and they accomplished all of their goals this summer at Langley.

As a result of their work, Mulherin and Stadler expect to receive their Gold Award in late November. Both plan to inspire others to go for the gold.

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