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NSSC Deploying Customer Satisfaction Surveys
To continue our efforts to improve NSSC services, the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) is deploying customer satisfaction surveys to measure our performance. The surveys will allow us not only to measure current performance, but also to benchmark against the performance measured in past surveys as well as the baseline surveys conducted before the activity transitioned to the NSSC.

The surveys will be deployed in June to targeted customer groups. Selected employees who have received services from the NSSC will receive an e-mail invitation from the NSSC Customer Satisfaction and Communication Team, which will explain the survey intent and provide a direct link to the survey. The surveys are being conducted by an independent third party. All responses for the survey will be treated confidentially and analyzed in the aggregate for reporting purposes. Verbatim ratings and comments will not be attributed to individuals.

Additionally, once results are tabulated, all participants will receive an e-mail invitation to view a summary of the results. Non-survey recipients will also be able to view a summary of the results via the NSSC Web site.

Your participation in the surveys is greatly appreciated. We look forward to collecting the feedback and using it to continue improvements to our operations. If you have questions regarding the surveys, please contact Christopher Canary at the NSSC Customer Satisfaction and Communication Team at 228-813-6224 or via e-mail at

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