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NCAD Migration Begins in April
Scheduling has begun. April 6, 2009, Langley employees will start the move to the NASA Consolidated Active Directory (NCAD). This supports the Federal mandate for NASA Smart Cards and is needed for future access to applications such as WebTads. Windows users and workstations are being targeted in the first two-month phase. Other systems (servers, printers, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, 64-bit systems) will go in a second phase that begins immediately thereafter.

NCAD will affect everyone! If you have not attended information sessions that have been presented to explain what this is all about, take time now to view a video of what was presented at:

The slide deck that was used in this presentation can be viewed at: http://nxout/?c=15582

You need to have system administrators in place to assist you with the NCAD migration. There are several major contracts in place to provide IT System Administration support at the Center. Anyone who does not have system administration support should arrange for support through one of these vehicles. Get help. Limited temporary system administration support can purchased through ODIN.

Users with Windows XP systems will soon be contacted about the migration schedule. Migration will be done remotely over night. The day after migration, users will login to a new domain. What does this mean? Your current login screen displays log on to the LARC domain. After migration, it will display NDC.

All users should register at the Agency’s IDMax site ( so that the ODIN Help Desk can be used for 24/7 password resets. Instructions including screen shots for this registration process are available at

Thank you for helping us meet Agency goals.

If you have questions, contact Brian McCormick ( or Linda Woodman (

To view the Researcher News article about NCAD migration, please visit: