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"Jail Your Manager" for the CFC on October 12th!
CFC logo. We are pleased to announce this year's CFC Jail the Managers!
Yes, that's right, for a small donation, you are allowed to jail your manager (OUM Managers, Branch Heads, Assistants, Section Heads, & Program/Project Office Heads)! All donations are for a great cause - the Combined Federal Campaign!

When is the "Jail the Manager" event?
The event will be held on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 from 10:45am-1:15pm in NASA Langley's Cafeteria.

How much money is required to be donated?
The CFC team will accept donations (cash or a check made out to CFC) in either a flat amount or at a minimum of $1 per minute of jail time. Inmates can buy their time completely out of jail by matching the donation or reduce their sentence for $1 per minute.

Where will the jail be located?
The jail will be at the back of NASA Langley's Cafeteria, near the Exchange Shop

Who do I call to have my manager jailed?
Before October 11, 2011, please contact Denisse Aranda ( at ext. 42624 for your manager to be picked up for booking.

For more info. on CFC and the upcoming events, please visit:

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