People: Snapshots

  • Dennis Bushnell.

    Dennis Bushnell

    03.21.13 - As Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center, nears his 50th year at the center he's feeling reflective — about feeling reflective.

  • Cara Leckey.

    Cara Leckey

    02.22.12 - According to Myers-Briggs, only 2.1 percent of the world's adult population falls into the personality category of INTJ (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment), making it an uncommon personality type.

  • Bill Abeyounis

    Bill Abeyounis

    1.18.13 - And that's where Abeyounis's story jumps from Moon launches to being "on some one-sided conversations with Mr. McEnroe" — as in tennis legend John McEnroe.

  • Adrianne Flinn.

    Adrianne Flinn

    12.19.12 - When 2011 was coming to an end, Adrianne Flinn, fitness specialist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, had a conversation with a center employee about his plans to travel the world with his wife after his retirement.

  • Cornelia Altenbuchner.

    Cornelia Altenbuchner

    11.17.12 - Cornelia Altenbuchner is a die-hard engineer.

  • David Kratz.

    David Kratz

    10.30.12 - When he was still just a little boy, David Kratz would walk to a local railroad crossing with his grandfather and dream of driving one of the big, powerful locomotives.

  • Noah and Amber Favaregh.

    Noah and Amber Favaregh

    10.11.12 - Amber and Noah Favaregh engineered their happily ever after at NASA's Langley Research Center.

  • Doug Stanley.

    Doug Stanley

    09.14.12 - Growing up on the Gulf Coast, Doug Stanley can remember fleeing with his family to his grandparent's house in 1969 when Hurricane Camille, the first modern Category 5 hurricane to ever receive a person's name when making landfall in the United States, was headed their way.

  • Chris Kuhl.

    Chris Kuhl

    08.21.12 - Chris Kuhl had to remind himself to blink as he closely watched a screen showing MEDLI (Mars Science Laboratory Entry Descent and Landing Instrumentation) data, and monitored tones outside of the "war room" at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Howie Lewis.

    Howie Lewis

    08.03.12 - There are two things that Howie Lewis encounters often: flight researchers' safety, and on-center deer.

  • Sarah Pauls

    Sarah Pauls

    07.17.12 - Since Sarah Pauls began working for the Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars (LARSS) program, more than 1,300 students have participated in LARSS.

  • Jennifer Noble.

    Jennifer Noble

    06.29.12 - For some, the impact of their work at NASA can be tense. Jennifer Noble, a space systems engineer, was no exception as she tried to keep things from going awry on a space station 250 miles above Earth.

  • Melissa Yang.

    Melissa Yang

    06.15.12 - For Melissa Yang, a chemist at NASA's Langley Research Center, there really is no place like home.

  • Susan Conry

    Susan Conry

    05.31.12 - It begins with family, with a daughter who is learning to play tennis and to drive, and a husband who depends on wife Susan Conry to keep his business going.

  • Kristen May.

    Kristen May

    05.18.12 - The picture of Kylie and Peyton is near her desk, along with more than a dozen others of her family.

  • Center Snapshot: Shaquia Idlett.

    Shaquia Idlett

    05.04.12 - In Shaquia Idlett's perfect world, she wouldn't have to fly, but she would have a profound impact on improving flight for others.

  • Carol Castle.

    Carol Castle

    04.27.12 - Carol Castle was scared. This had started as a talk with an elementary school class in Elkhorn City, Ky., but then the word got out and busses came from Feds Creek and now she was in a gymnasium, standing in front of 400 children.

  • Jorge Otero.

    Jorge Otero

    04.20.12 - More than 15 years ago, Jorge Otero, took a giant leap of faith for a friend.

  • Center Snapshot: Rob Bryant.

    Rob Bryant

    04.13.12 - He has or is named on more than 30 U.S. patents for new materials and technology, a result of product of what he calls a "personality trait." "I can see things from beginning to end," Rob Bryant said.

  • Melissa Latta.

    Melissa Latta

    04.06.12 - Melissa Latta works and lives under the notion that it takes up too much energy to carry hard feelings.

  • Jessica Taylor.

    Jessica Taylor

    03.30.12 - Growing up in Florida, Jessica Taylor was fascinated by the flashes of light in the sky that came with a storm.

  • Center Snapshot: Jennifer Trinkle.

    Jennifer Trinkle

    03.23.12 - One moment Jennifer Trinkle is making travel arrangements for scientists doing a field research campaign, and the next she is walking alongside Lark, her son's therapy horse.

  • Center Snapshot: Chad Stephens.

    Chad Stephens

    03.16.12 - He works sort in a place, doing a job few outside NASA's Langley Research Center ­-- for that matter, inside -- know about. Chad Stephens doesn't create technology that becomes airplanes or spacecraft.

  • Bobby Martin.

    Bobby Martin

    03.08.12 - Robert "Bobby" Martin didn't wake up thinking "my life is going to change today" when he went to a career day at NASA's Langley Research Center with his Denbigh High School drafting class in 2008.

  • Kelsey Rooks, center snapshot

    Kelsey Rooks

    03.02.12 - Kelsey Rooks was once a wildly curious child who planted many seeds of interest.

  • Angela Wills and her son, Dylan.

    Angela Wills

    02.24.12 - On June 24, 2008, Angela Wills, a budget analyst for NASA Langley's Office of Chief Financial Officer, looked to the wall above her son's crib and read, "A Dream Come True."

  • Center Snapshot: Angel Henderson.

    Angel Henderson

    02.17.12 - Angel Henderson and his colleagues were watching the film "Waiting for Superman," which takes a critical look at the U.S. education system. That's when the idea to change the system came up.

  • Paula Rawles.

    Paula Rawles

    02.10.12 - When Paula Rawles left NASA's Langley Research Center on a Friday in June of 2004, she never imagined that it would be about 2 1/2 years before she could return to work.

  • Center snapshot: Amber Soja.

    Amber Soja

    02.03.12 - Amber Soja loves studying forestry, specifically wildfires. But her passion was quashed for a time because of advice she received when she was younger.

  • Steve Gaddis

    Steve Gaddis

    01.27.12 - The call came twice, the first time when he was a kid at his grandparents' home in Tennesee and the Apollo launches were on television. Then, when he was a NASA engineer, looking for a place to hold a Bible study

  • Michelle Ferebee.

    Michelle Ferebee

    01.20.12 - Michelle Ferebee was the second black female to graduate from the math department at William and Mary. "Somebody forgot to tell me that girls aren't good at math," she said.

  • Center Snapshot: Ram Tripathi.

    Ram Tripathi

    01.17.12 - The attention is on building a rocket and testing a space capsule. But in offices all over NASA, and certainly all over Langley, researchers work on protecting the astronauts, which is every bit as important as the sound and fury.

  • Mary Thomas-Spruill.

    Mary Thomas-Spruill

    01.06.12 - In sociology, manners are the unenforced standards of conduct, which demonstrate that a person is proper, polite and refined. It's the least Mary Thomas-Spruill could expect from a potential husband.

  • Snapshot: Hope Venus.

    Hope Venus

    12.23.11 - The call goes out often to NASA Langley personnel: Go to a school. Talk to the students about a career with the agency. Speakers often wonder if anybody is listening. Hope Venus was.

  • Angela Dyke.

    Angela Dyke

    12.16.11 - Angela Dyke, NASA Langley Badge and Pass Visitor Control Clerk, doesn't take her job lightly. For her, it sets the tone for the whole center.

  • William Hawkins.

    William Hawkins

    12.09.11 - There's a new guy in town, and he's ready to protect all of NASA Langley's employees.

  • Snapshot: Richard Martin.

    Richard Martin

    12.02.11 - When Richard Martin is challenged, he reminds himself that it took Thomas Edison more than 10,000 attempts to make a light bulb work.

  • Center Snapshot: Jody Davis.

    Jody Davis

    11.25.11 - Next summer, a softball team at NASA Langley will be without a second baseman, because she will be with another team at the Jet Propulsion Lab in California, helping land a laboratory on Mars.

  • Center Snapshot: David Dress.

    David Dress

    11.18.11 - David Dress met wife Cathy on an interstate highway and it was love at first note.

  • Center Snapshot: Bill Fredericks.

    Bill Fredericks

    11.10.11 - Bill Fredericks was helping plan the future of aviation, something he was trained to do in school at Purdue, and he looked forward to a rewarding engineering career. But there had to be more.

  • Paresh Parikh.

    Paresh Parikh

    11.04.11 - Six years ago, Paresh Parikh was content with his job, which was working in Computational Fluid Dynamics research at NASA Langley as he had been for almost two decades first as a contractor, then as a civil servant.

  • Maya and Mike Smith with their robot, Doborg.

    Mike Smith

    10.28.11 - For Michael Smith, there is no divide. He lives by the words of Mark Twain: "Make your occupation your recreation."

  • Jill Marlowe.

    Jill Marlowe

    10.21.11 - Jill Marlowe, deputy director of Langley's Engineering Directorate, had a relatively sheltered childhood in the Washington D.C. suburbs.

  • Clayton Turner.

    Clayton Turner

    10.14.11 - The message isn’t to study science and math, then become an engineer. Rather, it’s study so that, if you want to, you can become an engineer. Big difference.

  • Joan Hughes with a Kill-a-Watt meter.

    Joan Hughes

    10.07.11 - Knowledge of the Federal Government's high rate of energy usage and a federal mandate to reduce energy use by 30 percent by 2015 has sent Joan Hughes, an energy analyst at NASA's Langley Research Center, on a mission.

  • Center Snapshot: John Simpson.

    John Simpson

    09.30.11 - The conversation went this way: "Did you fight in Korea?" "Yeah." "You were in battle?" "Yeah." John Simpson paused to make his point. "And then she said, 'I want to thank you very much.' "

  • Caryn Kelly.

    Caryn Kelly

    09.23.11 - Caryn Kelly was born five minutes from the Michigan border in Sylvania, Ohio, where she was one of about 19,000 residents. She now lives in Suffolk, a city four times more populated.

  • Center Snapshot: Garfield Creary.

    Garfield Creary

    09.16.11 - Garfield Creary grew up in Jamaica and can remember as a kid taking a bus to another town's library just to read engineering and science magazines. Little did he know that he would someday work for NASA.

  • Center Snapshot: Carter Ficklen.

    Carter Ficklen

    09.09.11 - In his office on the second floor of Building 1232, Carter Ficklen can see a yellow surfboard, a reminder of Hurricane Irene.

  • Snapshot: Stephen Horan.

    Stephen Horan

    09.02.11 - In a small laboratory down the hall from his office, Stephen Horan shows an aluminum-latticed box, about big enough to hold a 10-gallon hat, and said that it's designed to carry instruments for a science experiment into space.

  • Trevor Grondin.

    Trevor Grondin

    08.26.11 - Trevor Grondin, a flight systems engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center, strummed his acoustic guitar as he sang about chances. He knows a thing or two about taking them.

  • Jennifer Jones.

    Jennifer Jones

    08.19.11 - She's up at 3 a.m. and out the door. Into the gym in Churchland by 3:20 for an hour of weight lifting and cardio training while the five boys are still asleep.

  • Janet Myers.

    Janet Myers

    08.12.11 - Janet Chiles entered Langley's gates for a LARSS internship on May 16. But after her July wedding and 10-week internship, she will make her final exit of the summer as Janet Myers.

  • Rise Williams.

    Rise Williams

    08.05.11 - Rise Williams always sees her glass as half full.

  • Ed Generazio.

    Ed Generazio

    07.29.11 - The fruits of Ed Generazio's labor benefit those who are at risk for hunger. And also, those who could be at risk in space.

  • Jeremy Pinier snapshot.

    Jeremy Pinier

    07.22.11 - The music came first. Jeremy Pinier started taking piano lessons at 8, went to a French conservatory as a teenager. Then he studied engineering. Now he works at NASA Langley.

  • Terry Nienaber.

    Terry Nienaber

    07.15.11 - "I'd dream up big and vivid plans for projects that I couldn't possibly have accomplished at that age," Terry Nienaber said of his 9-year-old self.

  • The Stuart Family.

    Stuart and Sally Johnson

    07.08.11 - In 2008, after a mission trip to Russia and eight months after their second biological child left for college, Stuart and Sally Johnson adopted three children from Russia.

  • Nicole Hintermeister.

    Nicole Hintermeister

    07.01.11 - The fourth of July elicits bittersweet memories for Nicole Hintermeister.

  • Mark Lindsey.

    Mark Lindsey

    06.24.11 - Mark Lindsey invests his time and effort, because the return is so great.

  • Mike Kaszyka.

    Mike Kaszyca

    06.17.11 - The picture of someone who loves the out of doors is of a person resisting work's routine. Getting away from structure. From life's lists.

  • Tiffany Hunter.

    Tiffany Hunter

    06.10.11 - Tiffany Hunter's internship at NASA's Langley Research Center began last summer, much like those of hundreds of summer students who entered the gates for the first time earlier this week.

  • Brooke Anderson.

    Brooke Anderson

    06.03.11 - How a western girl ended up on the East Coast is a question that Brooke Anderson has a hard time explaining.

  • Donita Almony.

    Donita Almony

    05.27.11 - On April 16, an EF2 tornado scoured across eastern Virginia. As it passed through Gloucester that evening, it struck Donita Almony's home and took almost all of her possessions along with it.

  • John Costulis.

    John Costulis

    05.13.11 - Shortly after coming to NASA Langley as a co-op in 1983, John Costulis went through perhaps the best experience the agency can offer a young engineer: getting into a mission and seeing it through to fruition.

  • Vicki O'Neill.

    Vicki O'Neill

    05.13.11 - When it comes to job titles, Vicki O'Neill can't possibly have just one.

  • Glenn Hrinda.

    Glenn Hrinda

    05.06.11 - Glenn Hrinda just kept running. And running. And running … for 106.25 miles.

  • Center snapshot: Rob Lorkiewicz.

    Rob Lorkiewicz

    04.29.11 - The film is harrowing. It's billed as a cross between "Flipper" and the "Bourne Ultimatum," and it hit Rob Lorkiewicz like a harpoon through the heart.

  • Center Snapshot: Upendra Singh.

    Upendra Singh

    04.23.11 - Upendra Singh's passport is a travelogue of matchmaking.

  • Center Snapshot: Tremaine Wills.

    Tremaine Wills

    04.16.11 - Tremaine Wills' energy level is as high as her motivation, but that motivation really accelerated when she began to slow down.

  • Wes Goodman, snapshot.

    Wes Goodman

    04.09.11 - Early in Wes Goodman’s career as a co-op student, he received Very Important Person (VIP) passes to the first five shuttle launches. That opportunity led him to meet his own VIP.

  • Center Snapshot: Gary Wainwright.

    Gary Wainwright

    04.01.11 - NASA Langley technician Gary Wainwright is a cross between a computer genius, draftsman and artist.

  • Snapshot: Yolanda Simmons.

    Yolanda Simmons

    03.25.11 - When going to a dentist appointment, one might expect less talk and more action. But Yolanda Simmons, a human resource (HR) specialist at NASA Langley, knows better.

  • Snapshot: Mary Gainer.

    Mary Gainer

    03.18.11 - As Mary Gainer works to preserve Langley's history, she finds herself going back to the basics among a workforce that tends to focus on the future.

  • Snapshot: Rob Wyman.

    Rob Wyman

    03.11.11 - The house in New Orleans was in Broadmoor, a neighborhood the Realtor said "was affectionately known as the bottom of the bowl." "I remember saying, 'that sounds quaint,' " said Rob Wyman. And then it was under nine feet of water.

  • Marilé Colón Robles.

    Marilé Colón Robles

    03.04.11 - Marilé Colón Robles is an educator at NASA Langley whose career enables her to continue to learn new things each day.

  • Sam James.

    Sam James

    02.25.11 - Sam James is a model who builds models.

  • Vernet Mull.

    Vernet Mull

    02.18.11 - After 23 ½ years in the Air Force Reserve, getting various degrees from three different colleges and spending 32 years at NASA Langley, Newport News native Vernet Mull has certainly accomplished a lot.

  • Snapshot: Doris Hamill

    Doris Hamill

    02.11.11 - It grabbed her perhaps half her life ago. Said Doris Hamill: "(Ideas about the reason for human existence) have grabbed me and taken over my life."

  • Sharon Jones.

    Sharon Monica Jones

    02.04.11 - It began with a copy of Ebony magazine. Sharon Monica Jones was flipping through it, checking out pictures of rock and movie stars, when she ran across a story about now-retired NASA Langley engineer Christine Darden.

  • Gao Chen.

    Gao Chen

    01.29.11 - It all begins with math, but it hardly ends there. And the math involves more than numbers.

  • Eddie Rowe.

    Eddie Rowe

    01.21.11 - Reading Thoreau's "Walden" and a breakup with a girlfriend sent Eddie Rowe in search of something different for his life. And then it got cold.

  • Earl Williams, Jr. and Patty Pigford.

    Patty Pigford

    01.14.11 - At 3:30 p.m. each weekday, the windows of Patty Pigford's childhood home in Poquoson would start to shake.

  • Frank Peri

    Frank Peri

    01.07.11 - The office was Spartan in early December, with bare furniture awaiting the necessities and creature comforts of a workspace that is part of Frank Peri's new job.

  • Gene Wright.

    Gene Wright

    12.23.10 - An extrovert trouble-shooting computers? Then again, Gene Wright is here for the people.

  • Jose Caraballo.

    Jose Caraballo

    12.18.10 - Whether the weather calls for snow or a hurricane is threatening the Hampton Roads area, Jose Caraballo has one thing on his mind -- safety.

  • Keith Henry driving his MG Midget.

    Keith Henry

    12.10.10 - In 1979, Keith Henry drove his MG Midget through the NASA Langley gates for the first time.

  • Nathanael Miller.

    Nathanael Miller

    12.03.10 - Competition is as natural in school as recess. You compete for grades, in athletics, for social status.

  • Kimberly A. Montenyohl.

    Kim Montenyohl

    11.26.10 - To reach more people in new ways, the center's technical library has added Kim Montenyohl to its roster.

  • Paul and Maggie Stough.

    Paul Stough

    11.19.10 - "It's a good day to go flying," he commonly says. Paul Stough's life and work could not reflect that more.

  • Chris Little.

    Chris Little

    11.12.10 - At a party near White Sands Proving Grounds in May, Chris Little was standing and talking when he heard the shout from Amanda Cutright, a colleague: "Chris, get over here."

  • Denisse Aranda.

    Denisse Aranda

    11.05.10 - Denisse Aranda has spent eight weeks at NASA Langley. That time has flown by. Possibly because she had so much fun designing and optimizing concept vehicles that will carry payloads to low Earth orbit.

  • Fran Demarco.

    Fran Demarco

    10.29.10 - Fran Demarco volunteers. She has done things for Red Cross Disaster Relief, and she has worked with the USO for years. Also, she's a Vietnam-era veteran, and the daughter of a veteran.

  • Center Snapshot Lee Abston.

    Lee Abston

    10.22.10 - Lee Abston had always had an artist bent, so when he visited the man who would become his father-in-law, he noticed the carvings on the wall. Ducks.

  • Guillermo Gonzalez

    Guillermo Gonzalez

    10.15.10 - As one of the leads for the Launch Abort System office, Guillermo -- or Guillo -- Gonzalez is a very busy man. However, last month he made time to tell his story of a journey that began in front of a television set in Puerto Rico and continues at NASA Langley.

  • Katherine and Meghan Guethe.

    Meghan Guethe

    10.08.10 - Advancement in technology can dramatically change a person's life. For Meghan Guethe, it meant that her 2-year-old daughter, Katherine, would have the chance to hear.

  • C.T.Moore snapshot.


    10.01.10 - When C.T. Moore came to NASA Langley in 1983, fresh out of Virginia Tech, he found himself challenged to design systems to deliver gas and liquids to wind tunnels and laboratories. Now he takes on entire projects.

  • Steve Nevins.

    Steve Nevins

    09.24.10 - When Hurricane Earl skirted the East Coast two weeks ago, there was only one place for Steve Nevins to be: in the water, sitting on a classic 6-feet, 2-inch surfboard, watching the sun rise, waiting for the next storm-powered wave.

  • Arthur Bradley.

    Arthur Bradley

    09.17.10 - Just two weeks after moving to Yorktown with his wife and children, Arthur Bradley found himself packing up his family's van to escape inland.

  • Fullbright Fellow.

    Elena Kukavskaya

    09.10.10 - Elena Aleksandrovna Kukavskaya's love of nature began at an early age, in a very cold and faraway place.

  • Danielle Jackson.

    Danielle Jackson

    09.03.10 - It began with a picture of a space shuttle launch at the moment the assembly left the pad at Kennedy Space Center. It will end with a metal sculpture that is scheduled to be displayed at New Town.

  • Ordell Ange, center snapshot.

    Ordell Ange

    08.27.10 - It wasn't that Ordell Ange recently learned how strong her friendships were. "I knew I had friends," said Ange. "I always knew that people loved me and that they would be there for me. But now I'm gaining friends."

  • Center snapshot Erik Vedeler.

    Erik Vedeler

    08.20.10 - It was the 1980s, and Erik Vedeler was running. And running. And running ... from Santa Monica to the Los Angeles Coliseum ... from physics to engineering ... from sports to the real world ... to what? And where?

  • Pat Quander-Haas.

    Pat Quander-Haas

    08.13.10 - She jumped out of airplane. Rode a motorcycle. A glider. Check. Check. Check. "I want to get a pilot¹s license sometime," said Pat Quander-Haas. "It¹s something else I want to check off."

  • Cory Scott.

    Cory Scott

    08.06.10 - As Cory Scott picks up speed, wind whips against his face and he can hear the whirr of his bicycle tires gliding across the pavement. The faster he goes, the clearer his mind gets.

  • Kurian Thomas.

    Kurian Thomas

    07.30.10 - Kurian Thomas’s love affair with NASA began at age 1. "I have grown up in the NASA family. I went to day care here at Langley and did the NASA Langley lunar summer camp for five years," Thomas said.

  • Roy Albang.

    Roy Albang

    07.23.10 - In 1976, Leroy Albang attended the very first class for the Langley Karate Club (LKC). Three years later, Albang was selected to be the Sensai, meaning teacher or instructor.

  • Chris Savage.

    Chris Savage

    07.16.10 - Chris Savage's interest in all-things-aerospace grew larger as his world got smaller.

  • Ken Rubert, center snapshot.

    Ken Rubert

    07.09.10 - In May, 2006, in his rapidly dwindling 50s, Ken Rubert finally took his father's advice and went to work at NASA's Langley Research Center.

  • Lorna Ragland

    07.02.10 - Lorna Ragland doesn't hear her last name often. She hears cooing, crying, nursery songs and the clapping of hands. She sees the first glimmer of a smile and feels tiny hands crawling at her feet.

  • Kelly Cox, snapshot.

    Kelly Cox

    06.25.10 - Her road from St. Paul to the Fitness Center at Langley included thousands of miles aboard an aircraft carrier and 26 miles, 385 yards on the streets of Boston and environs.

  • Ruth Mason, center snapshot

    Ruth Mason

    06.18.10 - At a point at which many would consider the prime of her life, Ruth Mason took stock and made some changes.

  • Luckey Thomas.

    Luckey Thomas

    06.11.10 - While at a Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) conference in Las Vegas, Luckey Thomas hit the jackpot.

  • Sally Schwaner.

    Sally Schwaner

    06.04.10 - Surrounded by books is just how Sally Schwaner always envisioned herself.

  • Sarah Crecelius.

    Sarah Crecelius

    05.28.10 - The outreach that Sarah Crecelius provides for the Climate Science Branch is a patchwork of her past and present.

  • Rusty Lowder, LARSS.

    Rusty Lowder

    05.21.10 - From working on a cotton farm in North Carolina to fighting fires in Iraq, Langley intern Rusty Lowder has taken many turns in life.

  • Steve Sandford.

    Steve Sandford

    05.14.10 - The head of the CLARREO mission, who is also head of the Engineering Directorate at NASA Langley, was once turned down for a job by the center because he didn't have an engineering degree.

  • Dynae Fullwood.

    Dynae Fullwood

    05.07.10 - She's a walking – sometimes a running – contradiction, a woman who enjoys meditating on long drives alone to South Carolina to teach teachers to teach science and math.

  • Amit Singh.

    Amit Singh

    04.30.10 - Amit Singh's primary school was is in a small southern village called Patahi, which lies in the Rautahat district of Nepal. That school provided him with an education, but it didn’t provide him a shelter from the storm ... Or even the rain.

  • Linwood Smith.

    Linwood Smith

    04.23.10 - For those who believe diversity is defined by gender and race, Linwood Smith has advice: expand your horizons.

  • Jennifer Murdoch.

    Jennifer Murdoch

    04.16.10 - Jennifer Murdoch is research psychologist who espouses the idea that technology should be useful for humans, but also usable by humans.

  • Wei Zhang.

    Wei Zhang

    04.09.10 - To swim professionally or not to swim professionally, that is the question that would determine much of Wei Zhang's future.

  • Rosemary Baize.

    Rosemary Baize

    04.03.10 - When Rosemary Baize joined NASA Langley in 1988, she was an aerospace technologist working in wind tunnels. She supported tests on Pegasus boosters, was a project engineer and served as a facility safety head. She didn't stop there.

  • Angela Hinton.

    Angela Hinton

    03.26.10 - Angela Hinton was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was chosen as a 2010 Presidential Management Fellow (PMF), a government-designed program that aims to place promising professionals into positions of Federal leadership.

  • Luther Jenkins.

    Luther Jenkins

    03.20.10 - Luther Jenkins remembers taking a tour of a NASA Langley wind tunnel when he was in grade school. Little did he know that he would embark on a career that would bring him back to the tunnels as an aerospace research engineer.

  • Lloyd Welton.

    Lloyd Welton

    03.13.10 - It's been more than six years since Christa Welton, an Army reservist, was recalled to active duty, leaving husband Lloyd home with their two young girls, Amber and Ashleigh.

  • Caryn Long.

    Caryn Long

    03.06.10 - Caryn Long is an educator, a mother of two, a math and science scholar, a creative mind, a Katrina survivor, a dancer, a sister, a daughter, a widow and a manager for NASA Langley's Digital Learning Network.

  • Chris Belcastro.

    Chris Belcastro

    02.27.10 - When she accepted the Peninsula Engineers Council Engineer of the Year Award on Saturday night, Chris Belcastro did so on behalf of herself and Celeste, who passed away two years ago because of cancer.

  • Devin Pugh-Thomas.

    Devin Pugh-Thomas

    02.20.10 - Devin Pugh-Thomas knew she liked science and math. A teacher, Barbara Gibson at Lindsay Middle School in Hampton, had sparked that interest. But what to do with those affinities?

  • Jennifer Caviston.

    Jennifer Caviston

    01.12.10 - Jennifer Caviston is no stranger to snow or cold weather.

  • Chris and Grace Moss.

    Chris Moss

    02.05.10 - Chris Moss made it through NASA Langley’s new three-year co-op program in two years, earned his associate’s degree from Thomas Nelson as fast as he could earn it. Give Grace the credit. Theirs is a Valentine’s Day story.

  • Hal Weaver.

    Hal Weaver

    01.29.09 - At 22, Hal Weaver faced two options: travel alone on his first trip outside of the U.S. or don’t travel at all.

  • Gayle Burton.

    Gayle Burton

    01.23.10 - The reason so many children struggle with algebra, said Gayle Burton, is that they’re not introduced to the concept early enough.

  • Kamala Krishnamurthy.

    Kamala Krishnamurthy

    01.15.10 - "I could provide an ocean of carnatic music," said Kamala Krishnamurthy at the first "Food 4 Thought" series of 2010, which had every available seat filled. "But in 30 minutes, all I can give you is a drop."

  • Shaun McDonald.

    Shawn McDonald

    01.08.10 - Near Thanksgiving, Shawn McDonald drove to New York to adopt a fuzzy white puppy, a Bichon Frise that was soon called Louis, aka Louie, so named after the Spirit of St. Louis.

  • George Finelli.

    George Finelli

    12.31.09 - George Finelli is looking for something to do with his time away from NASA Langley. "My wife and I almost jokingly said that when my youngest son went away to college last fall, we needed to find hobbies," said Finelli, head of Center Operations.

  • Snapshot: Stacey Arndt

    Stacy Arndt

    12.24.09 - As a mechanical co-op at NASA Langley, Stacy Arndt is continuing an education that began when she was a young girl.

  • Norman Loeb.

    Norman Loeb

    12.04.09 - When Norman Loeb speaks of climate change, he uses an analogy.

  • Susan Cooper.

    Susan Cooper

    12.11.09 - Susan Cooper, a strategic partnership and performance analyst, uses her experience to present opportunities to others.

  • Kim Keith.

    Kim Keith

    12.04.09 - Kim Keith tried out for American Idol in 2008. “I didn’t make it very far,” she said. But why limit herself to America when her efforts at NASA Langley go global?

  • Snapshot: Paul Tobias.

    Paul Tobias

    11.27.09 - Paul Tobias’ first computer was an Apple IIgs, a boxy desktop with the original color-striped Apple logo. It had a 16-bit processor that required the user to insert a floppy disc for start-up.

  • Officer Cal Moore.

    Cal Moore

    11.20.09 - Cal Moore is an emergency response officer who has a way with words.

  • Lindsay Rogers at Earthfest.

    Lindsay Rogers

    11.13.09 - When Lindsay Rogers was accepted as a student to Campbell University, in Buies Creek, NC, she planned to study sports medicine.

  • Greg Howland.

    Greg Howland

    11.06.09 - Greg Howland did some time at a prison as a kindergarten student, as did the rest of his class.

  • Arlene Levine.

    Arlene Levine

    10.30.09 - An international concern about global climate change sent Arlene Levine on a mission to pursue NASA Langley's "green" potential.

  • Lawrence

    Lawrence Taylor

    10.24.09 - Every day Lawrence Taylor arrives through the King Street gate at Langley Air Force Base, then proceeds across the field and through the golf course gate to NASA Langley.

  • Bob Borchardt.

    Bob Borchardt

    10.16.09 - Bob Borchardt graduated from college in the early 1980s when engineers were being persuaded to go into gaming.

  • Heide Borchardt.

    Heide Borchardt

    10.13.09 - On Tuesday, Heide Borchardt will return from an extended, Columbus Day weekend, just as the rest of us. But her return will mark the start of something new.

  • Cory Trainor.

    Cory Trainor

    10.05.09 - Cory Trainor gone from a role as the fixer-upper in his household to working with the latest in potential spacecraft while at Langley.

  • Yamira Santiago.

    Yamira Santiago

    09.29.09 - Yamira Santiago has been down several paths. She has worked as a math tutor, a computer science teacher, a physics teacher and as a librarian. Though at the time she wasn’t sure where all those paths would lead, an opportunity six years ago put it all into perspective.

  • Charlie Harris, center snapshot.

    Charlie Harris

    09.19.09 - Charlie Harris loved everything about teaching college students, but then he found something he loved even more: dealing with the challenges of working for NASA.

  • Sebrenna Young.

    Sebrenna Young

    09.12.09 - Sebrenna Young is going through a personal renaissance, a stage in her life that was triggered a year ago when she accepted a job at NASA Langley.

  • Bryan Fabbri.

    Bryan Fabbri

    09.05.09 - When the confines of the office become too much, Bryan Fabbri can usually look at the calendar and see at least one day out of the office on the horizon, a trip to a small lighthouse 15 miles off the Virginia coast.

  • Michelle Munford.

    Michelle Munford

    08.29.09 - Michelle Munford, a purchasing and administrative assistant, said a book about Amelia Earhart she received as a gift when she was little propelled in her an interest in flying that she has a hard time putting into words.

  • Tim Marvel.

    Tim Marvel

    08.22.09 - Tim Marvel, a 3-D lead animator and senior graphic designer in the Science Directorate at NASA Langley, couldn’t ask for a better life.

  • Snapshot: Todd Spangler.

    Todd Spangler

    08.14.09 - The trailer for "The Box" primed the pump. Todd Spangler saw himself for the briefest time, just a glimpse really, but it's amazing what you can do with a bit of electronic wizardry.

  • Center snapshot: Richard Boitnott.

    Richard Boitnott

    08.08.09 - Richard Boitnott has the kind of job that every kid would love to have. "I get to crash things and see what happens," he said.

  • Snapshot: Karen Freidt.

    Karen Freidt

    08.01.09 - Karen Friedt sees potential in what others may consider junk or a problem when it comes to her artwork and to life in general.

  • Gupta snapshot.

    Surbhi Gupta

    07.25.09 - When Surbhi Gupta struggled getting her physics homework done early in her junior year at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, she decided that something had to give. So she gave up Facebook.

  • Mark Shuart snapshot.

    Mark Shuart

    07.18.09 - A bit over a year ago, Mark Shuart was talking with a friend from Marshall Space Flight Center about the composites planned for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle.

  • Wendy Pennington snapshot.

    Wendy Pennington

    07.11.09 - The note from her friend told a story that demanded to be checked out. It seems that back in April, Wendy Pennington was in line in the NASA Langley cafeteria when she saw a man in front of her wearing a Glenn Research Center badge.

  • Dustin Hitt.

    Dustin Hitt

    07.03.09 - Dustin Hitt has had a wide variety of experiences that have prepared him for just about anything, starting with a new job at NASA Langley as an exhibit specialist.

  • Norma Farr.

    Norma Farr

    06.29.09 - Norma Farr received her mathematics degree when Christopher Newport University was known as the "Shoe Box in the Middle of the Road."

  • Rob and Megan Bowles snapshot.

    Rob and Megan Quinn

    06.20.09 - After a year and a half of planning locations, floral arrangements, attire, favors and other logistics, Megan Quinn, formerly Megan Bowles, and Rob Quinn entered holy matrimony on May 30, not long after they entered the gates of NASA Langley.

  • Mark Vaughan thumbnail.

    Mark Vaughan

    06.13.09 - Once a philosophy major, then a bartender/boat repairman in the Florida Keys, Mark Vaughan ended up a mathematician at NASA Langley after his truck froze while on a trip to the Peninsula two decades ago.

  • Josh Branch.

    Josh Branch

    06.08.09 - The job is intricate, exacting, so laden with detail that it must pass NASA scrutiny in more than 20 areas before the product can be used in a wind tunnel.

  • Christie Funk

    06.01.09 - Christie Funk does not consider herself a "traditional" Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars (LARSS) program student. Her non-traditional route, her drive and her passion have landed her exactly where she wants to be – at NASA.

  • Mike Bibbo

    Mike Bibbo

    05.26.09 - Mike Bibbo enjoys movies, but you couldn't prove that by talking to wife Jennifer Pulley. "We'll be in a movie, and I'll lean over and say something like, 'I bet they used a 50 millimeter lens on that one.' And she'll say, 'can't you just enjoy the movie?' "

  • Edith Robinson.

    Edith Robinson

    05.18.09 - Edith Robinson prefers to see the glass as half full. Her mother taught her to live life that way.

  • Steve Riddick.

    Steve Riddick

    05.11.09 - All week long, Steve Riddick works to make airplanes safer with NASA Langley's Flight Dynamics Branch. On weekends, he bails out of them.

  • Jessie Orozco.

    Jessie Orozco

    05.04.09 - Raising a Jack Russell Terrier named Ginger may not be as unheard of as raising a Bengal Tiger cub named Kimba in an apartment, but Jessie Orozco has done both.

  • Jenny DeVasher.

    Jenny DeVasher

    04.27.09 - There are NASA Engineering and Safety Center meetings in which entire sentences, perhaps even paragraphs, of conversation pass without an identifiable noun or a verb.

  • Michael Allen.

    Michael Allen

    04.20.09 - There is more than meets the eye to the friendly security guard, Michael Allen, who works the Wythe Creek gate of NASA Langley.

  • Molly Thomas.

    Molly Thomas

    04.13.09 - Molly Thomas doesn't plan to put on any theatre performances as manager of the LaRC Mart, but she does have the background and expertise to do so.

  • Rich Antcliff, SRO director.

    Rich Antcliff

    04.06.09 - Rich Antcliff made the career choice to opt out of research and sign on to management, and that choice has led him to lead the center's newest organization: the Strategic Relationships Office.

  • Kathy Powell, SD, and Kathy Powell, SRO.

    Kathy Powell and Kathy Powell

    03.30.09 - Kathy Powell, a physical scientist in the Science Directorate (SD) and Kathy Powell, a special programs manager in the Strategic Relationships Office (SRO) became acquainted almost instantly after Powell of SRO was hired at NASA Langley.

  • Patrick Lynch with daughter, Anna Kathleen.

    Patrick Lynch

    03.23.09 - He spent time on the outside, looking in. Now he's on the inside.

  • Evan Horowitz.

    Evan Horowitz

    03.16.09 - Walk through the door of Evan Horowitz's office in the Hangar and you sense you have stepped into a time warp. He sits behind his desk, hands working a slide rule, pencil and paper at the ready, evaluating on a bracket for some equipment.

  • John Dorsey.

    John Dorsey

    03.09.09 - The certificate on the wall calls him "The Realist," a nickname bestowed on John Dorsey by people planning the architecture and habitat astronauts will use on the moon in 2020.

  • Kim Graupner.

    Kimberly Graupner

    03.02.09 - The phone rings. The cell's tone is the "Snuffle Bunny Song," and it's easy to picture Tiffany at the other end, wondering when mom will be home from NASA Langley. Mom is Kimberly Graupner, technology infusion manager in the Strategic Relationships Office (SRO).

  • Kristina Ruhlman.

    Kristina Ruhlman

    02.23.09 - As a born and raised Nebraskan, Kristina Ruhlman was actively involved in high school and college as a leader in sports, student government and various clubs.

  • Sarah Hargrove.

    Sarah Hargrove

    02.17.09 - Sarah Hargrove has a talent for designing, whether it is rocket hardware elements or the inside of a house.

  • Greta Crawford.

    Greta Crawford

    02.09.09 - It’s not an accident that Greta Crawford gives a great first impression.

  • Dave Young.

    Dave Young

    02.02.09 - Dave Young had lost 15 pounds three years ago, which with most people wouldn’t be a bad way to welcome turning 50. But when you’re already reed-thin, you aren’t trying to lose weight and you’re tired for no apparent reason, the scales offer a mixture of mystery and concern.

  • George Homich

    01.26.09 - A history buff in high school, and a history major in college, George Homich took an elective during his senior year at Old Dominion University that paved the way for a career and for his new job at NASA Langley as a photographer.

  • Sue Miller.

    Sue Miller

    01.20.09 - For many, our offices become our home away from home to decorate or make room for personal collections, but Sue Miller's office in the Technical Library stands out.

  • Dale Bowser.

    Dale Bowser

    01.12.09 - Dale Bowser recalls advice a NASA test pilot once gave his son, Stephen. "He said, 'if you really enjoy doing something, make that your job,' " said Bowser, crew chief of a King Air B200 airplane because he always wanted to work on aircraft.

  • Leila Vann.

    Lelia Vann

    01.05.09 - A confessed "foodie" who enjoys Belgian beer with dinner out, Lelia Vann copes with calories in the old-fashioned way. She gets up at 4:30 every weekday morning to run five miles in time to be at work as director of the Science Directorate by 7 a.m.

  • Sandra Myers.

    Sandra Myers

    12.29.08 - Sandra Myers believes in the Golden Rule, and she has enforced a few other rules along the way.

  • Pete Marty.

    Pete Marty

    12.22.08 - Walk into Pete Marty's office and there's no question about his life before NASA Langley. There are pictures of F-15s on every wall, and there's an eagle – it's the F-15 Eagle, after all – across from his desk.

  • Christina Fay.

    Christina Fay

    12.15.08 - Christina Fay learned a lot about herself after spending two weeks behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler.

  • Chris Wohl.

    Chris Wohl

    12.08.08 - “I defended my dissertation in early October and had my first brain surgery on October 26, 2006,” Chris Wohl began his story of the month in his life that began with him learning that he had a brain tumor.

  • Gary Qualls.

    Garry Qualls

    12.01.08 - Once he was a musician, fueled by an Elvis Presley concert in Knoxville, Tenn., in 1972. Garry Qualls celebrated finishing high school in Big Stone Gap, Va., by playing trumpet with a band that toured Europe.

  • Kim Sheffler.

    Kim Sheffler

    11.24.08 - Does the name Kim Sheffler ring a bell? If so, it probably has something to do with your NASA badge.

  • A young student gets some expert help from Vicki Crisp, Director of Langley's Aeronautics Directorate

    Vicki Crisp

    11.17.08 - Vicki Crisp is the Director of Aeronautics at NASA Langley who acknowledges a fear of heights, so she'll celebrate her 50th birthday by jumping out of a plane.

  • Dr. Tom Conage.

    Dr. Tom Conage

    11.10.08 - Dr. Tom Conage, medical director of the NASA clinic, measures his success by the lives he impacts, not only by medicine, but also by example.

  • Andrea Legreid.

    Andrea Legreid

    11.03.08 - Like many people on center, Andrea Legreid is caught in the middle of alphabet soup.

  • Rudo Kashiri.

    Rudo Kashiri

    10.27.08 - Rudo Kashiri appreciates the sounds of the beach after being born in Zimbabwe, a land locked country.

  • Takmeng Wong.

    Takmeng Wong

    10.20.08 - Thirty years ago, Takmeng Wong moved to the United States – without knowing any English.

  • Don Morrison.

    Don Morrison

    10.14.08 - Don Morrison is often referred to as “MacGyver.”

  • Tracey Silcox.

    Tracey Silcox

    10.06.08 - Tracey Silcox spent her summers in college drawing pastel portraits at Busch Gardens.

  • Joseph Zawodny.

    Joseph Zawodny

    09.29.08 - “My hobby is collecting hobbies,” explained Joseph Zawodny, a senior research scientist at NASA Langley. And his hobbies aren’t far from his work.

  • David Bowles.

    Dave Bowles

    09.22.08 - The clock on the credenza behind his desk is a reminder of the time, but more important of the calendar. Its face reads "Virginia Tech 2004 ACC Champions," and every time Dave Bowles looks back, he gets excited about what's ahead.

  • Erika Alston.

    Erica Alston

    09.15.08 - Erica Alston used criticism she received as a child as motivation for her career goals as an adult.

  • Jeff Pickering.

    Jeff Pickering

    09.08.08 - Walk into Jeff Pickering's office and you would know right away that he's a gearhead, even if you didn't look at the gas pumps in front of the building and the garage doors linking it to the outside world.

  • John Hefner.

    John Hefner

    08.25.08 - If it's Thursday, then John Hefner is at the Lackey Free Family Medicine Clinic in Yorktown.

  • Frank Mayhew.

    Frank Mayhew

    08.18.08 - Frank Mayhew calls the souped-up, customized Dodge Magnum sport wagon his "retirement car."

  • Josh and John Stadler.

    John Stadler

    08.08.08 - John Stadler and his wife Karen, are very proud of their children.

  • Kim Stone.

    Kim Stone

    08.01.08 - The door is shut to the office in Building 1195. Kim Stone is going into hyperdrive for August and September – for the final time.

  • Scott Verden.

    Scott Verden

    07.25.08 - Scott Verden enjoys riding his motorcycle, a Kawasaki Concours sport-tourer

  • Lynda Kramer.

    Lynda Kramer

    07.18.08 - Lynda Kramer’s career at NASA Langley began in 1987 as part of the Engineering Cooperative Education Program.

  • Billy Doggett.

    Billy Doggett

    07.11.08 - Billy Doggett’s workday is a busy one, partly because it doesn't end when he leaves Langley.

  • Stan Husch.

    Stan Husch

    07.03.08 - Stan Husch was a kid in a Peninsula vocational-technical school when the NASA recruiter came to call.

  • Luci Crittenden.

    Luci Crittenden

    06.27.08 - Luci Crittenden has been involved in the Langley Air Show for more than 12 years, and why not? She's involved in aviation with her family year-round.

  • Kristen Ruiz.

    Kristen Ruiz

    06.20.08 - Kristen Ruiz is a rising senior at Grafton High School and a participant in NASA Langley's DEVELOP program this summer. As part of her summer work at Langley, she attended NASA Day on the Hill.

  • Loreyna Yeung.

    Loreyna Yeung

    06.13.08 - Loreyna Yeung was born in Hong Kong and raised in Falls Church.

  • Emily Outen and April Sturgill.

    Emily Outen and April Sturgill

    06.06.08 - April Sturgill and Emily Outen have quite a few things in common.

  • Cecil Mellanson.

    Cecil Mellanson

    05.30.08 - Cecil Mellanson has 10 brothers and sisters, three children and eight grandchildren.

  • Donna Gilchrist.

    Donna Gilchrist

    05.23.08 - Donna Gilchrist decided it was time to do something for her.

  • Paul Banicevic.

    Paul Banicevic

    05.16.08 - Paul Banicevic continues to chase his dream of becoming an astronaut while working at NASA Langley as an aerospace flight systems engineer.

  • Tim Brinkley.

    Tim Brinkley

    05.09.08 - Tim Brinkley was working on a platform in Building 1232 when he met his future boss, Leon Council.

  • Vince Whitfield.

    Vince Whitfield

    05.02.08 - Vince Whitfield traveled all the way from London to Hampton to work at NASA Langley – for the second time.

  • Howard Knight

    Howard Knight

    04.25.08 - Howard Knight has been at NASA Langley for 20 years, following a family line that began here long before his arrival.

  • Bob Charles

    04.18.08 - Every day is Earth Day for Bob Charles, Langley's energy manager for the past five years.

  • Larry Cooper

    04.11.08 - Larry Cooper was a 19-year-old, going to college to play baseball. Then he was going into the Army, which was involved in Vietnam. Then he was suddenly and accidentally blinded in his right eye, nearly killed and with medical bills, little college and an uncertain future. He found that future at NASA Langley more than 34 years ago.

  • Eddie Carden.

    Eddie Carden

    04.04.08 - The sign on the cabinet door above Eddie Carden's head reads "Retirement: Because you've given so much of yourself to the company that you don't have anything left that we can use."

  • Center Snapshot

    03.28.08 - Millicent Allison, better known as 'Penny,' is well-known to anyone eating in the cafeteria at NASA Langley.

  • Lolia Deal checks inventory.

    Center Snapshot

    03.21.08 - Lolia Deal began working part-time at NASA Langley while she was still attending Phoebus High School in 1987.

  • Debbie Murray helps a LARSS student.

    Center Snapshot

    03.14.08 - Debbie Murray spends most of her time helping others.

  • Charlie Burtnette III.

    Center Snapshot

    3.7.08 - Charles Burtnette III builds things.

  • Jonathan Behun thumbnail center snapshot

    Center Snapshot

    2.29.08 - Jonathan Behun is a NASA Langley legacy.

  • Janis Hunt.

    Center Snapshot

    2.22.08 - Janis Hunt has been a "dog" person since her sophomore year in high school, when she was allowed to bring one into a household that at various times had up to 20 cats.

  • Waldo Rodriguez

    Center Snapshot

    10.01.05 - Waldo Rodriguez has been on the CALIPSO team for 2-1/2 years.