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  • NASA astronaut Jack Fischer flies a Dream Chaser simulation

    Astronaut Pilots a "Dream" at NASA Langley

    05.30.13 - NASA astronaut Jack Fischer visited Langley's Cockpit Motion Facility in May to fly simulated Sierra Nevada Corporation Dream Chaser landings.

  • Solar Wheelchair

    Langley, NIA Students Design Award-Winning Wheelchair

    05.24.13 - When Dennis Waldron, Duncan McGillivray, Craig Ungaro and Ankit Shah entered a World Cerebral Palsy Day competition to design a solar-powered wheelchair, they honestly didn't think they had a shot at winning first prize.

  • Spatial Disorientation Trainer Chair

    HUNCH Students Take a Spin at NASA Langley

    After taking a few twirls on the spatial disorientation trainer chair he'd helped weld together, high school senior Brandon Hogan seemed happy — and maybe a little dizzy.

    "It rides smooth," he...

  • Star Trek Premiere

    NASA Langley Brings Science to "Star Trek" Premiere

    05.21.13 - Members from NASA Langley’s outreach team spoke to thousands of Starfleet, Klingon, Federation and deep-space exploration fans —better known as Trekkies — at the opening of the Star Trek movie, “Into Darkness.”

  • Visitors tour NASA Langley.

    Langley Technology 'Calls Out' to CCAM Visitors

    At NASA Langley's Advanced Composite Manufacturing Lab, Brian Grimsley shows a polymer sample to visitors Becky Stewart, Barry Johnson and Michael Beffel, who were touring the center with the Commonwe...

  • NACA Research Memorandum

    Through a Scanner Carefully: NACA's Delicate History

    05.15.13 - In a plain, windowless office at NASA's Langley Research Center, Jeremy Vann is digitizing aeronautics history — one delicate document at a time.

  • Michael Mann.

    An "Interesting Footnote" in the Climate Change Debate

    05.14.13 - Michael Mann spoke about climate change from two perspectives -- 'reluctant and accidental public figure' and Distinguished Professor.

  • Charles Bolden

    Bolden Hails "Innovative" NASA Langley Air Traffic Work

    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden paid a brief visit to NASA's Langley Research Center Friday, May 10. His visit included stops at the center's Air Traffic Operations Lab and Cockpit Motion Facility.<...

  • Charles Bolden and Randy Bailey

    Bolden Flies Advanced Technology at NASA Langley

    05.13.13 - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden paid a brief visit to NASA's Langley Research Center Friday, May 10. His visit included stops at the center's Air Traffic Operations Lab and Cockpit Motion Facility.

  • Jim Cheng and Mary Rae Carter

    State Secretaries Land at NASA Langley

    Virginia Secretary of Commerce Jim Cheng and Virginia Deputy Secretary for Rural Economic Development Mary Rae Carter toured NASA's Langley Research Center on May 7.

    Their tour included st...

  • Steve Jurcysk, Langley's deputy director.

    Community Leaders Invite Updates from NASA Langley

    On April 26, Steve Jurcyzk (standing), NASA Langley's deputy director, and Eric Weiser of NASA Langley's Center Operations Directorate provided updates about the center during the Hampton Mayor's Comm...

  • Del. Gordon Helsel

    Diversity Day Honors Military Veterans

    04.26.13 - As Del. Gordon Helsel (R-Va.) clung to consciousness on a hillside in Vietnam, the blood from a gunshot wound to his left arm seeping into the dirt, he nearly gave up.

  • Jaiwon Shin

    Aeronautics Budget Request a "Tremendous Victory"

    04.26.13 - At a Town Meeting April 12 at NASA Langley's Reid Conference Center, Jaiwon Shin said the Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) budget request of $565.7 million for NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate is a "tremendous victory for all of you."

  • ACCESS Media Day in the Hangar.

    Lights, Camera, ACCESS

    04.26.13 - At NASA's Langley hangar, Bruce Anderson, project scientist for the ACCESS (Alternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions) experiment, stood in between NASA's HU-25C airplane and a group of media visitors armed with cameras, notepads, and smartphones as he explained the recently completed series of flights.

  • Know Your Earth 3.0: DISCOVER-AQ

    04.24.13 - Deriving Information on Surface conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality studies pollution where we live and breathe.

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  • Image of bugs in a test tube.

    Nothing Bugs These NASA Aeronautical Researchers

    04.24.13 - A unique team is studying ways to prevent insect impact remains from sticking to an aircraft's wing in flight.

  • Jim Van Laak

    Jim Van Laak: From Orange Juice Cans to the ISS

    04.24.13 - From flying fighter jets for the United States Air Force during the Cold War to managing operations for the International Space Station (ISS), Jim Van Laak has had a long and storied career.

  • Mike Gazarik, Associate Administrator for NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate.

    Getting to an Asteroid Takes Technology, Community

    04.23.13 - Imagine a house-sized asteroid floating along in deep space, minding its own business, when along comes a robotic spacecraft with large solar panels that unleashes a capturing mechanism to catch and carry the asteroid to a two-year journey into the Earth-Moon system.

  • Earth Day at NASA Langley.

    NASA Langley Celebrates Earth Day, Arbor Day

    It's not every day that you walk into NASA Langley Research Center's cafeteria and see a fish tank. But on April 22, it served as one of many displays and exhibits during the center's Earth Day and Ar...

  • Lesa Roe, Langley's center director.

    Proposed FY14 Budget Lays Foundation for New Discoveries

    04.22.13 - After the fiscal year 2014 (FY14) budget rollout at NASA Headquarters, Center Director Lesa Roe provided insight at the "Langley level," calling the President's proposed budget, "a positive start and a positive story."