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  • Juan Cruz.

    Getting Curiosity to Mars, One Simulation at a Time

    08.02.12 - Though the Curiosity rover is expected to land at approximately 1:31 a.m. EST, NASA Langley Research Center's role with the Mars Science Laboratory comes into play at about 1:24 a.m. EST, when a complex sequence of events unfolds during Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL).

  • Artist rendering of ChemCam laser on Curiosity.

    Beam Mars Up, RTIMS: NASA Langley-developed Technology on Curiosity

    08.01.12 - Imagine the Curiosity rover as it lands on Mars on begins to explore the Gale Crater. From the mast of the rover, the ChemCam shoots a laser beam at rocks and soil as smoke arises.

  • Jim Young.

    A Martian Chronicle

    08.01.12 - Jim Young knows what folks at NASA will be going through when the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission plunges into the Martian atmosphere at more than 13,000 miles per hour in hopes of a safe landing in the early morning hours of August 6th.

  • Kevin Rivers.

    Orion Takes VASC Spotlight at Researcher Tuesdays

    Want-to-be astronauts, NASA Langley retirees, students, families and children gathered around the Pad Abort-1 (PA-1) crew module in the Virginia Air and Space Center (VASC), in Hampton Va. to learn ab...

  • Troy Lake.

    An Intern's Story: A Supersonic Summer

    07.27.12 - My love for aviation began at an early age.

  • IRVE-3: Inflatable Heat Shield a Splashing Success

    07.23.12 - Third Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment launches, demonstrates design and technologies that could someday transform planetary exploration.

  • An Intern's Story: Something Bigger Than Myself

    07.20.12 - There is no greater feeling than being up on top of the Gantry, standing above the treetops and knowing that I'm walking where astronauts have once walked.

  • Inflatable Spacecraft Heat Shield Set to Launch

    07.17.12 - IRVE-3 will test inflatable heat shield technology that could transform planetary exploration.

  • MSL team representatives from Langley.

    Langley is 'All Systems Go' to Make History on Mars

    07.16.12 - During a Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) news conference at NASA's Langley Research Center, Jody Davis compared her role in the mission to an Olympic athlete who has trained for years.

  • Charlie Camarda at Langley.

    Inventions and Contributions Awards Ceremony at Langley

    On Monday evening, NASA's Langley Research Center held the 2012 Inventions and Contributions Awards Ceremony in the Reid Conference Center.

    More than 150 people were recognized for issued ...

  • Terrell Darden.

    An Intern's Story: Finding the "IT" Factor

    07.13.12 - My job as an IT (Information Technology) Infrastructure Specialist has made NASA's Langley Research Center feel like home. And there really is no place like home.

  • Refuse-Fired Steam Generating Facility.

    NASA Langley, Home to Award-winning Energy Action

    07.13.12 - Submissions outlining trash-powered research and a new headquarters building at NASA’s Langley Research Center resulted in two teams receiving 2012 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards.

  • Zoe Szajnfarber.

    A Summit Attempt to Progress Complex Technology

    07.13.12 - For two years, Professor Zoe Szajnfarber from George Washington University, spent time at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center building a theory to better manage complex technology innovations.

  • Orion Colloquium speakers.

    Colloquium: "Orion Remains a Valued Project"

    07.12.12 - Through his binocular lens, Robert Parker watched as NASA's Orion crew module Launch Abort System (LAS) left the ground.

  • Amelia McMullen.

    An Intern's Story: A Matrix of Opportunities

    07.06.12 - I've always been a person with a wide variety of interests: jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Or so it's always felt.

  • Lee Joyce at hurricane briefing.

    One Main Storm Down, Possibly 14 To Go

    07.03.12 - In NASA Langley's Pearl Young Theater on Tuesday, Lee Joyce, a communications engineer and weather officer for the center, explained that, during this hurricane season, we could expect nine to 15 main storms.

  • Congressional interns visit NASA Langley.

    Congressional Interns Learn the Value of NASA Langley

    06.28.12 - As a group of Congressional interns bordered the conference room table in Langley's Headquarters Building on Wednesday, Charlie Harris led a discussion of NASA's next-generation technologies and the data Langley provides, which helps Congress make informed public policy decisions.

  • Christian Johnson, NASA intern.

    An Intern's Story: A Face Behind the Data

    06.29.12 - Imagine a seven-year-old boy sitting at a computer. What do you envision? Maybe he is enjoying a race car game, or perhaps he is trying to wrap his mind around a game of solitaire. Chances are you never pictured him re-formatting the computer's hard disk.

  • Bill Wrobel, Lesa Roe and Rep. Scott.

    NASA Interests Leaders and Public on Capitol Hill

    06.28.12 - On June 20, at NASA Center Director's Day on the Hill, Lesa Roe, NASA Langley's center director, described some of the leading edge research that the center is doing for Orion and NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), commercial space companies, and the International Space Station (ISS).

  • VASTS students at Langley.

    NASA Makes Aerospace Sizzle for Virginia Summer Scholars

    Marking its fifth year as host, NASA Langley Research Center welcomes 144 high school students to three, week-long summer academies of NASA-related research and interaction with scientists, engineers ...