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  • NASA Langley Honor Awards, red carpet interview.

    NASA Honor Awards: Celebrating NASA Langley's Celebrities

    08.29.12 - On Tuesday afternoon at NASA's Langley Research Center, honor award recipients and their families walked across two red carpets with cameras flashing and filming as they entered the Reid Conference Center for the 2012 Honor Awards Ceremony.

  • Leland Melvin and Pharrell Williams.

    NASA and Pharrell Congratulate More Than 900 Students

    08.29.12 - NASA's Associate Administrator of Education and former Astronaut Leland Melvin recalls when he applied to the astronaut program. He had family members telling him he couldn’t be an astronaut, but his dreams surpassed any obstacles that stood in his way, and Melvin made it happen.

  • Overhead view of NASA Langley Research Center

    Open House to Celebrate 95th Anniversary

    06.12.12 - On September 22, NASA Langley Research Center will open its doors to the public.

  • Neil Armstrong: 1930-2012

    08.25.12 - Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, has died following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. He was 82.

  • Vertical drop test for Orion MPCV.

    First Orion Vertical Drop

    08.24.12 - The first vertical drop test of the Orion test article at NASA Langley's Hydro Impact Basin, Thurs., Aug. 23.

  • Courtney Ricks.

    An Intern's Story: A Little Curiosity Goes a Long Way

    08.21.12 - Rocket launches and Mars landings. These are events that seem more likely to appear in science fiction novels, rather than occur during a summer internship.

  • Langley's Center Director Lesa Roe.

    NASA Langley Writes History with MSL, MEDLI and IRVE-3

    08.22.12 - On Wednesday, NASA Langley's Center Director Lesa Roe beamed with pride as Luat Nguyen, Langley's director of flight projects, introduced his perspective during the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), MSL Entry Descent and Landing Instrumentation (MEDLI) and Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment (IRVE-3) Celebration.

  • Ricky Arnold, NASA astronaut.

    Silver Snoopy Awards, On Behalf of the Astronauts

    08.16.12 - From inside the International Space Station (ISS), Ricky Arnold II, looked down at Earth and had some trouble processing the depth of his view.

  • An Aeronet instrument being installed at NASA Langley's CAPABLE research site.

    NASA Expands Network for Measurement of Tiny Airborne Particles

    08.16.12 - NASA Langley's expanding climate research hub in Hampton, Va., is now part of a worldwide network of atmospheric measurements.

  • Jim Stofan, NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Education

    NASA Flexbook: An "Invaluable Tool" for the Future of STEM

    08.13.12 - It all started in March of last year when former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra, asked NASA Langley in Hampton, Va., to help prepare and engage the next generation workforce.

  • Leland Melvin talks with students.

    This Friday: NASA Langley Youth Day

    08.13.12 - In the spirit of inspiring the next generation of explorers, NASA Langley’s Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, Office of Strategic Analysis, Communications and Business Development, and Office of Education, along with countless volunteers, invite employees to bring in young guests for Youth Day on Friday, August 17.

  • Students jump for joy.

    Summer Internships Completed, Students Jump for Joy

    Today marks the final day for the summer student session at NASA's Langley Research Center.

    In June, roughly 300 students relocated from many different regions of the country to Hampton R...

  • Mark Uhran, ISS Colloquium.

    The Power of Relentless Pursuit

    08.10.12 - After recently retiring as Director of NASA's International Space Station Division in NASA's Office of Human Exploration, Uhran presented "International Space Station - The Power of Relentless Pursuit" at NASA Langley's August Colloquium.

  • Monica Amman.

    An Intern's Story: NASA is More Than STEM

    08.09.12 - My internship at NASA came as a complete surprise to me.

  • MEDLI descending to Mars.

    Langley's MEDLI, As it Descends to Mars

    This image shows the inside of the heat shield of NASA's Curiosity rover during descent to the surface of Mars.

    Also seen in this image is the Mars Science Laboratory Entry, Descent, and L...

  • NASA Day at Busch Gardens.

    NASA Makes Busch Gardens Curious

    08.08.12 - Space exploration. Landing on Mars. Funky physics. All of these were much-discussed topics this past weekend as NASA Days at Busch Gardens took over the park once more.

  • IRVE-3 prelaunch checks

    IRVE-3 Launch: Preliminary Results

    IRVE-3 was launched at ~7a from WFF, and the vehicle performed beautifully.  Here are some PRELIMINARY results.

  • Mars Landing coverage at VASC.

    "Tango Delta" on Mars: As Seen on IMAX at the VASC

    08.06.12 - At 1:30 a.m. EDT, more than 300 people sat in the Virginia Air Space Center's IMAX theater with expectations and uncertainty. No one could predict what was about to happen.

  • "Touch down confirmed. We're safe on Mars"

    NASA's Curiosity rover has landed on Mars!

  • NASA Langley Social

    NASA Langley Hits the Mark for Mars Landing Social

    08.03.12 - More than 30 participants arrived at Langley this morning for NASA Langley's Mars Science Laboratory Social Media event.