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  • Wally Schirra and Sigma 7

    10.03.12 - On Oct. 3, 1962, astronaut Wally Schirra piloted the United States' fifth manned space mission -- Sigma 7; a six-orbit mission lasting nine hours, 13 minutes, 11 seconds.

  • Christy Hansen

    Students Invited to Connect with Earth Explorers

    10.03.12 - NASA Earth explorers will take students on virtual trips around the world to inspire them to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers.

  • Sputnik 1

    Birth of the Space Age

    10.04.12 - On Oct. 4, 1957, the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I, the world's first artificial satellite which marked the start of the space age and the U.S. - U.S.S.R space race.

  • Open House in the Hangar.

    NASA Langley's 95th Anniversary Open House

    09.24.12 - About 10,000 people visited NASA's Langley Research Center on Saturday for the 95th Anniversary Open House.

  • VIP guests at Orion drop test.

    VIP Day Builds Bridges To NASA Langley

    09.21.12 - More than 100 guests including representatives from local, regional, state and federal government, industry representatives, and colleagues from other NASA centers, participated in NASA Langley's VIP Day on Thursday.

  • Flexbook award recipients.

    Flexbook Honored by Virginia's Technology Office

    The "Modeling and Simulation FlexBook for High School Teachers" was honored by the commonwealth of Virginia's technology office in an award ceremony attended by the IT leaders from Virginia. This even...

  • Hispanic Gala, Lesa Roe.

    Hispanic Gala: "NASA Thrives on the Diversity of its Entire Workforce"

    09.20.12 - Secretary of Labor and the first Latina to serve on the Cabinet, Hilda Solis, recounted when her parents came to the U.S. many years ago as immigrants.

  • Rockets 2 Racecars Exhibit.

    What Do NASA and NASCAR Have in Common?

    09.19.12 - Fans visited Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, Va., expecting to only see their favorite NASCAR drivers, but NASA revved up its science engines and brought the race to a whole new level.

  • Steve Silwa.

    UAVs Answer the Call of Duty

    09.17.12 - Three loud bangs echoed from the front door of Insitu's headquarters building in Washington state as a woman waited to be let inside.

  • Ron Visser and Joanne Talmage.

    With NASA Langley's Help, FIRST Expands to Europe

    09.17.12 - Ron Visser and Joanne Talmage collaborated to start the first For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) robotics competition (FRC) team in the Netherlands.

  • Day of Caring volunteers.

    Day of Caring 2012

    09.17.12 - On September 14, more than 100 employees from NASA's Langley Research Center volunteered their time, talents, and energy to support the Day of Caring, an annual one day-event that benefits more than 20 agencies, schools and non-profit organizations.

  • Roe accepts 'Bridge Builder' award

    Roe Accepts 'Bridge Builder' Award

    Center Director Lesa Roe accepts the "Bridge Builder" award from Michel Zajur, president of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, during the 9th annual Hispanic Gala event in Richmond, Va., Sept....

  • NASA Cirrus SR-22

    NASA, Partners to Test Unmanned Aircraft Technology in N.D.

    09.13.12 - NASA and its partners will test unmanned aircraft systems technologies at the Grand Forks, N.D., International Airport in Sept. 2012.

  • SLS models

    SLS Models

    Officials from the Space Launch System project office at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center checked out wind tunnel models of the SLS at NASA Langley Research Center's model shop.

    NASA La...

  • Congressman tours Langley.

    Congressman Asks NASA Langley: "What Can We Do to Help?"

    Congressman John Culberson (R-Tx) has a personal passion for the sciences that he says is genetic. When he graduated from high school, he bought himself a telescope, a Celestron 8.

    He con...

  • The NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC).

    NASA Langley and NESC Steer Orion in the Right Direction

    The NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) hosted a meeting with participants from NASA's Langley Research Center, Lockheed Martin, Fiber Materials Incorporated, the University of Virginia, Marshal...

  • ALHAT functions.

    ALHAT Detects Landing Hazards on the Surface

    09.07.12 - Future NASA spacecraft will be able to safely land on the Moon, Mars and even an asteroid, in potentially hazardous terrain areas, all autonomously. And NASA's Autonomous Landing Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) team is in the process of making it happen.

  • Kelly Thomas.

    New Doors Open Up Through VASTS

    09.05.12 - When 18-year-old Kelly Thomas walked into a room filled with fifty men in black suits, she was one of the few women there and by far the youngest at NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Conference.

  • Rex Walheim, orion drop test.

    Walheim Sees the Future of Space Travel

    Former Astronaut, Rex Walhiem, visited and toured NASA Langley on Aug. 28-29. Walhiem has flown on three shuttle missions, including STS-110, STS-122, and STS-135 and logged over 566 hours in space, i...

  • TCAP flight path.

    Scientists Complete Trip to the Cape to Improve Climate Measurements

    08.31.12 - Cape Cod has lobsters, lighthouses and beaches, but NASA scientists who visited this summer were more interested in seeing the millions of small particles over the bay that are affecting Earth's climate.