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  • Town Hall

    Impacts of sequestration at NASA Langley TBD

    Center Director Lesa Roe held a brief Town Hall meeting Monday, March 4, to address the potential impact of sequestration on NASA's Langley Research Center.

    Although specific details about imp...

  • Some of the more than 100 speakers that make the boom room 'boom' for test subjects

    Listening for the Boom and Rattle of Supersonic Flight

    03.06.13 - NASA engineers test people's reactions to simulated sonic booms to help develop technologies that might allow supersonic passenger jets to fly over land.

  • Engineering Workshop

    Grooming a New Generation of "Fixers"

    03.05.13 - Simon Nance remembers his little boy asking him what it means to be an engineer. Before he could answer, the boy said, "Daddy, you’re a good fixer."

  • Building a lander

    Career Day All about the Challenges

    03.01.13 - Students at NASA’s 2013 Career Day found themselves hard at work with not one, but two challenges.

  • Building the SLS Stage Adapter

    Building the Stage Adapter for Orion and SLS

    NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., and the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., are collaborating to design and build the Stage Adapter that will attach the Orion cr...

  • Air Force One

    Air Force One Lands at Joint Base Langley

    Air Force One, carrying President Barack Obama, flew over NASA Langley about 11:50 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 26, en route to landing on the runway NASA Langley shares with Joint Base Langley. The president ...

  • The NASA P-3B made low approaches at local airports, getting as low as 100 feet to make key air quality measurements. Shown here is the Bakersfield regional airport.

    Air Quality Research Campaign Concludes in California

    02.26.13 - The DISCOVER-AQ team completed their second destination in a five-year mission to study the air we breathe.

  • Walter Silva

    Mentor Appreciation: Life-Changing Guidance

    02.22.13 - As most students are, I was nervous upon arriving at NASA's Langley Research Center. What would the expectations be? How could I live up to them? Would I fit in? What if I failed? Thank goodness for mentors.

  • Evan Horowitz

    NASA Langley Welcomes a New Leader… Dog

    02.21.13 - Evan Horowitz is about to take his puppy for a walk. There's the harness to deal with first, of course. Horowitz also grabs a pair of Doggles — impact-resistant dog goggles — and places a protective bootie on each of the puppy's four paws. He's serious about safety.

  • Astronaut and Senator Connect Virtually with Students

    Astronaut and Senator Connect Virtually with Students

    02.21.13 - At the eighth annual AeroSpace Days, first mom in space, Astronaut Anna Fisher, and Sen. Louise Lucas, interacted with students from Mack Benn Jr. Elementary School in Suffolk, Va. through NASA’s Distance Learning Network (DLN).

  • DMV2go at NASA Langley.

    DMV2Go Proves Useful at NASA Langley

    On Wednesday, 80 people at NASA's Langley's Research Center took advantage of the Department of Motor Vehicle's camper-sized mobile office, called DMV2Go.

    Throughout the day, there were c...

  • Peggy Foletta's class from Kingsburg High School in Kingsburg, Calif., spelled out

    NASA/GLOBE Hand Down Pollution Studies to Calif. Students

    02.20.13 - Teachers are parlaying interest in the DISCOVER-AQ campaign into science lessons for students.

  • Center Director Lesa Roe.

    Possible Budget Impacts Pending, Strategic Plans Press On

    02.20.13 - At a standing-room-only Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, NASA Langley's Center Director Lesa Roe offered some early insight into the potential across-the-board, federal agency spending cuts – known as "sequestration" - that could go into effect as soon as March 1.

  • NEO interview.

    Langley NEO Expert Interviewed by Local Media

    Dan Mazanek didn't wake up this morning expecting to be on TV.

    In fact, it wasn't until he got to work that Mazanek, a Near-Earth Object expert at NASA's Langley Research Center, heard abo...

  • Beatriz Castillo

    'Mi Rey:' A Valentine Story

    02.14.13 - It was a cold January evening in a little town called Muzquiz, in Coahuila, Mexico. Despite the chill in the air, she and a friend decided to go to the local dance hall.

  • Aerospace Day

    STEM, Wallops Moon Launch the Big Talk at AeroSpace Day

    02.14.13 - More than 300 aerospace firms, universities and operational commercial spaceports reside in Virginia. Translated into monetary value, that’s a $7.6 billion industry. So why invest so much money, jobs and resources?

  • Lesa Roe and Tim Kaine

    Roe, Kaine Offer Encouragement to Teachers

    02.13.13 - Lesa Roe knows the importance of a child having a good teacher. For her, it's a subject that hits close to home.

  • Ezra Hill, original Tuskegee Airman.

    From Red Tails to the Red Planet

    02.13.13 - On Saturday, Ezra Hill stood near the entrance to the Virginia Air and Space Center (VASC) and welcomed more than 600 visitors to "Red Tails to Red Planet" Black History Month celebration with some living history.

  • Cornel Butuceanu

    Treating Cancer with Pinpoint Accuracy

    02.08.13 - Growing up in communist Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu's repressive regime, Cornel Butuceanu didn't have any big plans or dreams.

  • The ExPRESS Pallet Adapter is the platform that SAGE III that will mount to the International Space Station, shown here during vibration testing at NASA's Langley Research Center in preparation for a 2014 launch date. (NASA/Sean Smith)

    Space Station Bound SAGE III is Full Steam Ahead

    02.22.13 - Above Earth, observations from the “A-Train" build three-dimensional images of the atmosphere. NASA’s SAGE III will supplement those satellites.