CALIPSO Celebration: One-Billionth Laser Pulse
Mike Cisewski. Image Above: Mike Cisewski, outgoing mission operations manager, addresses the CALIPSO team on February 12, 2008, as they gathered to celebrate the one-billionth laser pulse that beamed down to Earth February 3 to take measurements of aerosol concentrations in the atmosphere over Ivory Coast, Africa.

Chip Trepte. Image Above: Chip Trepte, project scientist, presented Mike Cisewski, outgoing mission operations manager, with a laser saber and an artistic rendering to mark his honorary status as a true space knight. Standing left is former project manager Dale Schulz.

Mark Vaughan and Dave Winker. Image Above: Cheryl Yuhas, a Headquarters program executive, and Bill Smith, Jr., Lamont Poole and Gary Gibson of Langley's Science Directorate, delight in the retelling of hard work, fun and exciting experiences the CALIPSO team shared throughout the years in seeing this highly successful program realized. Part of the retelling including sharing "fun facts," such as actual laser fire time since launch being only a combined 30 seconds, surprising given this celebration of the one-billionth laser pulse.

CALIPSO team players. Image Above: Some of the key CALIPSO team players. Front row: Leela Hill, Ball Aerospace; Dave Winker, NASA Langley principal investigator; Deborah Dajon, former deputy project manager; Cheryl Yuhas, a Headquarters program executive; and Dale Schulz, former project manager. Back row: Carl Weimer, Ball Aerospace; Mark LaPole, Ball Aerospace; Chip Trepte, project scientist; Ed Sullivan, Fibertek; and Mike Cisewski, outgoing missions operation manager. The building of CALIPSO's instrument was a joint effort among Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation, NASA Langley Research Center and Fibertek, Incorporated.

Mark Vaughan and Dave Winker. Image Above: Mark Vaughan, a CALIPSO scientist, and Dave Winker, principal investigator, discuss lidar performance over refreshments.

Photo Credit: Sean Smith

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