HUNCH Students Take a Spin at NASA Langley
HUNCH Students Take a Spin at NASA Langley

After taking a few twirls on the spatial disorientation trainer chair he'd helped weld together, high school senior Brandon Hogan seemed happy - and maybe a little dizzy.

"It rides smooth," he said.

Hogan and his classmate Devon Cooley were at NASA's Langley Research Center on May 23 for the unveiling of the chair. They were part of a group of 16 students from Kecoughtan High School and New Horizons Technical Center in Hampton who helped design and build the chair as part of NASA's High School students United to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program. After final assembly and testing, the chair will be shipped to NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC), where it will be use to teach pilots and astronauts how abrupt head movements affect aircrew members during flight.

Both students felt like their experience with the HUNCH program had been beneficial.

"Good experience", said Cooley, "taught us a lot of stuff."

"We can say that we built that," said Hogan, "and that we worked for NASA."

Tim Wood, section head at the Advanced Fabrication Processes Section, agrees that the HUNCH program is good for the students, but says it's good for NASA too.

"The students receive experience working on NASA projects," he said, "and NASA receives assistance with the work."

Joe Atkinson, The Researcher News
Photo Credit: NASA/David C. Bowman

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