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RELEASE : 12-030
NASA, Kings Dominion Unite to Thrill Students About Education
RICHMOND, Va. -- Thrill-seekers can have a blast learning about space while visiting one of the mid-Atlantic's amusement parks this weekend.

Employees from NASA's Langley Research Center will travel to Kings Dominion to take part in the park's annual Education Day event, held this year from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, May 4.

Education Day allows students to apply classroom theories through group and individual assignments and contests.

Visitors will experience what it feels like to live and work in space through NASA exhibits. Study for the journey by playing a NASA Spin the Wheel game, answer questions about NASA technology and see the new exhibit "Rockets to Racecars," which highlights the connections between NASA and NASCAR. Explore how roller coasters are similar to NASA's Launch Abort System and ride a Kings Dominion Roller Coaster to get a brief glimpse of what the astronauts experience.

There will be a lot of ongoing activities throughout the park during Education Days, including a roller coaster building contest, a dinosaur diorama contest, a chemistry scavenger hunt and displays from the Science Museum of Virginia.

Media who want to cover Education Day, should contact Gene Petriello with Kings Dominion at (804) 876-5153 or Amy Johnson at (757) 272-9859.

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