Rob Wyman
NASA Langley Research Center
NASA Demonstrates Unique Modeling Capability
HAMPTON, Va. -- NASA will recognize HyperSizer's evolution from a NASA spinoff to a commercial success story when Craig Collier briefs NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver who will visit the Langley Research Center on Thursday, Feb. 16.

Reporters are invited to view the HyperSizer demonstration and speak with the NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver at 2:15 p.m. Thursday. Those wishing to attend should contact Rob Wyman at 757-864-6120 or by email at rob.wyman@nasa.gov by 1 p.m. Wednesday to coordinate badging and escort to the demonstration site.

Collier has come full circle at NASA. Two decades ago, he was part of the NASA Langley team developing software to reduce the mass on high-speed aircraft designs. Today he is head of Collier Research Corporation, one of the leading engineering software providers to the aerospace industry.

HyperSizer is used today at NASA centers across the country from early preliminary design all the way to final analysis test certification. It is used to meet mission critical schedules, reduce weight and save thousands of engineering hours.

HyperSizer provides structural tools, methods research and software solutions. From its initial use at Langley on the National Aerospace Plane and the Orion crew vehicle, HyperSizer is currently used by tier one aerospace industry firms, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream. The software has also been used in the design of business jets such as Bombardier's LearJet, commercial transport planes such as the C-Series and long-duration, high-altitude aircraft like Scaled Composites' Global Flyer piloted by Steve Fossett.

For years NASA has licensed technology and hardware as part of the agency's effort to transfer NASA-developed technology to U.S. business. Collier Research was the first company to license software from NASA Langley.

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