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NASA TV Program To Be Available In The Air And On The Sea
HAMPTON, Va. -- Airline and cruise ship passengers may soon be able to see an Emmy award-winning NASA TV program that shows how NASA technology is part of our lives.

The producers of "NASA 360" have reached agreement with Airline Media Productions (AMP) International to air the half-hour magazine style TV show through AMP's entertainment outlets around the world.

"We're excited to work with AMP International to bring 'NASA 360' to hundreds of thousands of the 760 million people who fly each year," said Mike Bibbo, one of the program's producers.

AMP International provides in-flight entertainment for airlines in the U.S., Middle East and Asia, including US Airways, Virgin America, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Flydubai and Tunisair. The company also supplies video products to cruise ships and other users of entertainment services.

"We thought that travelers would be interested in learning more about how NASA technology makes planes safer, quieter and more efficient and other contributions to their daily lives," said "NASA 360" co-producer Kevin Krigsvold.

"NASA 360" is based at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., and is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace for NASA. In addition to AMP International, the program airs on NASA TV and 450 public broadcasting, cable and commercial stations across the country.

The show can also be seen on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and through iTunes. In addition, almost five million online viewers have downloaded "NASA 360" at

"NASA 360" is hosted by national TV actor Johnny Alonso and local TV/radio personality Jennifer Pulley.

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