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Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
RELEASE : 10-032
Langley Videographers Win Top NASA Honors
HAMPTON, Va. -- Two videographers at the Langley Research Center are among NASA's best, according to the agency's Videographer of the Year 2009 awards.

Mike Bibbo, co-producer of the half-hour TV show "NASA 360," and Rob Lorkiewicz of NASA Langley's Media Services Branch placed in the top three in NASA's video production category. Bibbo, who works for the National Institute of Aerospace, came in second for the "NASA 360: Desert Rats and Analog Testing" program. Lorkiewicz came in third for his "Aerothermodynamics Lab Capabilities" video." He works for Crewestone Technologies, Inc. Both are contractors at NASA Langley.

The "NASA 360: D-RATS" segment tells the story of how NASA researchers conduct field tests to make sure the equipment they're building for future space missions will work correctly, hundreds of thousands of miles away from Earth. Lorkiewicz's "Aerothermodynamics Lab Capabilities Video" was commissioned by NASA Langley to show customers how wind tunnels can contribute to their research.

A panel of "motion media professionals" from NASA and national organizations judged videos in three Videographer of the Year categories: documentation, production and on-orbit. They rated the three-minute entries on professional excellence, technical quality, originality, creativity within restrictions of the project, and applicability to NASA and its mission. Other winners were from NASA's Kennedy, Johnson and Marshall Space Centers.

Awardees receive a plaque and/or a certificate. Winners were announced April 13 during NASA's digital TV working group meeting held during the National Association of Broadcasters 2010 conference in Las Vegas.

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