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RELEASE NO. 04-047

July 30, 2004


Today’s high school and college students will lead our nation’s future aeronautics research efforts. Some of their innovative ideas will be presented at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Air Venture.

Student concept

Student competition poster
Image credit: NASA

A national competition, sponsored by NASA and the FAA, inspired students to think about the future of aeronautics and aviation. High school students were challenged to solve personal air vehicle problems. College students chose one of several vehicle categories that are part of the NASA Vehicle Systems Program.

Seven university teams and two high school teams will present overviews of their projects at the FAA forums today at 8 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at EAA Air Venture, Oshkosh, Wisc. For additional information, call Kathy Barnstorff at 757-344-8511 (mobile) or Liz Ward at 757-344-5994 (mobile).

Vehicle classes for the 2004 competition included: Runway Independent Vehicles, Personal Air Vehicles, Subsonic Transports and Unmanned Air Vehicles.

The competition attracted participants from 13 states and involved hundreds of students and teachers. Winners were determined by a group of reviewers from NASA’s research facilities across the country and the FAA Hughes Technical Center. Entries were rated on innovation, feasibility, cost analysis, base-line comparison with current technologies and thoroughness of concept.

The top teams received awards ranging from $3,000 for college teams to $750 for high school teams. Awards were funded by NASA and the FAA and administered through Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Va.

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