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Kimberly W. Land
(Phone 757/864-9885, 757/344-8611 mobile)

RELEASE NO. 04-017

April 1, 2004

Tuesday, April 6

The Moon and Mars represent a fundamental cornerstone in building an understanding of our home planet. What have we learned from the Moon and Mars, how did we learn it and what else do we need to know? There is a renewed spirit of discovery and a new vision for space exploration as we answer these questions.

James W. Head, professor of geological sciences, Brown University, will speak on "Human Exploration of the Moon: Preparing to Go to Mars" at a colloquium at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 6, at NASA Langley's H.J.E. Reid Conference Center.

Media Briefing: A media briefing will be held at 1:15 p.m. at the H.J.E. Reid Conference Center, 14 Langley Blvd., NASA Langley Research Center. Members of the media who wish to attend should contact Kimberly W. Land at (757) 864-9885 or 344-8611 (mobile) to arrange for credentials.

Head will use such questions to set the stage for how we respond to The Vision of Space Exploration. He will review historical successes in human and automated space exploration - with emphasis on Langley's role - and will focus on what we need to know to accomplish the Vision.

Head has taught at Brown University for 30 years. He received a bachelor of science degree in 1964 from Washington and Lee University and a doctorate in 1969 from Brown University. From 1968 to 1972, he worked at NASA Headquarters, where he participated in selecting lunar landing sites for the Apollo program.

Author of over 250 articles in professional journals, Head has been principal advisor to 24 doctorate degree recipients. He was an investigator on the Soviet Venera 15/16 and Phobos Missions, Russian Mars 1996 and is a current co-investigator on the European Space Agency's Mars Express.



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