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Kimberly W. Land
(Phone 757/864-9885, 757/344-8611 mobile)

RELEASE NO. 04-012

February 24, 2004


A half-century ago, the Supreme Court agreed with a black welder from Topeka, Kansas, that his children shouldn't have to walk through railroad switching yards, ride a bus for 30 minutes, then wait outside an all-black school for another half-hour before the doors opened. Especially when an all-white school was a six-block walk from their home.

In celebration of this landmark Supreme Court decision, NASA Langley's Office of Equal Opportunity Programs will host a reenactment of the Brown vs. Board of Education case at 2:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 27, at the Center's H.J.E. Reid Conference Center.

Media Briefing: Media are invited to attend the presentation at the H.J.E. Reid Conference Center, 14 Langley Blvd., NASA Langley Research Center. Interested media should contact Kimberly W. Land at (757) 864-9885 or 344-8611 (mobile) to arrange for credentials.

The program, titled Marching Towards Justice: Remembering the Road to Brown v. Board of Education, is a 90-minute living history program that presents the compelling history of the African-American struggle to obtain the equal rights guaranteed to each American citizen under the U.S. Constitution.

Presented by "On Myne Own Tyme Living History Company," the program uses visual images and narration to recount this compelling history. It features live performances of early African-American spirituals and music from the modern Civil Rights Movement.

"People of all races and nationalities in this country should know that we enjoy our current level of civil rights in part due to countless African American families, like the Brown family, whose strength, courage and sacrifice may never truly be recognized," says Janet Sellars, co-advisor of Langley's Diversity Awareness Committee. "This is our small way of paying homage to them."

For more information about the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, visit:

For more information about On Myne Own Tyme Living History Company, contact Larry Earl Jr. at (313) 623-6813.



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